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Haec est forma vivaque torqueti mago suis, et numeris, ...

Print shows a torquetum, a 16th century measuring device.

Pictores operis, Heinricus Fullmaurer, Albertus Meyer, sculptor Vitus Rodolph Speckle

Portraits of the three men who created the illustrations for this botanical book. Heinrich Füllmaurer transferring drawing to woodblock, Albrecht Meyer drawing the plant on the table, and Veit Rudolph Speckle, ... more

Cucumis sativus vulgaris, cucumern

Illustration shows a Cucumber plant.

De figuere vander divisien der spheren ... / graphien van Pe. Apiano.

Motionless earth in center of universe surrounded by seven concentric spheres which carry the sun, the moon, and the planets.