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The great financier, or British economy for the years 1763, 1764, 1765

Print shows George Grenville holding a balance with scales "Debts" and "Savings", the debt far outweighs savings; among those in line to contribute their savings is a Native American woman representing America,... more

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Print shows Dr. W. Scott on a pedestal, he is wearing clerical robes, a crown fashioned from tobacco leaves, and holding a branch from an apple tree in his right hand and a picture of the tax stamp; around the ... more

La verite triomphante

Print shows, on the upper right, Jacques Necker wearing a toga and standing on clouds above a wall or sarcophagus, holding aloft with his left hand a bust portrait of Louis XVI, and holding at his right shoulde... more

Il voudrait abbattre ce qui les soutient

Print shows, on the far left, Louis XVI sitting on a throne on a raised pedestal with Jacques Necker at the base holding balance scales and appealing for justice. At center, the clergy, the parliament, and the ... more

L'espoir de la France / N. Trevisiani del. ; Verité sulpsit [sic].

Allegorical print showing Father Time parting the stormy skies of recent days to reveal Louis XVI eagerly accepting the truth offered by Justice and the arrival of Jacques Necker, recalled on 16 July 1789, as F... more

La chose impossible, ou la commission des finances telle quil la faudroit pour les bien restaurer / Bunbury del. ; L.C. Ruotte sculp.

Print shows four bare-bottomed men, the ministers of finances, sitting around a table restoring their good health on the produce of other nations; as they consume the "Eau de la Plata" and "Eau du Sénégal," the... more

Sick of the property tax or ministerial influnza (sic)

Cartoon shows ministers, among them Vansittart and Castlereagh, vomiting taxes into a large bag labeled "budget." The Prince Regent stands nearby, supported on crutches labeled "more money" and "increase in inc... more


Brougham, in the guise of John Bull, appears to the Regent, holding up a broom which points towards a small scene surrounded by clouds. The Regent, who has been revelling over a large bowl of punch, falls back ... more

.00001 the value of a unit with four cyphers going before it

A satire on dissension and political intrigue within Andrew Jackson's administration, surrounding the Spring 1831 resignations of several members of his Cabinet. In the center Jackson sits in a collapsing chair... more

Old Jack, the famous New Orleans mouser, clearing Uncle Sam's barn of bank and Clay rats; ...

A rare pro-Jackson satire on the President's campaign to destroy the political power and influence of the Bank of the United States. It was probably issued late in the presidential campaign of 1832, after Jacks... more

Troubled treasures

A crudely drawn anti-Jackson satire, applauding Henry Clay's orchestration of Congressional resistance to the President's plan to withdraw Treasury funds from the Bank of the United States. The print also attac... more

The experiment in full operation

An anti-Jackson satire, critical of the President's federal treasury policy and of Vice-President Van Buren's influence on the administration's fiscal program. The print specifically attacks Jackson's plan to d... more

Grand fantastical parade, New-York, Dec 2d. 1833

Another burlesque parade (see no. 1833-11), satirizing Andrew Jackson as a military hero and President and the local militia displays of the period. The print apparently portrays one of the mock processions act... more

The downfall of Mother Bank

A pro-Jackson satire applauding the President's September 1833 order for the removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United States. The combined opposition to this move from Bank president Nicholas Bid... more

The grand national caravan moving east. / drawn by Hassan Straightshanks, under the immediate Superintendence of Maj. Jack Downing.

A burlesque parade, led by Andrew Jackson and satirizing various aspects of his administration. The procession moves from right to left. At its head is Jackson, seated on a horse with Martin Van Buren cross-le... more

"This is the house that Jack built . . ."

Caricature shows Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Francis Blair, William J. Duane, and others, with various animals. A crudely-drawn, anonymous satire on the Jackson Administration, alleging political intrigue... more

Andrew resolute Uncle Sam's faithful teamster, taking the produce of the farms, to another storehouse; and giving Uncle Sam his, reasons for so doing

The artist supports Andrew Jackson's decision to withdraw federal funds from the Bank of the United States and distribute them among various state banks. Henry Clay and Bank president Nicholas Biddle's efforts... more

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

An attack on Nicholas Biddle and the New York newspaper editors friendly to the United States Bank. The print was evidently prompted by Biddle's 1834 attempt to create a financial crisis through an artificial t... more

Set to between Old Hickory and Bully Nick

Satire on the public conflict between Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle over the future of the Bank of the United States, and the former's campaign to destroy it. The print is sympathetic to Jackson, portrayi... more

Explosion of Biddle & Cos. Congress water fount

A satire on the failure of the combined efforts of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John Calhoun, and Nicholas Biddle to thwart Andrew Jackson's treasury policy. In 1833 Jackson ordered that federal deposits be remo... more

The people putting responsibility to the test or the downfall of the kitchen cabinet and collar presses

A prediction of dire consequences to follow from Jackson's withdrawal of federal funds from the Bank of the United States, initiated late in 1833. The artist is harshly critical of Jackson's move to distribute... more

The political barbecue

Andrew Jackson is roasted over the fires of "Public Opinion" by the figure of Justice in a cartoon relating to the controversy surrounding Jackson's removal of federal deposits from the Bank of the United State... more

Grand match between the Kinderhook poney and the Ohio ploughman

A satire on the presidential contest of 1836, using the metaphor of a billiards game between Whig candidate William Henry Harrison (left) and Democrat Martin Van Buren. The artist is clearly on the side of Harr... more

Democratic ticket. Stop Van!!!

An illustrated election ticket for Martin Van Buren and Richard M. Johnson, listing Ohio Democratic electors for the presidential race of 1836. The ticket is illustrated with a small vignette of a man, possibl... more

Capitol fashions for 1837

A caricature of President Martin Van Buren issued during the Panic of 1837, strongly critical of his continuation of predecessor Andrew Jackson's hard-money policies. Particular reference is made to the Specie ... more

6 cents. Humbug glory bank

Another mock bank note parodying the "shinplasters" of the 1837 panic. Such small-denomination notes were based on the division of the Spanish dollar, the dominant specie of the time. Hence they were issued in ... more

Uncle Sam sick with la grippe

A satire attributing the dire fiscal straits of the nation to Andrew Jackson's banking policies, with specific reference to recent bank failures in New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia. The artist blames th... more

Fifty cents. Shin plaster

Another mock shinplaster (see also nos. 1837-9 and -10 above). Again the artist attributes the shortage of hard money to the successive monetary programs of presidents Jackson and Van Buren, particularly to the... more

New edition of MacBeth. Bank-oh's! Ghost

Another satire on the Panic of 1837, again condemning Van Buren's continuation of predecessor Andrew Jackson's hard-money policies as the source of the crisis. Clay shows the president haunted by the ghost of C... more

Treasury note

A parody of the often worthless fractional currencies or "shinplasters" issued by banks, businesses, and municipalities in lieu of coin. These fractional notes proliferated during the Panic of 1837 with the eme... more

Illustrations of the adventures of the renowned Don Quixote & his doughty squire Sancho Panza

A burlesque history of the Jackson administration, with particular reference to his campaign to destroy the Bank of the United States. The narrative, in a series of twelve episodes, is based on Cervantes's "Don... more

The globe man listening to Webster's speech, on the specie circular

A small, bust-length caricature of Washington "Globe" editor and Van Buren adviser Francis Preston Blair. The print was probably issued in the spring of 1838. In May of that year the Specie Circular, an extreme... more

Seventh ward beggars

Print shows President Andrew Jackson holding a kingly scepter and a bag containing $100,000. He sits upon bundles, presumably containing money, labeled "Surplus Fund". Two bankers kiss his feet, while several o... more

Animal magnetism

A swipe at President Van Buren's independent treasury system and his continuation of the monetary policies of predecessor Andrew Jackson. The artist, clearly in sympathy with the Whigs, links corruption in the ... more

The finances of the rebellion

Cartoon showing Jefferson Davis(?), seated at desk, figuring the finances of the rebellion.

An Experiment worth trying / / Th. Nast. Inflation bridge of (sighs) size / Geo. Colt

One cartoon shows Indian on wheeled platform in front of War Dept. with Interior Dept. across the street. The other cartoon shows two men lifting rag baby to "Inflation bridge (sighs) size, with sign "Democrati... more

Stranger things have happened. Hold on, and you may walk over the sluggish animal up there yet / Th. Nast.

Cartoon showing Thomas F. Bayard holding on to tail of Democratic donkey, which is going over cliff, and man standing by Republican elephant, which is lying on ground; the White House in background, with flag "1880".

The great congressional tramp bullying the old women of the national household / Gillam.

Print shows George M. Robeson shabbily dressed as a tramp, standing in a doorway; Joseph W. Keifer, as a small dog with a cap labeled "Speaker" tied to its tail, stands behind Robeson, and on the floor at his f... more

The new political pilgrim's progress - passing the ogre / Gillam.

Print shows members of the 47th Congress carrying on their shoulders large money bags labeled "Surplus $150,000,000" and "Appropriations", and a sign that states "No large appropriations for the Navy whilst Rob... more

Congressional cracksmen / J. Keppler.

Print shows "Policeman Puck" and Uncle Sam investigating a robbery at the U.S. Treasury, a safe has been broken into and a barrel labeled "150,000,000 $ Surplus" is empty; there is a hole in the floor which lea... more

"The tribute to the Minotaur" - the interests of all other states sacrificed to the protection monster of Pennsylvania / Gillam with apologies to A. Gendron.

Illustration shows Samuel J. Randall seated at one end of a gondola and William D. Kelley standing at the other end calling out "to the Protection Minotaur of Pennsylvania", between them are several maiden wome... more

Me and my partner / C.J. Taylor.

Magazine cover showing large man, "monopoly," and small man "grandfathers," writing in book, with papers, "civil service reform," "economical gov't," and "broken promises" in wastepaper basket.

Just what might have been expected / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows Willima McKinley sitting on the porch of a house labeled "Presidential Hopes", flying a banner that states "The Foreigner Pays the Tax", built on stilts on a sandy beach; a rising tide labeled "Busi... more

The same old power behind the throne / Dalrymple.

Print shows Speaker of the House, Thomas B. Reed, holding a gavel and "Tariff Legislation", sitting at the Speaker's desk, mindful of the large man, wearing a business suit labeled "Protectionist", sitting behind him.

The political tam o'shanter / Gillam ; Sackett & Wilhelms Litho. Co., New York.

William McKinley, riding horse "national credit," being chased by women, "anarchy," "free trade," "sectionalism," and "popocracy," with one of them holding the tail of the horse, "four years of business depression."

The silver candle and the moths / Hamilton.

Magazine cover showing moths, "Altgeld," "Teller," "Tillman," "Boies," "Bland," "Stevenson," "Cleveland," etc. flying around flame of candle, "free silver," and dying.

His foolish effort to raise the wind / Dalrymple.

Print shows President McKinley sitting in a sailboat labeled "Prosperity", using a bellows labeled "Tariff for Trusts" to generate enough wind to fill the sails and propel the boat.

Firing up the wrong boiler / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows President McKinley holding an oil can labeled "Patronage" and turning the crank on a "Prosperity Engine" while Nelson Dingley shovels coal into a damaged "Protection Boiler" labeled "High Tariff Def... more

He has one medicine for all ills / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows President McKinley as a physician dispensing strong "Tariff" medicine in the men's ward of a sanatorium where beds line the walls and are occupied by a "Business Man", a "Populist", a "Jingoist", a ... more

Singed paws / Dalrymple.

Print shows Benjamin F. Tracy as a cat who got his paws burned on a hot stove labeled "Mayoralty Campaign 1897" on which food labeled "Budget of Greater New York 70,000,000 Dollars" is cooking. Thomas C. Platt ... more

Better than Klondike! / Dalrymple.

Print shows a bloated man labeled "Trusts" holding a gold mining pan with large gold nuggets, sitting by a stream labeled "Dingley Tariff" that flows from the U.S. Capitol building.

He's back again! / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows a gigantic, well-dressed pig labeled "Protection Glutton" confidently striding into Congress carrying a paper that states "We Demand a Prohibitory Tariff on all Imports, in the Interest of the Suffe... more

The business man's perpetual nightmare / Dalrymple.

Print shows a businessman asleep in a bed with the spirit of a two-headed congressman labeled "House" and "Senate" howling at his bedside, trying to ruin his sleep with "War Talk!, Extravagant Talk!, Appropriat... more

Trying his patience / Dalrymple.

Print shows a disgruntled Uncle Sam, as a dairy farmer, standing on the right, holding a bucket labeled "U.S. Treasury" and a stool, on his way to milk a cow; at center is a cow labeled "Commonwealth" and a fat... more

Papa's pet / Dalrymple.

Print shows President McKinley as a father showing favoritism by holding an infant labeled "High Protective Tariff", while ignoring another infant labeled "Financial Question" crying in a high chair.

All a question of the scale we do it on / F. Opper.

Print shows a vignette cartoon depicting how the economies of scale of an operation or event determines public opinion, for instance, "no. 9" shows a handful of criminals robbing a citizen on the street, they a... more

Another delay / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows President McKinley addressing an audience from a stage in a theater; behind the curtain, an overturned hat labeled "Aldrich" lies on the stage next to a man holding papers labeled "Committee on Fina... more

Two obstacles that must be removed before Uncle Sam can drive on / Dalrymple.

Print shows President McKinley standing on the roadside near a large rock labeled "Unsetteld Tariff Question", as Vice President Hobart and members of McKinley's cabinet attempt to clear the roadway by removing... more

Crowning the abomination / Dalrymple.

Print shows a huge figure labeled "Tariff for Trusts" wearing a quilted cape labeled with products and percentages, holding papers labeled "Concessions", and sitting between the Senate and House chambers, with ... more

The tug of war in the far east / Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam with John Bull and Meiji, Emperor of Japan, standing beneath a flag labeled "Open Door Policy", in a tug of war contest for "Trade Supremacy" with "Russia" (Nicholas II), "Germany" (Willia... more

A handicap needed / Dalrymple.

Print shows a bicycle race on the "National Track" with the man in the lead labeled "National Expenses" easily outstripping the second bicyclist labeled "National Revenue"; a man labeled "Dingley" is giving the... more

The Dingley millennium - it has made everybody happy / Dalrymple.

Print shows a vignette cartoon with Marcus Hanna at center wearing robes labeled "Marcus Aurelius Hanna" and a top hat with laurel wreath and ribbons labeled "Senatorship 1898", standing next to a safe labeled ... more

He'd better cut behind / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows President McKinley driving a sleigh labeled "Prosperity", drawn by a horse labeled "Administration", and towing two small sleds, one labeled "Defective Currency System" is carrying William Jennings ... more

Democracy's plight / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows William Jennings Bryan, John P. Jones, and Arthur P. Gorman mesmerized by a large menacing genie carrying a sword labeled "Free Silver" that has emerged from an oversized urn; George G. Vest has his... more

The coming struggle / Keppler.

Illustration shows President Roosevelt as a knight on horseback carrying a lance labeled "Reciprocity" facing a giant ogre labeled "Infant Industries" and leaning on a club labeled "Dingley Tariff"; in the back... more

A case of learned ignorance - why can't he trust his naked eyes? / Keppler.

Illustration shows Yale professor and university president Arthur T. Hadley looking through a huge magnifying glass trained on a laborer labeled "Trust Employee"; however, what Hadley sees through the lense is ... more

Germany's "Katzenjammer" / Keppler.

Illustration shows William II, German Emperor, suffering from over-indulgence, sitting in a chair with a block of ice on his head with his crown on top and his feet in a tub of hot water; in a bucket in the for... more

The warrior's return / Keppler.

Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt as a knight on horseback carrying a lance labeled "Reciprocity" over his shoulder with a sack labeled "Campaign Funds" hanging from it; in the background is a gia... more

Setting the signals / Grant Hamilton.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam raising a red signal flag labeled "Big Crops" and "Prosperity" and a yellow signal flag labeled "Business" and "Confidence" over the U.S. Capitol building. In the background, delega... more

Protection / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows an ostrich labeled "Republican Party" with its head stuck in a hole labeled "'Stand Pat' Policy" as a tornado advances from behind with dark clouds labeled "Tariff Reform".

"Bill, ye'd better go up to the barn an' git some more fodder" / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows Theodore Shonts milking a cow labeled "Canal Commission" that is feeding on a mixture of hay and money labeled "Appropriation"; Shonts has a bucket labeled "Progress" between his knees. Willi... more

The fountain of taxation

Illustration shows a large fountain with four basins, at top, supported by a crown and scepters, is a basin labeled "Millionaire", next resting on a cornucopia is "Well-To-Do", then the "Middle Class" basin sup... more

The wolf / Keppler.

Illustration shows the German Emperor labeled "Wilhelm" studying a "Map of England" spread out on a desk with other papers, one of which states "Germany's Commercial Future" with large question marks on it. On ... more

Merely recognizing a fact / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows a large businessman labeled "Centralized Wealth" using candle snuffs labeled "Control of Credit, Control of Bank Deposits, Control of Transportation, Control of Public Utilities, Control of F... more

Yuming yiminy, what a yolk! / Kep.

Illustration shows a large egg labeled "Taft's Message" that has hatched in the congressional chamber startling the congressmen; two large conjoined chicks (a double-yolk) labeled "Reciprocity" and one labeled ... more

"Don't shoot! I'll let go!" / Keppler.

Illustration shows President Wilson about to shoot a harpoon into an octopus labeled "Interlocking Directorates" that has a grip on his boat labeled "Business Freedom"; Uncle Sam is sitting at the back of the b... more

Political race course - Union Track - fall races 1836

A figurative portrayal -- clearly sympathetic to the Whig party -- of the 1836 presidential election contest as a horse race between four candidates. The four are identified in the legend as (left to right): "O... more

Political race course - Union Track - fall races 1836

A figurative portrayal -- clearly sympathetic to the Whig party -- of the 1836 presidential election contest as a horse race between four candidates. The four are identified in the legend as (left to right): "O... more