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R101 and cows

Description: British R101 airship at mooring tower. The vessel was 237 metres long...Date: c.1929..Our Catalogue Reference: AIR 5/919 ( http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?C... more

Cattle from BL Or 5024, f. 177

Detail of a leaf: a miniature of three cattle: a bull, a cow and a calf in the lower margin with the bull hurting the pregnant cow, at a subsection on damages. Image taken from f. 177 of Decisions of Isaiah of ... more

Cattle and horses from BL Royal 14 E VI, f. 215

Miniature of the author discussing with other two men outside cattle and horse-shed, with a full border containing the royal arms of England on a banner held by an angel and on a shield encircled by the Garter ... more

Hercules driving off the cattle of Geryon, at the right are the nymphs of Hesperides

Giulio Bonasone (Italian, active Rome and Bologna, 1531–after 1576)

Landscape with Figures and Cattle

Pieter de Molijn (Dutch, London 1595–1661 Haarlem)

Studies of Cattle

Anonymous, Italian, Roman-Bolognese, 17th century

Figures with Cattle

Anonymous, Italian, Roman-Bolognese, 17th century

Pastoral Scene: Nomads with Sheep and Cattle

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (Il Grechetto) (Italian, Genoa 1609–1664 Mantua)

Unidentified Subject: Reclining Nude Male Figure and Cattle

Giovanni Angelo Canini (Italian, Rome 1615–1666 Rome)

Southern Landscape with Figures and Cattle at a River

Jan van der Meer the Younger (Dutch, Haarlem 1656–1705 Haarlem)

Cattle Bell

BELLSMetal bells are among the oldest of extant musical instruments and can be found in nearly every culture that has highly developed metallurgical proficiency. Bells were, and still are, used for religious a... more

Cattle Bell


Landscape with cattle and figures; sketch for the Rustic Courtship

Gainsborough Dupont (British, Sudbury, Suffolk 1754–1797 London)

The Return of the Cattle

The picture is a pendant to The Portico of a Country Mansion (35.40.2). Hubert Robert (French, Paris 1733–1808 Paris)

Shore Scene With Cattle in the Foreground and Boats in Shallow Water at Right

Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

Landscape with Herdsmen and Their Cattle

Jordanus Hoorn (Dutch, 1753–1833)

Outlines of Figures, Landscapes and Cattle

Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

Cattle at the River

Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

Landscape with Cattle

This impressive panel bears the signature of Aelbert Cuyp, and until recently was never doubted as his work. Cuyp's paintings were widely appreciated in the eighteenth century, and attracted a number of imitato... more

Cattle Resting in a Mountainous Landscape

In 1802, Chinnery left Britain for India to seek work as a portrait painter. After landing in Madras, he moved first to Calcutta and then to Dacca, in southeast Bengal (now Dhaka, Bangladesh), where the British... more

kyloe from "Observations on the breeding and management of Neat Cattle; together with a description of the diseases to which they are liable, etc"

This image has been taken from scan 000065 from "Observations on the breeding and management of Neat Cattle; together with a description of the diseases to which they are liable, etc". The title and subject ter... more

Frontispiece / Howitt.

Print shows gentleman farmer standing in the barnyard with his arm resting on a steer.

Guann's near Fort - Swift, Brooklyn / J.R. Smith, fecit., 1817.

Drawing shows the landscape of a rural area in Brooklyn with cattle grazing on a dirt road. Ships travel through what may be Gowanus Canal in the distance.

A Wooded River Landscape with Cattle

Benjamin Barker, the younger (British, Pontypool, Wales 1776–1838 Totnes, Devon)

Cattle at a Watering Hole in a Valley

Born in Northumberland, Mole worked as a clerk before becoming a professional miniaturist and exhibiting at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London. Around 1846, he shifted his focus to landscape and became a full membe... more

Landscape with Cattle at Limousin

Unlike many of the Barbizon painters who traveled to Italy or throughout France for practical training, Dupre traveled to England in 1834 for a short but critical period of study. It was there that he encounter... more

The great Rohan & the cattle market

An obscure and bizarre satire, datable only by its incidental reference to the murder of Congressman Jonathan Cilley. (See "Scene in Washington, Sunday Feby. 25. 1838" and "The New Code of Chivalry," nos. 1838-... more

Landscape with cattle in Weißbach on the Rhön

Carl Wagner (German, Rossdorf 1796–1867 Meiningen)