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Combination table

The principal occupation indeed of a French Lady is her Toilet.— Elizabeth Seymour Percy, Duchess of Northumberland, diary entry for June 9, 1770The daily ritual of dressing and grooming was taken very seriousl... more

Actors in a Shosa (Combination of Acting and Dancing) Performance

Torii Kiyonaga (Japanese, 1752–1815) Edo period (1615–1868)

architecture from "Salmagundi; a miscellaneous combination of original poetry, etc. [By G. Huddesford.]"

This image has been taken from scan 000013 from "Salmagundi; a miscellaneous combination of original poetry, etc. [By G. Huddesford.]". The title and subject terms of this image have been generated from tags, c... more

Combination railways

A man wearing a coronet, who resembles British Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone, touches the arm of a bearded man in a modest suit, carrying what may be a bag of tools. They stand before a ticket window... more

A weak combination suspension bridge / F. Graetz.

Print shows John A. Logan wearing a military uniform with plumed hat labeled "Anti-Arthur" and carrying a large sword labeled "Pension Swindle", walking across a bridge comprised of three monkeys with the faces... more

Photograph of Combination Snow Plow and Rut Cutter

Original caption: T144, R29, Cass County, Minn. Combination snow plow and rut cutter for keeping roads in repair being hauled behind sled train load of logs. Joseph Bisbon, contractor, operating the levers in t... more

The combination / Kep.

Illustration shows William Jennings Bryan trying to open a safe labeled "The Presidency" using a combination from a sheet of paper labeled "16 to 1, Populism, Anti-Imperialism, Predatory Wealth, [and] Anti-Ever... more