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[Copy of an unidentified ca. 15th - 16th century painting of a man with long hair seated]
Italian Bronzes. 15th and 16th century
Female portrait, 19th century
Railway Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls
[Portrait of seated man]
Boat House
Untitled (Victorian Album), England
Drawing of Mrs. Craik, England
Library, Yale University
Villa Borghese
Villa Panfili
[Portrait of Daguerre]
The Dying Gaul
Hadrian's Villa Library
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Temple of Minerva
[Cloisters at St. Paul's]
Venus by Canova
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Capri [child on mule]
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Baths of Caracalla
Capri, James Anderson
[classical sculpture, man with slave]
Bernini's David
Venus Anadiomene
Capitoline Venus
Naples Panorama
Garden - Capri
[classical sculpture, seated male]
Ponte Nomentano
The Claudio Acqueducts
Apoxyomenos of Lysippos (The Scraper)
Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel
Capri - Hotel Pagano, Giorgio Sommer Europe Travel
[Classical sculpture of a headless woman]
Pudicitia, by Giacomo Brogi
Charles Marville - Untitled, 19th century
Diana by Domenichino
Tivoli, Waterfall with the Temple of Vesta
Demosthenes, Braccia Nuovo, Vatican
Naples Panorama
Ariadne, Vatican sculpture gallery
Hermes, James Anderson
Southside of Cromer Church, England
Bernini's Apollo and Daphne
Belvedere Antonius
[Renaissance painting of two women]
Capri, Rocks by the Sea
Belvedere Torso, Vatican Museum
Antonia Minor
San Francisco
Ceres, James Anderson
The River Nile
Leaning Satyr
Aurora by Guido Reni, Guido Reni
Augustus of Prima Porta
Jupiter, James Anderson
Laocoon, James Anderson
[classical sculpture of woman and son]
Princess of Wales, Bust by Gibson
Moses by Michelangelo
Hotel Pagano, Giorgio Sommer Europe Travel
Portrait of a Young Woman in a Turban (Beatrice Cenci)
Capri, Hotel Pagano, Giorgio Sommer Europe Travel
Apollo Belvedere
Capri [woman carrying jug]
Caravaggio's "The Cardsharps"
Canova's Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa
The Pope's Palace, Avignon
Mrs. S. H. C. Miner
The Pope's Palace, Avignon
[South side of Notre-Dame, Paris, during restoration]
[Portrait of seated man]
[Saint-Étienne portal, Notre-Dame]
[Portrait of a young man]
Geyscliffe, 19th century, England
The Artist's Son, Barrett Browning, England
Untitled, 19th century, England
Agra. Le Tadj, Mosqué latérale
Tombeau dans la plaine de Dehli [sic]
Tchittour, Temple ancien, détail du precedent
Adjmir, Galerie extérieure d'une maison particulière
Bénarès, Bords du Ganges
Agra, Tombeau d'un Ministre de l'Empereur Akbar
Photographies de l'Inde Anglaise
Arcade Musulmane, dans l'enceinte du Koutoub
Untitled (Her eyes are Homes of Silent Prayer), England
Adjmir. Maison d'un riche banquier
Tchittour, Temple hindou ancien
Odeypour, Temple hindou moderne
Agra, Le Tadj, vue générale
Tombeau d'Akbar, près d'Agra, Vue générale
Tombeau d'Akbar, Entrée du jardin
Odeypour, Soubassement du temple precedent
The George Cowper Album, England

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