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Topic: erdt
3 media by topicpage 1 of 1

Zum 70. Geburtstage / H.R. Erdt.

Poster shows portrait of Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg. Text below is a quote from von Hindenburg stating that the Rhine will never be reached as long as the Army and Navy work together to protect the rive... more

Die grosse Schlacht in Frankreich / H.R. Erdt.

Poster shows German soldiers around a cannon. In the background looms an image of General Paul von Hindenburg. Text advertises part 1 of the film "The Great Battle in France."

Höllerkampf an d. Aisne / H.R. Erdt.

Poster shows a side view of a German soldier in battle. His rifle is slung over his shoulder and he has grenades in each hand; a bag of grenades also hangs from his shoulder. Flames(?) surround him. Text is tit... more