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W.W. Heaton - H.Y., Clews - Lewis Clarke
Mrs. H.B. Clews painting by Mark / Mark
Henry Clews
Henry Cleews [i.e., Clews] III

Henry Cleews [i.e., Clews] III

Photo shows Henry "Bamboo" Clews III siting atop a steamer trunk with his dog and parrot in a small cage upon his return trip from France. Clews was the son of artist Henry Clews, Jr. and grandson of businessma... More

Henry Clews

Henry Clews

Photo shows Henry Clews (1836-1923), an American financier, who entertained the members of the Anglo-American Peace Centenary Committee which met in New York City in May 1913. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2009)

Columbia -- Mr. Dhalla, H.Y. Clews, Djelal Munif Bey and A.V.W. Jackson

Columbia -- Mr. Dhalla, H.Y. Clews, Djelal Munif Bey and A.V.W. Jackso...

Photograph shows Maneckji Nusserwanji Dhalla (1875-1956), an Indian theologian, writer, and Zoroastrian priest who toured the US in 1914; Professor Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson (1862-1937), a Columbia Uni... More

No. 1032 Annie Leary - Fifth Avenue Apartments - James B. Clews - Morton S. Adler - No. 1044 Mrs. Richard Dana
The silk manufacturing in China; Weaving; Reeling & doubling; Warping; A twisting mill; Winding from the clews to the bobbins.