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On the Seventeenth Day

Most personal correspondence was written in an informal form of clerical script known as cursive clerical (caoli) or draft cursive (zhangcao). In this script type, which originated as an abbreviated form of wri... more

Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day

Zhao Yuan was a member of Suzhou literary circles and a close friend of many late Yuan scholar-painters, including Ni Zan (1306-1374) and Wang Meng (ca. 1308-1385).Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day is painted... more

Night and Day from BL Royal 20 A III, f. 100v

Ink diagram of day and night. Image taken from f. 100v of L'image du monde. Written in French.

Ornament with Owl Mocked by Day Birds

Martin Schongauer (German, Colmar ca. 1435/50–1491 Breisach)