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Paper hanging 43

Wallpaper design accompanied by printed label describing the pattern: "Number Forty Three. Ground imitating a drapery, shaded and lighted by stripes and ornaments in sections of a circle, printed in grey and wh... more


In an allegory of the Treaty of Ghent, signed on Dec. 24, 1814, Britannia and America hold olive branches before an altar. Sailors, holding British and American flags, hold an uninscribed banner; through drapes... more

Le Carnaval de 1814, ou Le marcaroni Impérial

Cartoon shows Napoleon and Cambacérès as a harlequin and punch, respectively; between them is a table on which is a map of Europe. Cambacérès ladles out a macaroni soup comprised of the unpopular actions and ev... more

Lord Byron / Edwin, sc.

Head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left.

The property tax

Cartoon shows a prosperous John Bull seated in a chair as a blue demon hovers above him using a magnet to withdraw coins from Bull's waistcoat pocket. The ghost of William Pitt rises from the floorboards saying... more

Matthew Flinders, 1774-1814

Head and shoulders, facing left; in uniform.

Alexander Wilson, author of the American Ornithology, native of Paisley, Scotland died 1813 aged 45 / drawn & engraved by J.J. Barralet.

Print shows Alexander Wilson, head-and-shoulders portrait, right profile, holding the barrel of a rifle and papers in his right hand; in oval.

The Shawanese prophet and Tecumseh / Huyot.

Print shows Tenskwatawa, the Shawnee Prophet, and Tecumseh, with other Natives and tipis in the background.

The troops disembarking to attack Fort Oswego, under the command of Genl. Drummond and Sir T. Yeo, Lake Ontario, May the 6th 1814 / / By Capt. Steele. 2d. Battn. Royal Marines

Seascape drawing shows British sailors leaving their ships and rowing toward Fort Oswego on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. The 2nd battalion of the Royal Marines, under Lieutenant General Sir George Gordo... more

American generals / Tanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co. sc.

Print shows a composite of bust portraits of American generals during the War of 1812, including Henry Dearborn, Winfield Scott, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, Jacob Brown, and Zebulon Pike.