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Topic: broadsides

10,833 media by topicpage 1 of 109

Franciscus est in coelo

Francis in heaven being torn apart.

Martinus Lutherus ss. theologiæ ... antitypus orthodoxae religionis ...

Broadside announcing the first Lutheran jubilee year by showing the contrast between the light of Lutheranism (life) and the darkness of Catholicism (death), with references to biblical verses.

Warhafftiger und Natürlicher

People standing before the city walls of Nuremberg, viewing the image of a lion, which miraculously appeared on the wall; text below image.

Abbildung der zwar hoch betrübten ...

Mock funeral procession for the heavy imperial taxes levied on the Protestants but lost after the Protestant victory at Breitenfeld.

Ein Kurtz--Jedoch nachdenktlich Bespräch--eines Fuches und Katzen

A fox tied to a tree, a cat, lying as if dead, with a rat in its mouth, an open rat cage and rats; across the river, Magdeburg burns; text below image.

Der Warner

Anti-Catholic lampoon, in which a messenger warns of Jesuit schemes after the Catholic defeats on the field.

Abbildung der prächtigen - und zwar trawrigen Leichbestattung - gehalten uber den Tödlichen abgang und wolreiffen hintritt auszm Röm. Reich der allerschädlichen Bestiæ der contribution, ...

A mock funeral procession for the heavy imperial taxes levied on the Protestants but lost after the Protestant victory at Breitenfeld. The procession begins in the lower right corner and advances across the bot... more

Evgentliche Abbildung ...

Anti-Catholic lampoon, in which a bloated Catholic prelate regurgitates cities that have fallen to the Swedes, from their support of Stralsund (1628) to the capture of Bad Kreuznach, 20 (O.S. 10) February 1632.

Der K:M: von Schweden und dero armee wǔnderbarer zǔg zwölff Meilen über das gefrorne Meer nemlich aǔβJüttland in Fühnen und Seeland

Broadside of map showing surprise attack by the Swedish, troop movements, and battles in Seelant (Zeeland) in the Netherlands, and Funen (Fyn) and SuderJutland (Jutland) in Denmark, in January and February, 1658.

Het lusthuys van Pater Peters, en de Jesuwijten en Munniken, ontdekt door / William Loggan fec. & Oxonia.

Print shows scene in a bawdy house of pleasure frequented by Father Petre, Jesuits, and monks, where they mingle and dine with such figures as: Wantonness, Avarice, Sloth, Fury, and Vanity. Priests engage in la... more

Arlequin sur l'Hippogryphe a la croisade Lojoliste Armée van den heylige lingue voor der jesuiten monarchy.

Print shows Louis XIV as the harlequin, with pegged leg, riding on the "hippogryphe" or jackass, leading a holy crusade. He wears a large biretta that also fits over the head of James II sitting behind him; the... more