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Lord No- - -h in the suds

"North seated in a circular wash-tub, which froths with lather; he is surrounded by angry women..." (Source: George)

Count De Grasse

François Joseph Paul de Grasse, Comte de Grasse, full-length portrait, wearing uniform with hat, holding sword, standing, facing left, against studio backdrop showing ships during battle.

A petitioning, remonstrating, reforming, republican / R.S.

Cartoon shows a "Republican" squatting over an upturned crown, urinating into an upturned bishop's mitre. He supports himself with a staff on which is a liberty cap with the word "liberty" crossed out and "rebe... more

The thunderer

Print shows Banastre Tarleton boasting of his exploits to the Prince of Wales outside a brothel labeled "The Whirligig."

Hanetsuki no danjo

Print shows a young man lifting a young woman who is holding aloft a badminton paddle.

G. Washington / J. Trumbull pinx. ; Ta. le Roy sculp.

Print shows George Washington full-length portrait, standing, facing slightly right, wearing uniform, holding hat in left hand; on the left, an African man holds Washington's horse (reverse of the Trumbull pain... more

Charles Henri Comte Destaing, né le 24 Novembre 1729

Charles Henri comte d'Estaing, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing uniform, facing slightly right; in framed medallion.

General Montgomery

Print shows Richard Montgomery, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing military uniform, facing slightly left, in oval.

General Carleton

General Guy Carleton, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing uniform, facing right, in medallion.

General Clinton

General Sir Henry Clinton, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing uniform, facing left, in oval.

Lord Viscount Howe / Angus sculp.

Print shows Richard Howe, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right, wearing uniform, in oval on pedestal.

J. Hancock / J. Pelicier sculp. 1782.

Print shows John Hancock, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right, in oval medallion with ribbon at the top, on pedestal, with cannon in foreground.

A bath of the moderns

Captain Bissett on the shoulders of Richard Worsley, Colonel of the Hampshire Militia, watching Lady Worsley pull up her stockings.

Utilité particuliére, du vaisseau volant Divers utilités, du vaisseau volant.

Two songs illustrated with humorous pictures of men using flying machines for various purposes. The left panel shows a man fleeing from his creditors, while the four vignettes to the right depict a clergyman, a... more

John Marshall

Full-length silhouette portrait shows John Marshall, legislator and jurist, facing right.

A Meeting of umbrellas / P.V., delin. ; J. Kent, fecit.

Cartoon showing two men under umbrellas facing each other and another man under umbrella with left hand extended between the two men.

Labour in vain or let them tug & be da--nd

Print shows Neptune, the British lion, Britannia, and a British sailor on a piece of land labeled "England" laughing derisively at a Dutchman, a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and a partly draped Native woman wearing a... more

The catch singers

Print shows Lord North, on the right, Lord Germain, and Lord Sandwich (or Richard Howe) sitting around a table, with William Howe standing at the end of the table on the left; they are toasting their financial ... more

The American rattlesnake presenting Monsieur his ally a dish of frogs

Print shows a rattlesnake, representing America, presenting a basket of frogs to a Frenchman. Includes a short verse advising Britons to drive a wedge between the Americans and the French during the peace negot... more

The bull over-drove, or, The drivers in danger

Print shows a bull trampling the prostrate body of Lord Sandwich, lead driver, and kicking toward Lord North and George Germain, the "drivers in danger." The bull is charging toward three men, representing Fran... more

War of posts / T. Colley, fect.

Print shows the new ministers, Pitt, Keppel, Conway, Burke, Fox, and Richmond riding on wooden posts and cannon drive, with the aid of a devil, the old ministers, Nick, Sandwich, Amherst, North, and Mansfield i... more

Ohan chōemon

Print shows a porter carrying a woman across a stream.

William Pitt - il faut déclarer la guerre a la France / L. Binet del. ; L.S. Berthet sculp.

Print shows William Pitt, half-length portrait, standing with the aid of crutchers behind balustrade, facing front with right arm extended, during speech to Parliament; two men stand in the background.

Sesshu hitsu shōki zu

Print shows Shōki, the demon slayer, full-length portrait, standing, facing front.

General Putnam

Print shows Israel Putnam, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing military uniform, facing slightly left; in oval.

The Earl of Shelburne

Print shows William Petty, Lord Shelburne, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left; in oval on pedestal with nameplate.

Earl Temple

Print shows George Grenville, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right; medallion with ribbon at top, on pedestal.

The amiable Miss W-bb [and] the intrepid partizan

Cameo portraits of Miss W-bb and Banastre Tarleton; in ovals with ribbons at top.

Poor Richard's Almanac Improved, 1782

Double-page entry for December; includes poem "Advice to the Fair Sex" which advises disregard of fashion, and urges, modesty, honesty, and willingness to please.

Judge Thumb, or - patent sticks for family correction: warranted lawful!

Judge Buller walking in foreground, carrying bundles of rods; in the background, a man with a rod raised over his head is about to strike a woman who is running away from him.

A Sunday concert

A concert at Dr. Burney's. Musicians grouped round a piano. The pianist is Ferdinando Bertoni and is accompanied by Pacchierotti. Cariboldi stands behind Lady Mary Duncan. Others are: Hayford, Cervetto, Salpiet... more

The state cooks making peace-porridge

Print shows several British ministers, Keppel, Fox, Richmond, Conway, and others, preparing a porridge of peace to offer Holland, France, and Spain, and separately to a Native wearing a feathered headdress and ... more

The Shell--born Jess-t / Ignatius Loyola invt. ; K.

Print shows the Earl of Shelburne, full-length portrait, left profile, as a Jesuit.

The surrender of government castle, in March 1782, to the late besieging minority

Print shows members of the old ministry walking out of the "Government Castle" closely followed by a devil, and members of the new ministry marching in.

Ouka no nibijin

Print shows two women standing beneath a blossoming cherry tree.

The town of Falmouth, burnt, by Captain Moet, Octbr. 18th 1775

Print shows bird's-eye view of the burning of Falmouth, Maine, by Captain Henry Mowat, whose ships, in the foreground, fire on the town.

Nidaime bandō mitsugorō no anno heibei

Print shows Bandō Mitsugorō, an actor, full-length portrait, standing, facing right.

Francis I, King of Fran[ce] / Titian, pixt ; J. Heath, sculpt.

Portrait print showing Francis I, King of France. Bust portrait, right profile in oval flanked by two knights in armor. The knight on the left, representing France, with a shield bearing the fleur-de-lis, has t... more

Premiere assemblée du congrès / dessiné par le Barbier Peintre du Roi ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Academie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

Print shows session of the First Continental Congress, September 1774, in Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

La balle a frappé son amante / dessiné par le Barbier peintre du Roi ; gravé par L. Halbou.

Print shows the death of Molly, a scene from the fictional "Histoire de Seymour & de Molly." After the wedding ceremony joining Seymour and Molly, and as the wedding feast is about to begin, British troops burs... more

Commodore Hopkins / R. Pollard sc.

Print shows Esek Hopkins, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, wearing military uniform, in oval.

The hon'le. Anthony Wayne, Esqr., major general in the American Army / J. Nor sc.

Print shows Anthony Wayne, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left, wearing military uniform; in oval.

Gloria Mundi, or The Devil addressing the sun - Pare. Lost, Book IV

Cartoon showing Charles James Fox standing on a roulette wheel perched atop a globe showing England and continental Europe, the implication is that his penniless state, indicated by turned-out pockets, is due t... more

How do you like it monsieur

Fat Englishman pulling hair of skinny Frenchman and kicking him in the buttocks.

The V- - - [Victualling] committee framing a report

"Members of a parliamentary committee seated round an oblong table; two tiers of raised seats are on the farther side of the table, in the centre of the upper tier sits the chairman, immediately below him the c... more

Libertas Americana. 4 Juil. 1776 Non sine Diis animosus infans / / dessin de la medaille des etats unis de l'amerique compose par A.E. Gibelin en 1783.

Design drawing executed not later than September 1782 by Antoine Esprit Gibelin shows Minerva (representing France) standing, leaning forward, holding a spear in raised right hand and a shield, with a fleur-de-... more