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Dilapidatio (Demolition) from BL Royal 6 E VI, f. 518

Detail of a historiated initial 'D'(ilapidatio) of clerics with ropes and a pick pulling down a building. Image taken from f. 518 of Omne Bonum (Circumcisio-Dona Spiritui Sancti). Written in Latin.

View of Motrone Castle (before its demolition around 1692)

Attributed to Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (Italian, Bologna 1606–1680 Rome)

Demolition of the Old Vestibule of the Palais-Royal, Paris

Pierre Antoine Demachy (French, Paris 1723–1807 Paris)

Dynamiting The Examiner Bl'g.

Title: Dynamiting The Examiner Bl'g...Alternative Title: Dynamiting The Examiner Building..Creator: Stoddard [attrib.]..Date: 1906..Part Of: San Francisco earthquake..Physical Description: 1 photographic print:... more

Famous Capitol landmark being dismantled to make way for modern business

Capitol Hotel being dismantled, Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.

Tommies attacking the wall of a house blown up by the Germans in their retreat and left in an unsafe condition

A small team of men attack a badly damaged brick wall with pickaxes. According to the original caption, they are knocking the wall down because it is unsafe. In many cases, however, this was done to provide mat... more

Demolition of Building Number 126 for Structural Shop, Main Street and Chauncey Avenue, Looking Northeast from First Street

Photographs of the Construction and Repair of Buildings, Facilities, and Vessels at the New York Navy Yard