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Topic: emblem

2,150 media by topicpage 1 of 22

Auspicious Emblem with Five Revelers

The torsos of the foremost revelers all share one or two common legs, a kind of visual pun much admired in India. Shunga period

Sprinkler Bottle with Fesse Emblem

Suspended from their handles, miniature perfume sprinklers were worn around the neck or tied to a belt. On this example, the Arabic inscription band praises an unspecified sultan. The fesse emblem, a simple ban... more

Emblem of a lion and a rooster from BL Or 5024, f. 3v

Detail of a foliate border: an emblem of a lion and a rooster. Image taken from f. 3v of Decisions of Isaiah of Trani the Younger (~Pisqei Rabbi Yeshayah Aharon~). Written in Hebrew.

Emblem with scroll from BL Stowe 54, f. 414v

Emblem of a basket encircled with a crown and suspended on a thorn branch with the motto on a scroll 'E non plus' and inscription 'Pour la librairie d'Esgreville', in a late 15th-century hand. Image taken from... more

Polychrome velvet with a variation on a Medici emblem

Woven and embroidered textiles commissioned by noble families were among the most expensive expressions of wealth and power during the Renaissance. The production of luxurious silks was tightly regulated in ord... more

Emblem of Percy moon receiving light from the Tudor sun from BL Royal 18 D II, f. 200

Emblem of a man (a king?) wearing a crown of flames and holding an orb marked 'Sol' in the centre of a radiating Tudor Rose inscribed with verses 'Ex paterno trono radii splendoris/ ex matre candor virginii dec... more

The Triumph of Chastity; she stands on a vase upon a chariot, before her kneels Cupid bound and blindfolded, the chariot is escorted by young women, leading them a maiden carrying a banner with the emblem of an ermine, illustration to Petrarch's 'Triumph of Chastity'

The print belongs to a series of six engravings illustrating Francesco Petrarch's poem the 'Triumphs' written between 1340 -1374. The prints are all attributed to Francesco Rosselli. Attributed to Francesco Ro... more

Emblem of Lucrezia Gonzaga

Giorgio Ghisi (Italian, Mantua ca. 1520–1582 Mantua)

Emblem Drawing ("I rule everything")

Jacob Matham (Netherlandish, Haarlem 1571–1631 Haarlem)

Emblem Drawing ("Hope sustains me")

Jacob Matham (Netherlandish, Haarlem 1571–1631 Haarlem)

Sea Turtle (Emblem of Longevity)

Attributed to Katsushika Hokusai (Japanese, Tokyo (Edo) 1760–1849 Tokyo (Edo)) Edo period (1615–1868)

Design for an Emblem with a Child Picking Flowers

Georg Strauch (German, Nuremberg 1613–1675 Nuremberg)