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Gibbon Seated on a Branch

Flower Pot

Incense box with fragrant grass design

Box with Chain

Wine jar (Guan), Cizhou ware

Textile with Dragons and Phoenixes

Small incense burner, 'Ma Jun' or 'Soft Jun' ware

Boys in Lotus Pond

Pillow Cover

Lobed Box

Flower Pot

Box with pommel-scroll design

Bottle with Lotus Scroll

Brush washer


Textile with Phoenixes amid Lotuses and Tree Peonies

Box with Pommel Scroll


Bowl with Plum Blossom and Crescent Moon


Brush washer with twin dragons

Safe Conduct Pass (Paiza) with Inscription in Phakpa Script

Deep bowl, Jun ware

Small bowl, Jun ware

Plate, Jun ware

Bulb Bowl

Ox and Herdsman


Headdress ornament


Sakyamuni and Attendant Bodhisattvas in a Landscape

Wine bottle with lotuses and admonition

Vase with abstract decoration

Cup with Plum and Crescent Moon

Crows and Bare Trees in Winter


Beneficent Rain

Poem of Farewell to Liu Man

Pear Blossoms

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)

The Pleasures of Fishes

Wang Xizhi watching geese

Grooms and Horses

Box with Scene of Bathing Children

Box with camellia


Farewell by a Stream on a Clear Day

Panel with Phoenixes and Flowers

Vase (one of a pair)


Dish with peonies

Covered Jar in the Shape of a Star Fruit

Tray with pommel scrolls


Ritual Scraper

Stem Cup


Bottle in Meiping Shape with “Tortoiseshell” Glaze

Dish with peonies

Dish with long-tailed birds and hollyhock


Dish with Pommel Scroll Design

Figure of Mongol

Censer on Attached Stand

Covered Jar (Guan shape)

Box with “Pommel Scroll” Design

Incense Burner in Shape of Lion (one of a pair)



Faceted Vase

Dragon Boat Regatta on Jinming Lake

Small Jar

Box with pommel scroll design


Incense Burner in Shape of Lion (one of a pair)

Box with Pommel Scrolls

Stem Cup with Chrysanthemum Scroll

Bottle with Abstract Flowers and Leaves

Vase (one of a pair)

Lotus and waterbirds

Nine Songs

Lozenge-Shaped Tray

Cosmological Mandala with Mount Meru

Tray with Figures in a Landscape

Cup Stand with the Eight Buddhist Treasures

Tray with women and boys on a garden terrace

Jar with peony scroll

Dish with Flowering Plum and Birds

Damask with Cloud Palmettes and Chinese Characters

Bottle with Pommel Scrolls

Portrait of a Lady



Lozenge-shaped dish with garden scene

Incense box with “fragrant grass” design

Crows in Old Trees

Figure of Mongol

"Cloth of Gold" with Medallions

Covered Jar

Circular Box and Cover