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Stone blockade off Charleston

Ships loaded with stones and sunk to block entrance of harbor, Charleston, South Carolina.

How free ballot is protected!

The artist charges the Republicans with electoral corruption and extremism in their efforts to defeat Democratic presidential nominee George B. McClellan. Oblique reference is also made to Lincoln's supposed a... more

Admiral D.D. Porter and staff on board flag-ship, Malvern, Norfolk, Va., Dec. 1864

Photo shows group of officers on board the Malvern. At left, holding his coat is W.B. Cushing, fifth from left is A.C. Rhind, Admiral D.D. Porter is in the center, fifth from right is T.O. Selfridge, fourth fro... more

Railroad mortar at Petersburg, Va., July 25, 1864

Photograph shows the mortar used to protect the United States Military Railroad.

Hare house, Petersburg

House and landscape.

The operations near Washington--scene of the fight in front of Fort Stevens, July 12 & 13 / from a sketch by our special artist, E.F. Mullen.

Illustration showing soldiers behind low wooden barricades; the remains of a building burned to the ground; and the smoke from cannon fire in the background.

Cortina / from sketch by our special artist, C.E.H. Bonwill.

Detail from an illustration of the civil war in Matamoras, showing head-and-shoulders portrait of Cortina, facing left.

Grant's Great Campaign--Stevens's Battery at Cold Harbor.

Wood engraving for DRWG/US A Waud, no. 426 (A size).

The Skaters Song

Illustrated music cover.

Headquarters Q.M. department, City Point

Photograph shows a railroad bridge above a creek bed in City Point, now known as Hopewell, Virginia. Building in the distance.

The pending conflict

A later, altered version of "The Pending Conflict" (no. 1863-10). Albeit more optimistic from the Northern point of view than its earlier couterpart, this version is equally critical of European abetment of t... more

Free Negroes in the North

Satire on the degraded condition of free blacks in the northern United States.

[Abraham Lincoln]

Political campaign button for 1864 presidential election showing bust portrait of Abraham Lincoln, facing left (Anthony Berger photo Feb. 9, 1864); metal casing with pin fastener attached.

Substitute office

Satire on the hiring of substitutes to serve in the Union army for well-to-do Northerners. The "ablebodied" substitutes are shown as drunks and gamblers.

Life in camp, part 2

Souvenir cards showing the daily life of Union soldiers during the Civil War, on the front, in camp, and on furlough, also, an artist traveling with the army, zouaves, parting with loved ones, and an African Am... more

Huntsville, Alabama, from General Logan's head-quarters

Bird's-eye view of Huntsville, Alabama, with soldiers marching, followed by others on horseback, and two covered wagons.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president

Photograph showing portrait of Lincoln.


Portrait, full length, facing left.

The Emancipation Proclamation

Caricature of Abraham Lincoln writing the Emancipation Proclamation.