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Four Saints (recto); Two Saints, Seated Madonna, and Kneeling Figure (verso)

Blank folio f.233, miniature on verso. from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 233

Flyleaf verso from BL Harley 4431, f. 1v

Free Copy of Giotto's Navicella (recto); Copy of Adam in Masaccio's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and other Figure Studies (verso)

Three Standing Figures (recto); Seated Woman and a Male Hermit in Half-length (verso)

Standing Youth Leaning on a Long Staff (recto); Seated Man (verso)

Standing Youth Holding a Club (recto); Temptation of Adam and Eve (verso)

Unfoliated, verso. Prolegomenon-scholion to Hesiod by Jonn Tzetze.

The Annunciation to Zacharias; (verso) The Angel of the Annunciation

Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Right (Recto); Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Left (Verso)

A Warrior Subduing Another (recto); Warrior Seen in Bust-Length with Fantastic Helmet (verso)

Compositional Sketches for the Virgin Adoring the Christ Child, with and without the Infant St. John the Baptist; Diagram of a Perspectival Projection (recto); Slight Doodles (verso)

Portrait of a Woman, Possibly a Nun of San Secondo; (verso) Scene in Grisaille

Portrait of Alvise Contarini(?); (verso) A Tethered Roebuck

Sketches of Figures of the Virgin Kneeling, Saint Peter Standing, Seated Allegorical Figures of Faith and Charity, and Child Standing on a Corbel (?) (recto); Sketches of Figures of Saint Sebastian Standing and the Virgin and Child with Angels (verso)

Landscape (recto); Landscape (verso)

Studies after Antique Frieze Figures, Including Putti with Garlands, with a Chimera and Dolphins (recto); Sketch of a Head (verso)

Self-portrait, Study of a Hand and a Pillow (recto); Six Studies of Pillows (verso)

Allegory on the Fidelity of the Lizard (recto); Design for a Stage Setting (verso)

Studies of ten (?) heads and two ears (recto); Studies of three figures and a head (verso)

Court Cupboard (recto); Half-page of rectangles, numbered and lettered (verso)

Hurlacher (recto) and Rappold (verso) Families, from Paul Hector Mair’s Bericht und anzeigen aller Herren Geschlecht der loblichen Statt Augspurg

Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

Naval Battle (Recto); Forest with Angel (Verso)

Woman and Child Kneeling (recto); Head of Child (verso)

Grotesque Decoration and Ceiling Designs (Recto); Geometric Design (Verso)

Nymph Playing a Horn (recto); Bracket with a Man's Head (verso)

Santa Maria in Vallicella, elevation; plan (recto) blank (verso)

The Servants of Absalom killing Amnon (2 Samuel 13, 28-29); verso: Sketch of a seated woman

A Reclining Peasant (recto); Study of a Young Man (verso)

Assumption of the Virgin (Recto); Figure Sketches (Verso)

Plan for a Church with a Nave (recto); Framing Outlines (verso)

Project for a Façade Decoration (recto); Architectural Studies (verso)

Dido and Aeneas (recto); Three Figures Traced in Reverse from Recto and a Study of a Seated Man (verso)

Architectural Sketches and a Figure (recto); Figure and Anatomical Sketches (verso)

Winged Hippocamp supporting a Vase (recto); Figure Studies and Architectural Design (verso)

Ornamental Design with Amphore and Antique Style Armor (recto); Sketch with Two Figures (verso)

Recto: Virgin and Child, and Saint John the Baptist; Verso: summary sketches, possibly the Virgin and Child

Wall Elevation with Three Chapels; Floor Plan with Columns (Verso)

Two Studies for the Madonna and Child (recto); Flagellation (verso)

Pieta (recto); Madonna and two Cherubs in pen and brown ink; copy of a drawing in the Louvre which is attributed to Raphael (verso)

Nude Figure Studies (Recto); Sheet of Figure Studies (Verso)

Ancient Naval Battle (Recto); Park with Monuments (Verso)

Flora (recto); Mountainous Landscape with Buildings (verso)

Saint Roch Recommending a Woman with a Sick Child to the Virgin (recto); Figure of a Man Holding a Book; Nude Figure of a Man (verso)

Madonna and Child (recto); Madonna and Child (verso)

recto: "Portrait of Raja Suraj Singh Rathor", verso: Page of Calligraphy. Folio from the Shah Jahan Album

The Baptism of Christ (recto); The Baptism of Christ (verso)

Design for a Cartouche (recto); Fragments of the Plan of a Building (Church?) (verso); two separate sheets glued back to back

Five Men Around an Anvil, verso: Figures in a Wood (The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist?)

The Sense of Hearing; verso: light sketch of a woman's head and an arm

Study of a Scene of Martyrdom (recto); Study of Three Figures (verso)

Fragment of a Scheme with Grotesque Decorations; Fragment of an Ornament Design after the antique (verso)

Angel (Recto); Fragmentary Sketches of Same Subject (Verso)

Two Women with Sun and Bird (recto); Two Men Fighting and a Fallen Horse (verso)

The Death of Saint Hilary; verso: Sketch of an Arm

Partial Design for a Tomb with a Seated Male Figure Holding a Shield (recto); Partial Design for a Tomb with a Seated Male Figure, Putti and an Obelisk (verso)

Design for a frame (recto); Design for a cassone (verso)

Designs for Nine Helmets (recto); Designs for Seven Helmets (verso)

Landscape with Buildings (recto); Studies for a Flagellation (verso)

Standing Nude Female and Putto with Studies of a Hand and an Arm (recto); Satyrs destroying a Female Herm (verso)

Landscape with Saint Christopher and Male Monastic Saint (recto); Victory Crowning a Warrior, and Two Other Figures (verso).

Studies for a Nude Woman Seen from the Front (recto); Four Standing Male Nudes, Venus, and Cupid (verso)

Two Designs for the Hilt of a Sword (recto); Two Designs for Helmets (verso)

Design for a Rattle and Whistle (recto); Crude Sketches of an Equine Animal and a Figure in Exotic Costume (verso)

Kneeling, Seated and Standing Figures (recto); Seated, Kneeling and Reclining Figures (verso)

Sheet of Figure Studies, Probably after the Antique (recto); Ornamental Designs (verso)

Mars and Cupid (recto); Female Standing Figure with a Helmet and a Shield (Bellona?) (verso)

Three Standing Male Figures (recto); Two Standing Male Figures (verso)

Nine Studies of the Moses in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (recto); Nine Studies for the Eve in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (verso)

Madonna and Child (recto); Head and Bust of Saint John the Evangelist (verso)

Head of Bearded Man (recto); Head of a Girl (verso)

Apparition of Christ (recto); Printed Fragment with Jupiter Enthroned with Eagle, from Caraglio's Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (verso).

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 3 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 1 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 4 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 5 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 2 verso

Two Studies of a Standing Youth in Quattrocento Clothing (recto); a cardinal's hat on a fragmentary coat of arms with a griffin (the arms of the city of Perugia) (verso)

Bust of Saint Peter, from the Large Series of Wittenberg Reliquaries; verso: Martin Luther (1548)

Verso of a Sheet with Philip the Belle, from The Genealogy of Emperor Maximilian I

A Kneeling Man in Fifteenth-Century Costume (recto); a small, fragmentary sketch of a recumbant boy, probably by a later hand (verso)

Two Seated Figures in a Landscape with Mountains and a Town (recto); Sketch of a Landscape with Mountains and Buildings (verso)

Head of a Bearded Man Wearing a Turban (recto); Latin script (verso)

Studies for the Libyan Sibyl (recto); Studies for the Libyan Sibyl and a small Sketch for a Seated Figure (verso)

A River God (recto); Sketches for the Vestibule of the Laurenziana, Florence (verso)

Virgin and Child with Two Saints (recto); Fragmentary Design of a Pietà (verso).

Fourth flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, fourth flyleaf verso

Second flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, second flyleaf verso

Third flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, third flyleaf verso

First flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, first flyleaf verso

Temptation of St. Anthony (recto); Fantastic Landscape (verso)

Young Man Standing in Profile Facing Left (recto); Sketch of Two Capitals (verso)

Sheet of Figure Studies and Ornamental Motifs (recto and verso).

Seated Goddess Diana (recto); Studies of a Nude Male Torso Seen from the Rear, and a leg (verso)

Verso of Sheet with Fragment of The Destroying Angels, from The Apocalypse

Verso of Sheet with The Fire-Rain, from The Apocalypse

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 14 (verso)

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 15 (verso)

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 8 (verso)