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"Bahram Gur in the Turquoise Palace on Wednesday", Folio 216 from a Khamsa (Quintet) of Nizami

"Bahram Gur and Princess of Fifth Region on Wednesday", Folio from a Haft Paikar (The Seven Portraits)

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. By the honorable, the Lieutenant council & assembly: convened at Boston, upon Wednesday the 27th of May 1696, in the eighth year of His Majesties reign. for better encouragement to prosecute the French and Indi

An elegy occasioned by the sudden and awful death of Mr. Nathanael Baker Dedham; a young man just upon the point of marriage and son to Lieutenant John Baker. He fell from his horse on Monday night the 7th of May, 1733. And died the Wednesday fo

An act passed by the great and General Court or Assembly of His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: Begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the twenty-eighth day of May 1746. And continued by adjournments to Wednesday the

By His Excellency, Thomas Pownall, Esq; Captain-general and governor in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. &c. &c. a proclamation for proroguing the general court … unto Wednesday the second day of

Anno Regni Georgii II. tricesimo primo. Levying of soldiers. An act passed by the great and general court of assembly of His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday the twenty-fifth da

On Wednesday the fifth of July, 1769, the Right Honourable Samuel Turner ...

The tradesmen, artificers, and other inhabitants of the City and County of Philadelphia, are earnestly requested to attend at the State-House, on Wednesday the twenty-third instant, at two o'clock in the afternoon; when matters of great importan

The merchants and all others who are any ways concerned in, or connected with trade, are desired to meet at Faneuil-Hall to-morrow, being Wednesday the 17th instant, at ten o’clock beforenoon, to receive the report of the committee of inspection

Massachusetts-Bay. By the Governor, A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Wednesday the nineteenth day of February next … Given at Boston the twenty-eighth day of December 1771 … Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to His E

In Congress, at Watertown, April 30, 1775. Gentlemen, The barbarous murders on our innocent brethren on Wednesday the 19th instant, has made it absolutely necessary that we immediately raise an army to defend our wives and our children from the

New York, Committee-Chamber, Wednesday, 26th April, 1775. The Committee having taken into consideration the commotions occasioned by the sanguinary measures pursued by the British ministry, and that the powers with which this Committee is invest

To the public. Many citizens being desirous of seeing the motion, made in Committee on the 6th instant, by Mr. Henry Remsen, it is now published by their consideration [Copy of motion] Mistake not the business of next Wednesday; it is only wheth

Virginia. In convention. Present 112 members, Wednesday, May 15, 1776. Forasmuch as all the endeavours of the United Colonies, by the most decent representations and petitions to the king and parliament of Great-Britain, to restore peace and sec

Wednesday - Philadelphia, in Congress, July 19, 1776. Resolved...

At a meeting of a number of the Freemen and Freeholders of the City and County of New-York, at the house of Mrs. Vandewater's on Wednesday evening last, for the purpose of nominating persons to represent them in the next General Assembly, it was

By his excellency Caesar Rodney, Esq; president, captain-general and commander in chief of the Delaware State, a proclamation ... appoint Wednesday the thirtieth day of December next, to be observed as a day of public thanksgiving ... Given unde

The deposition of Captain James M'Alpine, Commander of the Schooner Polly and Nelly, who arrived here on Wednesday last from St. John's River, in East-Florida, but last from off Tybee in Savannah-River, Georgia, whence he took his departure on t

State of New-Hampshire. In Committee of Safety, Exeter. April 14th, 1789. Whereas the Honorable Continental Congress have recommended that Wednesday the twenty-sixth instant be observed as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer throughout the

Notification. The freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to meet at Faneuil-Hall, on Wednesday 26th of Octob. inst. at Ten o'clock A. M. then and there to consider the petition

Poughkeepsie, July 2, 1788. Just arrived by express, The ratification of the new constitution by the Convention of the State of Virginia, on Wednesday the 25th June, by a majority of 10; 88 agreeing, and 78 dissenting to its adoption. [Poughkeep

Congress of the United States, begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. An act for establishing the salaries of the executive officers of government, with their assista

Congress of the United States, begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday, the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. The Conventions of a number of the states having, at the time of their adopting the constitutio

Congress of the United States, begun and held at the City of New-York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine. An act to suspend part of an act, entitled, "An act to regulate the collection of the duties imp

Exhibition. The honour of company is requested at the exhibition in the College Chapel, on Wednesday the 31st instant, at one o'clock, P. M. Rhode-Island College. December 29 1794.

Wednesday, afternoon, April 16. This moment a kind correspondent communicated to the editor of the Morning Star, a letter from General Fisk of Salem, which he is happy in communicating to an impatient public. Ipswhich, Wednesday 11 o'clock, 1794

Advertisement. By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me directed, will be exposed to public sale, at the Court-House, in Norris-Town, in the County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the 11th of November next, at Twelve o'Clock-four contiguous trac

A monody on the death of the Hon. Thomas Russell, Esq. sung after the eulogy delivered by Doctor John Warren, in the church in Brattle-Street on Wednesday, May 4, 1796. Written at the request of the several societies of which he was a member. Se

Albany. February 16, 1798. Connecticut Gore. On Wednesday last the House of Assembly, agreeable to the order of the day, proceeded to the consideration of the message of his Excellency the Governor, and the papers from the Connecticut Gore Compa

Never performed in Boston. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 28 [1798] will be presented a drama in 5 acts, called the Castle Spectre. Written by the author of the celebrated novel, The Monk. Previous to the performance, the band will play a new overtu

Legislature of Kentucky. House of Representatives. Wednesday Nov. 7, 1798. Mr. Brackenridge gave notice that he would on tomorrow move the house to go into Committee of the whole on the state of the commonwealth, on that part of the Governor's a

To be performed at the Brattle Street Church on Wednesday, February 19, 1800 Ode I. From Vernon's Mount behold the Hero rise! ... Ode II. That matchless form which aw'd the world ... [Boston] From the Chronicle-Press by R. Rhoades. [1800].

... The following resolution passed the House of representatives on Wednesday last, and the senate yesterday. [Regarding the free navigation of the Mississippi River]. Frankfort, November 25, 1803.

Salem Federal meeting. Salem, Friday March 25, 1808. Agreeable to previous notifications there was a very numerous and a very respectable meeting of the Federalists of this and the neighbouring towns at Concert Hall on Wednesday evening last ...

Five hundred dollars reward. Proclamation, by the deputy-mayor of the City of New York. Whereas there is reason to apprehend that the fire on Wednesday night, the 1st instant, in Cheapside Street, was the effect of design ... offer a reward of f

Theatre, the publick is respectfully informed that Mr. Cooper is engaged for a few nights, and will make his first appearance, on Wednesday evening, in the character of Damon, in the tragedy of Damon and Pythias. On Wednesday evening, May 28, wi

Auction valuable property. On Wednesday the 23d inst. at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, will be sold. house and lot, situated at Rockets, adjoining the property of Mr. Ellis. It is a comfortable dwelling house, and has a good garden spot

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

Marmion for sale. This desirable and airy situation, in King-George county, Virginia, will be for sale on Wednesday the twenty-ninth of March, on the premises to the highest bidder ... G. Lewis. Marmion, Feb. 26, 1820. Fredericksburg. Printed by

Order to exercises, at the installation of the Rev. Andrew Bigelow over the church and congregation in Medford, on Wednesday, July 9, 1823. Boston Printed by Russell and Gardner [1823].

First commencement of the Columbian College, in the District of Columbia, Wednesday, December 15, 1824. [Washington, D. C. 1824].

Commencement of The Columbian College in the District of Columbia, Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1825 ... [Washington, 1825].

Commencement of The Columbian College in the District of Columbia. Wednesday, December 20, 1826 ... [Washington 1826].

Georgia resolutions. In the House of representatives Wednesday, 20th December, 1826. [Atlanta?].

John Doyle's catalogue of books, by auction, on Wednesday even'g, Nov. 28, 1827 at his store. No. 237 Broadway, Corner of Park-Place ... [New York] E. M. Murden & A. Ming, Jr. Printers, No. 1 Murrary-St.-Corner of Broadway [1827].

Concert of sacred music, Northhampton, Wednesday evening, Oct. 28, 1829

To the honourable, The Senate and House of representatives of the U. S. of America. The memorial of the Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, without distinction of party, assembled, Wednesday, December 6th, 1837, to hear the report o

At a General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, holden at New Haven in said State, on the first Wednesday of May, A. D. 1838. An act proposing to the people an amendment to the constitution ... Approved, June 1, 1838.

To the Freemen of Rhode-Island! You are invited as Friends of peace to come out on Wednesday, the 20th of April, and cast your votes for the Freemens' Republican ticket of state officers which will be submitted to you ... Come out, therefore, on

Morning Post extra. Boston, Wednesday Nov. 4, 1840. The elections. [Boston, 1840].

A special meeting of the Tippecanoe club of the City of Alton, will be held at the counting room of B. Clifford, jr. on Wednesday evening, May 27th, at half past 7 o'clock. By order of the President. J. Hall, Sec'y. Alton, May 26, [1840].

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Juvenile fete, next Wednesday, 21st ...

Administrator's sale!! By virtue of a decree from the Circuit Court of Jersey county, and State of Illinois ... I shall offer at public sale, on the premises, on Wednesday, Dec. 1, ... the following real estate, of which Aaron Hamilton ... died

Order of services at the ordination of Mr. Joseph Osgood, as pastor of the First Congregational church and society, in Cohasset, Wednesday, October 26, 1842.

Grand rally! The American Republicans of the city of Lancaster will meet in the Court house on Wednesday evening, 21st inst. to ratify the nominations of the County convention, and by rallying to the standard. and 'neath the ample folds of our n

Auction on Wednesday, the 8th day of April, inst. Will be sold at public auction, at the dwelling house of Hannibal A. Ellsworth, in the town of East Windsor, a large amount of personal property ... Sam'l W. Thompson. Deputy Sheriff. East Windso

Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, December 22, 1847 (Printed Resolution and Preamble on Mexican War: “Spot Resolutions")

A tea party will be held by the ladies of the E. Street Baptist church, at Odd-fellows hall, on Wednesday evening, December 6 ... [Washington, D. C.] Dec. 1, 1848.

Alexander P. Dunbar and William W. Bishop to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 06, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office)

Isaac Shelby to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 13, 1849 (Referral)

George W. Dole to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 11, 1849 (Appointment)

W.T. Chellares & Co to Stephen T. Logan and Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 11, 1849 (Legal Business; Introduction for Appointment)

Fitz Henry Warren to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 21, 1849 (Post Office in Kentucky)

Fitz Henry Warren to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 21, 1849 (Post Office in Kentucky)

George S. Gideon to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 18, 1849 (Printed Newspaper Prospectus)

J. C. Lonnerman Company to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 02, 1849 (Carpet Bill)

Peter Menard to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 04, 1849 (Appointment)

James L. Edwards to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 28, 1849 (Pension Claims)

John Davis to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 07, 1849 (Request for Report and Speech)

Timothy P. Andrews to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 25, 1849 (Claim)

Josiah M. Lucas to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 09, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office)

David Mark to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 02, 1849 (Recommendation for Turner R. King)

William A. Grimshaw to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 09, 1849 (Collection)

William D. Briggs to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 02, 1849 (Appointment)

City of Charlestown. Order of services, (under the direction of the City Council,) at the Winthrop Church, on Wednesday, the 31st day of July, 1850, as a testimony of respect to the memory of Zachary Taylor, late president of the United States .

The true friends of our Union as a nation. The origin of James Robertson, being falsly accused, arrested and imprisoned, by the Senate of the United States, on the 6th of December, 1849 ... will be explained on Wednesday, the 24th of April, 1850

Burning of the Henry Clay Near Yonkers–While on Her Trip From Albany to New York on Wednesday Afternoon July 28th, 1852.–The rapid spread of the flames forced the passengers into the water. Mothers and children, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters were drowned together, whilst trying to save each other. Little children buffetted the waves in vain for a few moments, and then sunk to rise no more. Persons on board about 500 of which number nearly 100 are supposed to have perished.

Sound the tonjoing! Beat the fuzeguzy! Blow the huzagh! Rutgers' collapsed a flue. Barnum's annihilator annihilated, wonderful dispay of Aztec children dressed in full bloomer costume. Wednesday, July 28, 1852.

Order of exercises at the Old South Church, Wednesday, June 16,1852. at the centennial celebration of the separation of Danvers from Salem. Salem Observer Press [1852].

An evening with the Christy Minstrels. Odd Fellow Hall, on Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1853

Ephraim Tomlinson to A. Bolman, Wednesday, April 06, 1853 (Recommendation for Thomas Rogers)

This paper will be issued regularly, from and after Wednesday, December 3, and will be delivered to city subscribers at $2 per year, ... Vespasian Ellis. [Washington, D. C. 1856].

Anti-slavery festival in Faneuil Hall. A welcome to Parker Pillsbury, on his safe return to America. Wednesday evening, May 28, 1856 ... Prentiss & Sawyer, Printers, No. 19 Water Street.

1856. Day boat for Albany & Troy ... The favorite steamer Armenia, Capt. Smith will leave foot of Canal & Spring streets, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M ... Troy. E.H. Tripp, printer. [1856].

Adjourned sale of real estate. The undersigned will sell at public auction on Wednesday, January 13th, 1858. at 12 o'clock, M., that certain farm of land, situated in the town of Brunswick, known as the William Van Vleck farm ... Geo. H. Herman,

Important discussion on slavery. There will be a discussion at Chapman Hall, on Wednesday Eve., Dec. 15 [1858] on the following question: Is the American slave better off in his present condition than he would be by a speedy emancipation. Betwee

Sixth National Exhibition. Programme for Wednesday, October 27, [Richmond, 1858].

E. Stover to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, September 01, 1858 (Senate)

William B. Warren to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 30, 1858 (Invitation)

David Leavitt to Charles H. Ray, Wednesday, March 03, 1858 (Legal)

Thomas M. Killpatrick to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 02, 1858 (Solicitation)

For the twenty-fifth National anti-slavery subscription anniversary, at the Music Hall, Boston, Wednesday evening, January 26, 1859 ... Boston. Prentiss, Sawyer, & Co., Printers 19 Water St. [1859].

John A. Donnell to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 23, 1859 (Invitation)

S. Littler to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, February 16, 1859 (Bill)

Abraham Lincoln to P. A. Darwin & Co., Wednesday, February 16, 1859 (Check)

... Furniture at auction! on Wednesday next, May 25 at 10 o'clock, A. M., All the furniture contained in the boarding house, No. 12 Prospect St., ... Boston, May 24, 1859. Boston. J. E. Farwell& Co's Steam presses, No. 2. Spring Lane.

Anti-slavery hymns for the New England anti-slavery convention, Wednesday and Thursday, May 25th and 26th, 1859.

Abraham Lincoln to D. J. Boynton, Wednesday, September 07, 1859 (Check)

Abraham Lincoln to C. Loch, Wednesday, February 16, 1859 (Check)