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(Scene near Tipton, on the Missouri Prairies,) Blacksmithing in the Army

A group of soldiers, one relaxing in foreground, one stoking a fire, and two putting shoes on horses.

Army forge scene, in front of Petersburg / negative by David Knox, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing a group of military personnel preparing to shoe a horse in the camp's temporary blacksmith shop.

Kuznechnoe proizvodstvo. Kovka loshadei

Photograph shows a blacksmith shoeing a horse.

Promysly u kirgiz. Kirgizskaia kuznitsa

Photograph shows a smithy working in a kibitka.

Kuznechnoe proizvodstvo. Prodazha podkov

Photograph shows vendors selling horseshoes. Blacksmithing tools are displayed in front of the vendors.

Kuznechnoe proizvodstvo. Kovka oslov

Photograph shows a blacksmith shoeing a donkey.

The Democratic smithy - odd shoes for the mule / Gillam.

Illustration shows the interior of a blacksmith's shop where Samuel Randall, Abram Hewitt, and Benjamin Butler are putting oversized shoes labeled "Protection, Free Trade, [and] Incidental Tariff" on a mule lab... more

Drummond Tobacco Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3477 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3477 ) .. Subject (TGM): Angels; Cupids; Infants; Forge shops; Blacksmithing; Blacksmiths; Birds; Sm... more

A clever forger

Photograph shows a blacksmith stirring coals to make fire rise in forge; horseshoes, nails and other equipment are on the walls, floor, and work area.

The village blacksmith

Blacksmith at work, Nantucket, Mass., 1892(?).

[Blacksmith shop, probably in Ohio]

Two men working in blacksmith shop and boy watching.

Newport News dry docks

Three men working in blacksmith shop.

[The forge] [Smiths, Ajaccio].

Drawings show (front) view through arched doorway of two men standing at an anvil, small table on left at doorway, and (back) view of two men working at an anvil.

The village blacksmith / Keppler.

Illustration shows a large man labeled "Big Shipper" as a blacksmith holding a diminutive man labeled "Small shipper" on an anvil labeled "The Rail Road" and striking it with a hammer labeled "Rebates"; on the ... more

The village blacksmith

Photograph shows a blacksmith working in his forge with hammer and anvil shaping a horseshoe.

The Smith

Blacksmith at work.

The melting pot / Hy Mayer ; by Hy Mayer.

Illustration shows a vignette cartoon with two large hands labeled "Militarism" and "Jingoism" at center that are squeezing men labeled "Labor" and "Capital" over an inverted spike-topped helmet stuck in the gr... more

The camp blacksmith at Casas Grandes, Mexico

Blacksmith hammering horseshoe and soldier shoeing horse.

Blacksmith, Scutari, Albania

Photograph showing Albanian man hammering metal on an anvil.

Smithing, Brother Ricardo Belden / Samuel Kravitt.

Photograph shows Brother Ricardo Belden, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing sligthly left, blacksmithing, at the Hancock Shaker village near Pittsfield, Massachusetts.