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The complete system of English country dancing, containing all the figures ever used in English country dancing, with a variety of new figures, and new reels ...

Originally published in 1808 and expanded in 1811 under the title An analysis of country dancing, this edition borrows extensively from earlier editions. As with earlier editions, the figures for English count... more

The old maid and her tom cat / [G. Cruikshank].

"A court of law, purporting to be 'At the Old Baily September 4. George I. The King V.----' ..." (Source: George)

Battle of Niagara from a sketch by Major Riddle / Strickland sc.

Print shows an American infantry charge against British guns during the battle of Lundy's Lane on Lake Niagara, Ontario, July 25th, 1814.


Print shows three actors, two possibly represent royal envoys who are to deliver the message that Enya Hangan (Asano Naganori) is to committ seppuku, ritual suicide, the third man is possibly Hangan brandishin... more


Print shows a masked man, one of the Rōnin, with a sword attacking Osono, the estranged wife of Gihei, in order to cut her hair to the customary length of a nun making it impossible for her father to marry her ... more

Capture of the city of Washington

Print shows British soldiers marching into Washington, D.C. and burning buildings during the War of 1812.

America guided by wisdom An allegorical representation of the United States depicting their independence and prosperity / / Drawn by John J. Barralett ; engraved by B. Tanner.

Allegorical print shows America as a woman in Grecian dress and feathered helmut with Roman deities Minerva, Ceres, and Mercury to symbolize wisdom, commerce, and agriculture. To their right is a triumphal arch... more


Print shows a woman, Osai, owner of a brothel, in a palanquin with porters at the front and back. She has come to Yoichibei's cottage to make the final payment for Okaru, Yoichibei's daughter. She is confronted... more


Print shows a man (possibly the outlaw Sadakurô) holding an umbrella, glaring at a man (probably Yoichibei) holding a lantern, cowering in the rain; Sadakurô will rob and kill Yoichibei.

Hodges explanation of a hundred magistrates / Rowlandson, del.

"A yokel in a long smock (right) stands, hat in hand, before three elderly J. P.s in old-fashioned dress; he tugs at his rough hair ..." (Source: George)

Paper hanging 55

Wallpaper design accompanied by printed label describing the pattern: "Number Fifty Five. Border for number fifty four. Festoon terminating in points, ornamented with fringe, crescents, and stars. The lower bor... more

Paper hanging 53

Wallpaper design accompanied by printed label describing the pattern: "Number Fifty Three. Border for number fifty- two. A drapery supported by a crescent, the sides folding round a rosette, a garland of vine l... more

Le tigre enchainé

Cartoon showing Napoleon I as a tiger in chains held by a British officer holding a whip; two men representing Russia and Austria play musical instruments nearby.

[Stag looking for its mate]

Ukiyo-e print illustration shows a stag based on the Rinpa style of Ogata Kōrin.


Print shows a woman on the left, Kaoyo, wife of Enya (Asano Naganori), who has received a love letter from Moronō (Kira Yoshinaka), who is standing on the right, and, in the middle, Wakasanosuke about to draw his sword.

3ème et dernière expérience de descente en parachute par Melle. Garnerin, au Champ de Mars, dimanche 21 avril, a son profit

Broadside announcing the final parachute jump at Champ-de-Mars, Paris, April 21, by Elisa Garnerin, who made many parachute descents between 1815 and 1836. Includes two pictures of parachutes.


Print shows three Rōnin samurai attacking the entrance to Moronō's (Kira Yoshinaka) home.

Fidélité et dévouement dédié à la Garde Nationale de Paris : serment prêté par ceux de ses membres qui reçoivents la nouvelle décoration accordée par Sa Majesté ...

Print shows a certificate of honor given to the members of the National Guard of Paris by Louis XVIII showing soldiers standing next to monument with bust of Louis and text of oath taken by those honored.

Gold medal presented to Jackson by Congress

Print shows the obverse and reverse sides of a medal, with bust portrait of Major General Andrew Jackson.

Karasaki no yoru no ame

Print shows a woman, with an umbrella, walking in the rain.