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Banner with Bodhisattva, possibly Mahamayuri

This colorful banner from the renowned Buddhist cave temples near Dunhuang is an important example of early Chinese Buddhist painting. It consists of two parts that may or may not have matched each other origin... more

Altar Cloth or Podea

The double-headed eagle became the primary symbol of the state during the late Byzantine centuries and was also adopted for liturgical use. This huge eagle was probably used as an altar cloth or as a podea, a s... more

The Flagellation; (reverse) The Madonna of Mercy

This emotionally charged depiction of the flagellation of Christ was painted about 1540 as a processional banner for a confraternity, or lay religious brotherhood; the reverse side has a damaged image of the Ma... more


Siena, Tuscany



Saint Peter as Pope

This banner diplays the patron saint of the parish of Saint Pierre at Chaillot, for which it was made. As Saint Pierre was the local church of the weavers of the Savonnerie manufactory, it is not surprising tha... more

Inscribed Banner

The inscriptions on this rare Persian ceremonial banner invoke divine protection and assistance. The lobed medallions enclose quotations from the Qur'an, lauding God as "the best Protector" and "Opener of Doors... more

Temple Banner

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Ceremonial Banner (Palepai Maju)

In Indonesia textiles have great value as ritual objects and as a form of wealth. Among the most spectacular are the "ship cloths" of the Lampung region in Southern Sumatra, which often depict large ships. This... more

Temple Banner

Qing dynasty (1644–1911), Qianlong period (1736–95)

Banner (one of a pair)

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Temple Banner

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Temple Banner

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Temple Banner

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Banner (one of a pair)

Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

An exact representation of the principal banners and triumphal car, which conveyed Sir Frances Burdett to the Crown and Anchor Tavern on Monday June 29th, 1807 - dedicated to the 5134 independent electors of Westminster

Print shows three men with banners leading a four-horse team drawing a carriage with a statue of Britannia holding a staff topped with a liberty cap, two fasces on a low platform, and Sir Frances Burdett sittin... more


Inscribed with the names of God, the Prophet Muhammad and the first four leaders of the Muslim community, and bordered by Qur'anic verses, this silk sanjak (shield-shaped banner) displays an image of a two-blad... more

Banner (Nobori)

Nobori are banners that were used at festivals and public entertainments or to celebrate the birth of a son. The energetically dancing figure pictured on this banner can be identified by his bearded black mask ... more

Ōka kaendaiko

Print shows banners hanging from a rope suspended between a tree and a pole, with a tsuri-daiko or similar drum behind the banners.

A sawney in Ireland trying to pass for an American gentleman

The "sawney" (i.e., fool or simpleton) is New York "Herald" editor James Gordon Bennett. The artist gives a comic portrayal of Bennett's celebrated public rebuff by O'Connell in the Corn Exchange in Dublin in A... more

Clay Frelinghuysen Markle Stewart

Print shows a Whig campaign banner composed of a pattern of alternating red and white stripes reminiscent of the American flag. On each of the four white stripes appears the name of a Whig candidate for the 184... more


Print shows travelers on street among shops with banners in the commercial district of the Fujisawa station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Kanamasugibashi shibaura

Print shows the tops of umbrellas and poles with banners held by pedestrians crossing the Kanasugi Bridge.

X-X Brand--Petersburg, Va. / C.A. Butler del.

Tobacco label, illustrated with cannon with banner, cannonballs, and bag labeled "Capt. Bragg, a little more grape" on fort in foreground; tents in background.

Tsukudajima sumiyoshi no matsuri

Print shows a procession with banner and portable shrine on Tsukuda island for the Sumiyoshi festival.

Free territory for a free people

A proof, printed on paper, for a small campaign badge or banner for 1860 Republican candidates Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin. The badge has interesting similarities to "Lincoln and Hamlin" (no. 1860-10), ... more

The great transatlantic balloon voyage. The banner at the corner of Broadway and Fourteenth street / S. Fox.

Print shows a banner posted above a busy intersection advertising an Atlantic crossing by the balloon, "The Daily Graphic," which was sponsored by the New York Illustrated Graphic. The crossing attempt on Octo... more

Puck's review of the past year / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Puck with lithographic pen and a long banner with scenes from cartoons that appeared in Puck Magazine during 1884, such as the British Lion and "El Mahdi" in Egypt and Sudan, James G. Blaine'... more

A two-edged record / Keppler.

Illustration shows an old man, identified as the Republican Party, hoisting a banner proclaiming "For President Wm. McKinley" with a bust portrait of McKinley and the party platform, "Gold Standard - Expansion ... more