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Glass medallion of winged Victory

Chalcedony statuette of Nike (Victory)

Gold head of a pin with the figure of Nike (Victory)

Fragment with Personifications of Victory and the Nile

Fragment with Personifications of Victory and the Nile

Victory of Alexander from BL Royal 20 B XX, f. 13v

Death of Nectanebus, Alexander and Bucephalus; victory over Nicolaus from BL Royal 15 E VI, f. 7

Triumphant entry of Scipio after the victory over Carthage

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Trajan Between City of Victory and Rome

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: The Victory of Scipio

Landscape with Saint Christopher and Male Monastic Saint (recto); Victory Crowning a Warrior, and Two Other Figures (verso).

Roman or Greek Warriors Celebrating after a Victory.

Mars and Victory

Allegory with a Flying Victory and a Seated Bearded Man with a Book

The Judgment of Paris; he is sitting at left with Venus, Juno and Pallas Athena, a winged victory above; in the upper section the Sun in his chariot preceeded by Castor and Pollux on horseback; at lower right two river gods and a naiad above whom Jupiter, an eagle, Ganymede, Diana and another Goddess

"Sufarai's Victory over the Haital", Folio 595v from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp

The victory of Scipio over Syphax

Grotesque with a Victory Figure Under an Overgrown Pergola

Portrait of Giovanni de' Medici facing right within an elaborate cartouche flanked by Victory at the left and Mars at right, winged figures holding Medici coat of arms upper centre

Victory Surrounded by Prisoners and Trophies

Wine cooler with Charles V’s Victory at Mühlberg

Pendant Design with Winged Victory Holding a Laurel Wreath

[Trophies and ceremonies after a victory]

Victory from BL Harley 5256, f. 5

Winged Victory holding a trophy of arms in her right hand and a shield in her left

Crutch Dagger (Zafar Takieh, "Cushion of Victory")

Plate 8: Vase or Ewer Decorated with a Satyr Figure, Behind Two Cornucopias, and Two Winged Victory Figures, from Antique Vases (‘Vasa a Polydoro Caravagino’)

Plate 22: Josaphat Thanking God for His Victory, from 'The Battles of the Old Testament'

Plate 4: The victory of Goleta, near Tunis, from the Triumphs of Charles V

Plate 7: Triumphal Procession after Victory over Turks, from the Triumphs of Charles V

Victory of Imperial Bavarian Troops over Turks at Mohacz (Hungary), 1687

Commemorating Lord Nelson's Victory of the Nile in 1798

Design for an Overdoor or Chimney Piece with an Armorial Trophy and the personification of Victory

Crutch Dagger (Zafar Takieh, "Cushion of Victory")

Design for a Quarter of a Trompe L'Oeil Ceiling with Architecture in the Ionic Order and a Statue of Victory

The Victory of Eros

The Great Victory of Qurnam

Capt. Paul Jones's victory. [177-?].

The Victory Banquet

The Victory of Khorgos

Candelabrum with Two Victory Figures (for 'Ornamenti Diversi')

Map of the islands of Martinico, Dominico, Guardalupe, St. Christophers &c. shewing the place of Adml. Rodney's late victory over the French fleet.

To the right honble. Lord Rodney admiral of the White, vice admiral of Great Britain, Commander in Chief of his majesties fleet in the West Indies, this view of the glorious & signal victory obtain'd over the French fleet ... is most respectfuly offered by his lordships most obedt. & very humble servant Thomas Walker Lieut. 2d Battn. 60th light Infantry / Thos. Walker delin. ; Jno. Wells sculp.

Peace crowned by victory / J. Norman sc.

Allegorical Victory of the Grand Condé

Running Victory

Victory Writing on a Shield

The Davidson Medal, in Honor of Lord Nelson, and the Victory of the Nile

A Vision of Victory

Fireworks for a Naval Victory

Nap Buonaparte in a Fever on Receiving the Extraordinary Gazette of Nelson's Victory Over the Combined Fleets

The Brave Tars of the Victory, and The Remains of the Lamented Nelson!

Napoleon I, August 10, 1808, Extract on Victory in Portugal, in French and English

Mr. Grahame-White Pilots Racer to Victory

Victory Alighting on Earth

[Cut] Hull's victory: or, Huzza for the constitution [1812?].

[Cut] Sixth naval victory. The U. S. Brig. Enterprize of 14 guns, commanded by Lieut. William Burrows, took after an engagement of 45 minutes, the British Brig of War Boxer, of 18 guns, Capt. Bluth, who with about 50 of his men were killed and w

Brillant naval victory [Cut] Yankee Perry, better than old English cider. "Tune--- Three Yankee pigeons." [11 stanzas of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Milk Street [1813].

Perry's Victory

[Cut] Pat's observations on Harrison's victory ... [Boston: Printed by Nathaniel Coverley, 1813].

[Cut] Another glorious victory. Newport Oct. 18, 1813. This afternoon arrived in this habour the British Packer Morgiana, Capt. Cunningham, of 18 guns, and 50 men, prize to the privateer Saratoga, Capt. Addington of New Yok ... [ 7 stanzas of ve

Grand victory on Lake Champlain [Cuts] Tenth naval victory.- "Com. Macdonough obtained a glorious victory, over the British Fleet on Lake Champlain Sept. 11 ... The old-war proverb still holds good; "There's virtue in the Yankee blood." Tune ...

MacDonough's victory; or, The heroes of Lake Champlain. Tune- "Sprig of Shelelagh." [5 stanzas of verse] [1814].

Brillant naval victory [Cuts] Com. M'Donough has captured the whole British fleet on Lake Champlain. [Two columns of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Jun. [1814].

Allegory of Victory of Russians over Napoleon's Army, from a poem by Cremes

Allegory of Victory: Soldier Being Crowned by Laurels

Wooden breast bone, and Jackson's victory. [1815].

Com. MacDonough's victory on Lake Champlain Sept. 11th 1814 / M. Cornè p. ; W. Hoogland sc.

"Glorious news from New Orleans! Splendid victory over the British forces! Essex Register office, Feb. 9..."

Design for a Monument of the Victory of Waterloo (recto); Portico with Corinthian Columns (verso)

Unparralleled victory [Cuts] The veteran and self-stiled invincibles of Europe biting the dust before the green back-woodsmen of America; and the laurels of the anticipated governor of Louisiana (Packingham,) blasted by the heat of the climate o

First view of Com. Perry's victory / M. Cornè ; W.B. Annin sc.

Second view of Com. Perry's victory / M. Cornè p. ; W.B. Annin sc.

Allegory of the Maréchal de Villars’s Victory at Denain

Study for "Flying Victory"

A doleful ditty about a victory. [Regarding the Dorr rebellion.] [1842?].

Gate of victory and minaret of the Mosque El Hakim / David Roberts, R.A.

Temple of Victory

Temple of Wingless Victory, Lately Restored

Vue du Monument érigé près de Fraubrunnen sur la route de Berne à Soleure, en mémoire de la victoire signalée que les Bernois remporterent en cet endroit sur une armée Angloise commandée par Enguerrand Sire de Couci, Seigneur Picard et gendre d'Edouard III. Roi d'Angleterre, le jour de St. Jean Evangeliste en l'année 1375. View of the Monument erected near Fraubrunnen on the way from Bern to Solothurn in memory of the signalized Victory which the militia of Bern obtained in this place over the englisch Army, commanded by Enguerrand Sire de Couci, Lord from Picardy Son in law of Edward II. King of England the day of St. John, the Evangelist, in the year 1375

Temple of Athene Nike. Venus Victrix--Wingless Victory / D. Constantine á Athénes.

Victory at Trenton from "[Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey ... relating to its history and antiquities, with geographical descriptions of every township in the State. [With illustrations.]]"

Study for Victory (from Sketchbook)

Study for Victory (from Sketchbook)

Munich. Arch of Victory

Victory, John E - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

[Civil War envelope showing sailor labeled "Victory" holding American flag, with message "The war for the Union"]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle with American flags and shield above sailing ship, cannon, tent, and drum with message "Onward to Victory"]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle and shield with sailboat and steamboat in the distance and bearing message "Victory"]

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with musket, knife, and sign reading Victory or Death! atop two books]

Victory, Henry - State: [Blank] - Year: [Blank]

[Private Silas A. Shirley of Co. H, 16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, with books and sign reading Victory or Death!]

[Civil War envelope showing Columbia waving American flag and riding on the back of an eagle clutching arrows with message "Onward to victory"]

Richard Yates to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, September 15, 1862 (Telegram thanking Lincoln for the news of a victory won by the army)

Henry W. Halleck to George McClellan, Monday, March 10, 1862 (Telegram reporting Union victory in Arkansas)

Ring, merry bells! or The Union victory, by M. L. Hofford. Marsh's music store, Philadelphia

Bringing the Message of Victory to Dongshan

Ring merry bells! or The Union victory. A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, 110 St. ab. Arch, Philadelphia. [c. 1862]

M'Clellan and victory!! Tune- "Dan Tucker." Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1862, by J. Magee, 316 Chesnut St., Phila

John A. Dix to Henry W. Halleck, Friday, January 30, 1863 (Telegram reporting victory of General Peck)