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Stela of Amenemhat and Hemet
Paiar of Jars, bronze, China
Architectural Fitting (Gong), bronze, China
Jar (hu), bronze, China
Statue of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris
Cameo Portraying Emperor Claudius as Jupiter, Italy
Jar (hu or zhong), bronze
One of a Pair of Matched Bowls Depicting Costumed Ritual Performers
Pendant in Form of an Archer’s Ring
Pre Columbian Standing Figurine
Spouted Dish with King Vulture Heads
Mirror with Dragon Arabesques, bronze
Necklace with a Pendant Depicting a Large Fish Eating a Smaller Fish
Pre Columbian Female Figurine
Basin with Figural Feet (Lu)
Sheath with Bird and Feline or Dragon
Plaque Depicting a Quail Chick
Statue of Horus, Egypt, Art Institute of Chicago
Kylix (Drinking Cup)
Fragment of a Funerary Naiskos (Monument in the Shape of a Temple)
Pre Columbian Necklace
Ear Spools
Mesoamerican Female Figurine, Chupicuaro, Mexico
Ear Spools
Pair of Jars, bronze, China
Pre Columbian Divination Mirror
Container Depicting Warriors, Rulers, and Winged Beings with Trophy Heads
Pre Columbian Gourd-Shaped Vessel, Tlatilco culture, Mexico
Mesoamerican Standing Female Figurine
Portrait Vessel of a Ruler
Attachments Depicting Busts of Silenoi
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Queen Cleopatra VII
Ancient Etruscan Amphora (Storage Jar)
Female Figure with Bold, Geometric Face and Body Paint
Water Basin (Jian), bronze, China
Rectangular Cauldron, bronze, China
Pre Columbian Mantle, Peru
Bottle in the Form of a Severed Trophy Head
Portrait Vessel of a Ruler
Pre Columbian Seated Joined Couple
Cup with Profile Head of the Maize God
Fragment of a Column Krater (Mixing Bowl)
Stamnos (Mixing Jar)
Pendant Depicting a Seated Figure
Kneeling Figure, China
Vessel Depicting a Masked Warrior Holding Trophy Heads
Gold Pectoral with Zoomorphic Face
Grave Guardian Beast (Zhenmu Shou)
Wine Flask (Bian Hu), bronze
Rectangular Tureen (fu), bronze, China
Pre Columbian Female Figure, Tlatilco culture, Mexico
Pre Columbian Circular Pendant
Mesoamerican Female Figurine, Tlatilco culture, Mexico
Water Ewer (He), bronze, China
Nose Ornaments in the Form of Feline Whiskers
Suspension Bell (Bo) 东周时期青铜镈
Ceremonial blade 龙山文化玉圭
Ceremonial Vessel Depicting a Deer-Hunting Scene
Pendant in the Form of a Mythical Double-Headed Creature
One of a Pair of Matched Bowls Depicting Costumed Ritual Performers
Bird-Shaped Container (zun), bronze
Mesoamerican Female Figurine, Tlatilco culture, Mexico
Bodhisattva, China
Volute Krater (Mixing Bowl)
Architectural Fitting (Gong), bronze, China
Figure of a Seated Chieftain
Pre Columbian Mask, Moche culture, Northern Peru
Mirror with Dragon Arabesques, bronze
Belly-Amphora (Storage Jar)
Cauldron, bronze, China, China
Flask (bianhu), bronze, China
Covered Jar (Hu) 东周时期鎏金错银壶
Buddha Worshipped by the Gods Indra and Brahma
Portrait Vessel of a Man with a Cleft Lip and Tattoos
Pre Columbian Necklace
Model of a River Boat
Black Figure Hydria (Water Jar), Archaic Greek
Statuette of an Enthroned Figure
Figure of a Dog
Relief Fragments Depicting a Seated Woman and a Griffin
Statuary Group of Three Satyrs Fighting a Serpent
Statue of a Young Satyr Wearing a Theater Mask of Silenos
Vessel in the Form of a Calabash
Relief Fragments Depicting a Winged Woman and Two Deer
Model Depicting a Ritual Center
Shield Painted with Abstract Figures
Mesoamerican Ceremonial Knife
Pre Columbian Nose Ornament
Mesoamerican Ceremonial Knife
Relief of a Falling Warrior
Buddha Shakyamuni Meditating in the Indrashala Cave [top] and Buddha Dipankara [bottom]
Mummy Portrait of a Man Wearing a Laurel Wreath
Mummy Portrait of a Man Wearing an Ivy Wreath
Necklace with Pendant
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Trajan
Portrait Head of Emperor Hadrian
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Emperor Hadrian
Portrait Bust of a Woman
Covered Vessel with the Principal Bird and Peccary Heads

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