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Pair of Belt Plaques with Winged Horses

Library Scene

Bridge in Snow

Palace Ladies Bathing Children

Samyutagama Sutra, chapter 25

Portrait of Bi Shichang, from the set Five Old Men of Suiyang

Gibbons Raiding an Egret's Nest

Landscape in the style of Fan Kuan

River Hamlet

“Parable of the Medicinal Herbs,” Chapter 5 of the Lotus Sutra

Towing a Boat in a Rainstorm

Retreats in the Spring Hills

Egrets in Water Reeds

Sparrows, plum blossoms, and bamboo

Travelers in a Wintry Forest

Gibbon Seated on a Branch

The Vimalakirti Sutra

In the Palace

Children Playing in the Palace Garden

Boats Moored in Wind and Rain

Scholars of the Liuli Hall

Gentlemen Gazing at a Waterfall

Wild Geese in Winter

Waiting for the Ferry

Odes of the State of Bin

Winter Landscape

The Immortal Lü Dongbin Appearing over the Yueyang Pavilion

The Poet Fujiwara Kiyotada, from the Narikane Version of the Thirty-six Poetic Immortals

One Hundred Buffaloes

Two Birds on a Wintry Tree

Amitabha triad

Sakyamuni and Attendant Bodhisattvas in a Landscape

Men Watching a Waterfall

The Illustrated Sutra of Past and Present Karma (Kako genzai inga kyō emaki)

Boating by a Willow Bank

Ox and Herdsman


Crows and Bare Trees in Winter

Buddha Amitabha descending from his Pure Land

Chan master riding a mule

Mikaeri Jizō Bosatsu

Crane in a bamboo grove

Welcoming Descent of Amida and Bodhisattvas

Water-Moon Avalokiteshvara

Shakyamuni Triad with the Sixteen Protectors of the Great Wisdom Sutra

Scholar Viewing Plum Blossoms


Dragons and Landscape

Lotus and waterbirds

Amitabha and Kshitigarba

Kumano Shrine Mandala

Shaka Triad and Sixteen Arhats

Jizō Bosatsu in Welcoming Descent (Jizō bosatsu raigō)

Illustration of Su Shi's "Second Ode on the Red Cliff"

Old Tree, Bamboo, and Birds

Sheep and herd boy

Portrait of a Lady

Water-moon Avalokiteshvara

Washing Horses in a River

Monk Reading a Sutra by Moonlight

Illustrated Manuscript of the Lotus Sutra

Bhadra, The Sixth Luohan

Rice Culture, or Sowing and Reaping


Portrait of Shun'oku Myōha (1311–1388)

Fragment of Vol. 157 of Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom (Mahaprajnaparamita sutra; Daihannyaharamittakyō)

Puppies Playing beside a Palm Tree and Garden Rock

The Poet Kiyohara Motosuke, from the Tameshige Version of the Thirty-six Poetic Immortals

A Long Tale for an Autumn Night (Aki no yo nagamonogatari)

Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute: The Story of Lady Wenji

The Four Seasons

A Long Tale for an Autumn Night (Aki no yo nagamonogatari)

Deer by a Pine Stream

Embroidery of a Thousand-Armed Kannon

Rainy Landscape with Travelers

Wild geese descending to sandbar

Horse and Willow Tree

Village and Temples in Jiangnan

The Arhat Vajraputra

Paying Homage to the Queen Mother of the West

Dragon Amid Clouds and Waves

Misty Landscape


Bird peddler

A Long Tale for an Autumn Night (Aki no yo nagamonogatari)

The Final Scene from A Long Tale for an Autumn Night (Aki no yonaga monogatari)

River Landscape After Xia Gui

Scholar Admiring Autumn Scenery

Welcoming Spring

River Landscape after Xia Gui

Frolicking Kittens under a Banana Tree

Star Deities of the Northern and Central Dippers

Mandala of Vajradhara, Manjushri and Sadakshari -Lokeshvara

Portrait of a Gentleman

Guanyin and the Sixteen Luohans

Sea and Sky at Sunrise

Journey of the Tianwang (Devaradja)

Vaisravana, Guardian of the North

An Arhat in the Clouds

Grapevine in the Wind