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Four Saints (recto); Two Saints, Seated Madonna, and Kneeling Figure (verso)

Blank folio f.233, miniature on verso. from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 233

Flyleaf verso from BL Harley 4431, f. 1v

Free Copy of Giotto's Navicella (recto); Copy of Adam in Masaccio's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and other Figure Studies (verso)

Three Standing Figures (recto); Seated Woman and a Male Hermit in Half-length (verso)

Standing Youth Leaning on a Long Staff (recto); Seated Man (verso)

Standing Youth Holding a Club (recto); Temptation of Adam and Eve (verso)

The Annunciation to Zacharias; (verso) The Angel of the Annunciation

Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Right (Recto); Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Left (Verso)

A Warrior Subduing Another (recto); Warrior Seen in Bust-Length with Fantastic Helmet (verso)

Compositional Sketches for the Virgin Adoring the Christ Child, with and without the Infant St. John the Baptist; Diagram of a Perspectival Projection (recto); Slight Doodles (verso)

Portrait of a Woman, Possibly a Nun of San Secondo; (verso) Scene in Grisaille

Portrait of Alvise Contarini(?); (verso) A Tethered Roebuck

Sketches of Figures of the Virgin Kneeling, Saint Peter Standing, Seated Allegorical Figures of Faith and Charity, and Child Standing on a Corbel (?) (recto); Sketches of Figures of Saint Sebastian Standing and the Virgin and Child with Angels (verso)

Landscape (recto); Landscape (verso)

Studies after Antique Frieze Figures, Including Putti with Garlands, with a Chimera and Dolphins (recto); Sketch of a Head (verso)

Self-portrait, Study of a Hand and a Pillow (recto); Six Studies of Pillows (verso)

Allegory on the Fidelity of the Lizard (recto); Design for a Stage Setting (verso)

Studies of ten (?) heads and two ears (recto); Studies of three figures and a head (verso)

Grotesque Decoration and Ceiling Designs (Recto); Geometric Design (Verso)

Woman and Child Kneeling (recto); Head of Child (verso)

Hurlacher (recto) and Rappold (verso) Families, from Paul Hector Mair’s Bericht und anzeigen aller Herren Geschlecht der loblichen Statt Augspurg

Court Cupboard (recto); Half-page of rectangles, numbered and lettered (verso)

Naval Battle (Recto); Forest with Angel (Verso)

Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

Nymph Playing a Horn (recto); Bracket with a Man's Head (verso)

Plan for a Church with a Nave (recto); Framing Outlines (verso)

Architectural Sketches and a Figure (recto); Figure and Anatomical Sketches (verso)

Santa Maria in Vallicella, elevation; plan (recto) blank (verso)

Project for a Façade Decoration (recto); Architectural Studies (verso)

The Servants of Absalom killing Amnon (2 Samuel 13, 28-29); verso: Sketch of a seated woman

A Reclining Peasant (recto); Study of a Young Man (verso)

Assumption of the Virgin (Recto); Figure Sketches (Verso)

Dido and Aeneas (recto); Three Figures Traced in Reverse from Recto and a Study of a Seated Man (verso)

Recto: Virgin and Child, and Saint John the Baptist; Verso: summary sketches, possibly the Virgin and Child

Madonna and Child (recto); Madonna and Child (verso)

Saint Roch Recommending a Woman with a Sick Child to the Virgin (recto); Figure of a Man Holding a Book; Nude Figure of a Man (verso)

Flora (recto); Mountainous Landscape with Buildings (verso)

Nude Figure Studies (Recto); Sheet of Figure Studies (Verso)

Pieta (recto); Madonna and two Cherubs in pen and brown ink; copy of a drawing in the Louvre which is attributed to Raphael (verso)

Ancient Naval Battle (Recto); Park with Monuments (Verso)

Wall Elevation with Three Chapels; Floor Plan with Columns (Verso)

Ornamental Design with Amphore and Antique Style Armor (recto); Sketch with Two Figures (verso)

Two Studies for the Madonna and Child (recto); Flagellation (verso)

Winged Hippocamp supporting a Vase (recto); Figure Studies and Architectural Design (verso)

The Baptism of Christ (recto); The Baptism of Christ (verso)

Fragment of a Scheme with Grotesque Decorations; Fragment of an Ornament Design after the antique (verso)

Study of a Scene of Martyrdom (recto); Study of Three Figures (verso)

Design for a Cartouche (recto); Fragments of the Plan of a Building (Church?) (verso); two separate sheets glued back to back

Five Men Around an Anvil, verso: Figures in a Wood (The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist?)

The Sense of Hearing; verso: light sketch of a woman's head and an arm

recto: "Portrait of Raja Suraj Singh Rathor", verso: Page of Calligraphy. Folio from the Shah Jahan Album

Two Women with Sun and Bird (recto); Two Men Fighting and a Fallen Horse (verso)

Angel (Recto); Fragmentary Sketches of Same Subject (Verso)

Two Designs for the Hilt of a Sword (recto); Two Designs for Helmets (verso)

Design for a frame (recto); Design for a cassone (verso)

Landscape with Buildings (recto); Studies for a Flagellation (verso)

Designs for Nine Helmets (recto); Designs for Seven Helmets (verso)

Partial Design for a Tomb with a Seated Male Figure Holding a Shield (recto); Partial Design for a Tomb with a Seated Male Figure, Putti and an Obelisk (verso)

Standing Nude Female and Putto with Studies of a Hand and an Arm (recto); Satyrs destroying a Female Herm (verso)

Studies for a Nude Woman Seen from the Front (recto); Four Standing Male Nudes, Venus, and Cupid (verso)

Design for a Rattle and Whistle (recto); Crude Sketches of an Equine Animal and a Figure in Exotic Costume (verso)

The Death of Saint Hilary; verso: Sketch of an Arm

Landscape with Saint Christopher and Male Monastic Saint (recto); Victory Crowning a Warrior, and Two Other Figures (verso).

Kneeling, Seated and Standing Figures (recto); Seated, Kneeling and Reclining Figures (verso)

Sheet of Figure Studies, Probably after the Antique (recto); Ornamental Designs (verso)

Mars and Cupid (recto); Female Standing Figure with a Helmet and a Shield (Bellona?) (verso)

Three Standing Male Figures (recto); Two Standing Male Figures (verso)

Nine Studies of the Moses in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (recto); Nine Studies for the Eve in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (verso)

Madonna and Child (recto); Head and Bust of Saint John the Evangelist (verso)

Head of Bearded Man (recto); Head of a Girl (verso)

Apparition of Christ (recto); Printed Fragment with Jupiter Enthroned with Eagle, from Caraglio's Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (verso).

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 3 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 1 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 4 verso

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 5 verso

Two Studies of a Standing Youth in Quattrocento Clothing (recto); a cardinal's hat on a fragmentary coat of arms with a griffin (the arms of the city of Perugia) (verso)

Image from BL Harley 1498, Seal 2 verso

Bust of Saint Peter, from the Large Series of Wittenberg Reliquaries; verso: Martin Luther (1548)

Verso of a Sheet with Philip the Belle, from The Genealogy of Emperor Maximilian I

A Kneeling Man in Fifteenth-Century Costume (recto); a small, fragmentary sketch of a recumbant boy, probably by a later hand (verso)

Two Seated Figures in a Landscape with Mountains and a Town (recto); Sketch of a Landscape with Mountains and Buildings (verso)

Head of a Bearded Man Wearing a Turban (recto); Latin script (verso)

Studies for the Libyan Sibyl (recto); Studies for the Libyan Sibyl and a small Sketch for a Seated Figure (verso)

A River God (recto); Sketches for the Vestibule of the Laurenziana, Florence (verso)

Virgin and Child with Two Saints (recto); Fragmentary Design of a Pietà (verso).

Fourth flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, fourth flyleaf verso

Second flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, second flyleaf verso

Third flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, third flyleaf verso

First flyleaf verso from BL Royal 11 E XI, first flyleaf verso

Young Man Standing in Profile Facing Left (recto); Sketch of Two Capitals (verso)

Temptation of St. Anthony (recto); Fantastic Landscape (verso)

Sheet of Figure Studies and Ornamental Motifs (recto and verso).

Seated Goddess Diana (recto); Studies of a Nude Male Torso Seen from the Rear, and a leg (verso)

Verso of Sheet with Fragment of The Destroying Angels, from The Apocalypse

Verso of Sheet with The Fire-Rain, from The Apocalypse

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 15 (verso)

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 14 (verso)

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 8 (verso)

Ein new Modelbuch..., page 6 (verso)