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The Yelverton Family. Ten in the family. Live in a six-room house, "The only one on the street," they told me repeatedly. Two years ago the came here from the farm fifty miles away and a mile from the R.R. where they owned 135 acres. Father and four oldest boys have been working in the Laurel Cotton Mills for two years. Father said, "the little girls don't work, an' we're not goin' to let 'em if we can help it. We'll send 'em to school an' make ladies out of em. I don't reckon we'll ever go back to the farm. They all like the mill work. It's light work, but not very healthy though." The boys said, "We'd ruther work in the mill, It's easier. No hot sun an' no cold in winter 'cause they heat the mill then." The two youngest boys, eleven and thirteen years old, the father said, have been in the mill two years, and have had almost no schooling, and no likelihood of getting any more. The mother said, "I don't like to live in the city near so well. We're more shut in, an' we can't give the boys the schoolin' they ought to have 'cause they've got to work in the mill (wages is so low). We haven't been so well as on the farm."  Location: Laurel, Mississippi.
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Men on car by tents. Construction workers in front of tents. Names: William Allen Jones, Fort Benning, Paul Knight, Fort Benning, J.F. Goza, C.D. Brownlee and B.I. Juhan. For space only in W.T. Mullis' backyard they pay two dollars a week. Two of them are now working at Fort Benning and others the Williams Construction Company, building foundations for new barracks, got laid off couple of weeks ago for indefinite time. They all came from Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia, where they worked on WPA (Work Projects Administration). Some have been here one month. One said "There's something crooked in this here job--some men have worked every day seven days a week and others get no work at all. It's a dirty shame and the government ought to know about these conditions and see what goes on. It's awful bad."
Bantam, Connecticut. Irene Stewart learned upholstery in Buffalo, New York, under her husband, who supervised an upholstery shop there. He is now working at the Warren McArthur plant just a few yards away from his wife. Both came to the plant in June of 1941. Stewart is a native of London, England, and is anxious to do all he can to aid in the war effort
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish, Mennonite, and Pennsylvania Dutch farmers all came to this farm auction so that the auctioneer ran the bidding in "Deutsch" as well as English
[Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding] Palo, IA, June 20, 2008 -- FEMA employees care as witnessed by Jean Podruchny (L) who responded  from North Carolina and Lesley Pearson (R), from New Hampshire. Both came to Palo, Iowa to provide FEMA Application Assistance to the flood victims in this Linn County community.  Barry Bahler/FEMA

[Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding] Palo, IA, June 20, 2008 -- FE...

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