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Seals (3) from net

Seals (3) from net

Seals (3) from net

String of Beads

Equal-Arm Brooch

Buddha Vairocana (Dari)

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)


Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with One Thousand Hands and One Thousand Eyes (Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin)

Guardian Protector of the East (Dongfang chiguo tianwang)

Buddha Vairocana (Dari)

Seal Impression, Coat of Arms

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin)

Parchment Document and Seal of Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders (1168–91) and of Vermondois (1155–91)

Pilgrim's Badge

Pilgrim's Badge

Shaped Tiles in the 'Cuerda Seca' Technique

Seal Impression, Bishop

Pilgrim's Badge

Pilgrim's Badge

Seal Impression, Saint Hubert/Eustace/or Giles

Seal Impression, Saint Margaret

Seal Impression, City Gates

Seal Impression, Saint Peter

Seal Impression of Louis, Marquis of Salcuces (1433-1504)

Seal Impression, Bishop

Seal Impression, Municipal Seal of Middelburg


Portrait medal of Giovanni Giovano Pontano

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara


Daoist Immortal Laozi


Medal: Niccolo Piccinino

Twelve-Pointed Star-Shaped Tile

Medal: Gianfrancesco I Gonzaga

Portrait medal of Vittorino Rambaldoni da Feltre (obverse); A Pelican (reverse)

Portrait medal of Cecilia Gonzaga (obverse); Innocence and a Unicorn in a Moonlit Landscape (reverse)

Portrait medal of Don Inigo d'Avalos (obverse); Sphere Representing Earth, Sea, and Sky (reverse)

Medal: Benedetto de Pasti

Medal: Sixtus IV

Medal: Presciano de Ferrara

Hercules and Antaeus

Portrait of a lady

Pilgrim Badge with Adoration of the Magi

Polestar Deity Kui Xing

Portrait of a gentleman

Reliquary beaker with wax cover

Portrait medal of an Unknown Lady (obverse); A Kneeling Man with a Basket of Fruit, Cupid, and the Caduceus of Mercury (reverse)

Portrait medal of Isotta degli Atti (obverse); An Elephant (reverse)

Old Beggar Woman

Portrait of a lady

Portrait of a lady

Portrait medal of Battista Vigo da Rapallo or Baptista Romanus (obverse); a Hand Holding a Branch and a Surgical Instrument

Medal: Alfonso de Brandeligi Trotti

Allegory of Triumph and Sacrifice

Medal: Sultan Süleyman I

Giacomo Negroboni (da Valtrompia) of Brescia (d. 1527)

Model for a Medal of Antonio de Ferraris (Il Galateo)

Portrait medal of Isabella di Capua

Royal Seal of Henri II

Barbara (of Bologna or of Rome?)

Portrait medal of Paolo Giovio (obverse); Giovio Raising a Man from a Grave (reverse)

Assumption of the Virgin

Seal of Augustus, Duke of Saxony

Pier glass (encadrement de glace)

Door fragment

Upright (montant)

Sealing wax case

Andiron with the Figure of Jupiter

Reciting Poetry in a Garden

Tile Panel

Square Tile Depicting Clouds



Candlestick Supported by Putti

Medal: John VIII Palaeologus

Buddhist Deity, Ushnishavijaya (Zun Sheng fo mu)

Guardian, probably a Lokapala (Tian wang)


Andiron with the Figure of Juno

Candelabra Supported by Putti

Wax-taper holder


Tile Fragment of a Garden Scene Panel

Pope Alexander VII (Fabio Chigi) b. 1599, Pope 1655–67

Wax jack

Model for a portrait medal of Francesco Redi

Model for a medal of Francesco Redi; a Ship at Sea

Commemorating the two Jesuit Saints: Ignatius Loyola (Founder), and Francis Xavier (1506–1552) (greatest missionary)

Portrait of a seated lady

Miracle in the Life of St. Francis of Paola

Childhood of the Virgin Mary

David Garrick (1717–1779)


Adoration of the Magi


Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a man