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Topic: cor

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Cor (Heart) from BL Royal 6 E VI, f. 425v

Detail of a historiated initial 'C'(or) of a man, holding his heart and praying before a crucifix at an altar. Image taken from f. 425v of Omne Bonum (Circumcisio-Dona Spiritui Sancti). Written in Latin.

Cor Solo

Cors solo, a French invention, are horns built specifically for the use of soloists. They not only are extremely carefully crafted but also have a slightly narrower bore than regular orchestral French horns. On... more

Cor omnitonique

The loops of tubing incorporated into the body of this innovative natural horn allow the player to change the instrument’s pitch by using the long plunger to set the instrument in the desired key. On traditiona... more

Cor d'orchestre

This type of natural horn was used in Classical and early Romantic orchestras. It is often referred to as the "hand horn" because by placing their hand in the horn’s bell and closing it off to varying degrees, ... more

Burns and highland Mary / lith. & pub by Sarony & Major 136 Nassau St. cor. Bookman, N. York.

Print shows Robert Burns and Mary Campbell sitting in a woodland setting, holding hands, and kissing; includes eight lines of verse.

Signal fires on the Slievenamon Mountains - Ireland, 1848 / Lith. & pub. by N. Currier, 152 Nassau St. Cor. of Spruce N.Y.

Print shows a group of men surrounding a bonfire on a mountaintop during an insurrection in Tipperary. Three men hold weapons while other men tend the fire.

John Mitchel - the first martyr of Ireland in her revolution of 1848 / lith. and pub. by N. Currier, 152 Nassau St., Cor. of Spruce, N.Y.

Print shows John Mitchel, half-length portrait, seated, holding a document titled United Irishman with a ship in the distance.

Cor solo

Stölzel valves. This horn is a late version of the first French valve horn, which Antoine developed in 1829. Cors solo are horns with G as the highest key; as they were usually used by soloists, and most solo p... more

Thomas Paine / P. Krämer del. ; L. Rosenthal's Lithy. cor. 3d. & Dock St. Phila.

Print shows author and philosopher Thomas Paine, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, resting head on hand.