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1900 s paintings by kazimir malevich

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Gallant Society in a Park (Malevich, ca. 1908)
Nightwalk (Malevich, ca. 1909–10)
Portrait of the father (Malevich, ca. 1902–03)
Assumption of a Saint (Malevich, 1907–08)
Farmhouse (Malevich, ca. 1905–06)
Landscape at Night (Malevich, ca. 1900)
Three female Figures (Malevich, ca. 1905–06)
Village (Malevich, ca. 1906)
Woman reading newspaper (Malevich, ca. 1905–1906)
Landscape with Windmills (Malevich, ca. 1909–10)
Little Town by Kazimir Malevich (1910s)
Spring Landscape (Malevich, c. 1907–09)