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The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Satire showing head of Clifford with two circles representing huge spectacles, "Old house old prices & no private boxes" and "Old house old prices & no pigeon holes," over his eyes. Each circle contains a symme... more

The modern Circe or a sequel to the petticoat / E. Delaney del. ; Cruickshank scp.

Cartoon shows Mrs. Mary Anne Clarke, wearing the Duke of York's military cloak, extending it to cover a crowd of miniature soldiers, civilians and clergymen clustering around her with outstretched arms; Mr. Wad... more

The set-too between Old Price and Spangle Jack the Shewman - fought with unabated vigour for nine rounds & yet undecided

A pugilistic encounter, over new theater prices, between John Philip Kemble, tall and muscular, and "Old Price," a much smaller and weaker opponent.

Sedition! Treason!

Broadside listing the resolutions of the Massachusetts legislature, 2 Feb. 1809, in oposition to the Embargo Act of 1808 and the Enforcement Act of Jan. 1809.

True reform of Parliament,--i.e.--patriots lighting a revolutionary-bonfire in new Palace Yard / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

Print shows Sir Francis Burdett making a speech and waving a bonnet rouge shaped like a fool's cap as Horne Tooke lights on fire a pile of acts and charters, as well as a Bible, with a flaming baton labeled "Se... more

Odori [enbu?] no zu

Print shows a design on a fan with several figures, male(?) and female, dancing.

Drawing, plate 8 from an original drawing by Gaspar Poussin in the collection of Benjamin West Esqr. P.R.A. / Wm. Charles fecit.

Print shows a man sitting on rocks of a cliff with waterfalls in a wilderness landscape.

Counsellor O. P.--defender of our theatric liberties / Js. Gillray, ft.

"Counsellor Clifford, realistically drawn, stands in profile to the left, his feet together, holding behind his back a flaming fire-brand, emitting thick clouds of smoke ..." (Source: George)

The strollers progress plte 1st. A peep at Black Jack's origin previous to his going to Douay [...] / Cruikshank, invt.

Scene in a poverty-stricken room, in which John Philip Kemble's father, Roger, as a barber, dresses a wig, while he (John) talks to his mother; Sarah, Stephen, Charles, and a younger sister are variously occupied.

Carte Gastronomique de la France

Map illustrated with foods and wines of the different parts of France.

Farmer Giles & his wife shewing off their daughter Betty to their neighbours, on her return from school / Drawn by an amateur - etch'd by Js. Gillray.

Cartoon showing plump girl playing piano. Her parents gloat nearby while others appear less interested.

Is this a rattle which I see before me / Cruikshank.

John Philip Kemble, caricatured, plays the dagger scene in Macbeth. In front of him is magically suspended a large watchman's rattle, labelled "a word to the wise". Text refers to the personal attack made on th... more

The house that Jack-built / I Spy I, delt.

"Seven designs in two rows, three above and four below, the verses etched across the upper part of each ..." (Source: George)

Thomas Paine's recantation! Thomas Paine's last moments

Seated in chair with woman (Mary Roscoe) at his side and 3 men in doorway.