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The Adoration of the Magi

Ornamental Design after the Antique; Bands of Acanthus Rinceaux, Figurated Palmettes, and Shell Cartouches

Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Right (Recto); Standing Scholar (Prophet?) Turned to the Left (Verso)

Saint John the Evangelist

The Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist

Elevation of a wall with partial pilasters, reliefs, and niche figures

Right and Left Halves of Three Candelabras

Antique-Style Ornamental Oblong Design: Grotesque Figures, Masks, and Amphorae

Design for Door Knocker

Design for a Coat of Arms Surmounted by a Ring with Allegorical Figures of Justice and Fortitude

Adoration of the Shepherds(?)

Design for Pediments with the Resurrected Christ surmounted by a Crucifix

Venus Bathing

Design for a Double Heart Monument

Wall Elevation with Three Chapels; Floor Plan with Columns (Verso)

Design for a Balustrade with Female Figures and Urns

Fragment of a Scheme with Grotesque Decorations; Fragment of an Ornament Design after the antique (verso)

Fragment of Strapwork Design (tracing?)

A Swiss Guard

Antique-Style Ornament Frieze Design: Rinceaux with Grotesque Figures and Animals

Frieze with Rinceaux and Putti

The Madonna Adoring the Child, with an Angel

Foliate Grotesque Head

Project for a Fountain

Mars and Cupid (recto); Female Standing Figure with a Helmet and a Shield (Bellona?) (verso)

Virgin and Child Enthroned between Saints Cecilia and Catherine of Alexandria

Ecstatic Christ

Jupiter Hurling a Thunderbolt

Design for a Wall Decoration with a River God and Putti carrying the Symbols of King François I

Two Standing Male Figures

Studies for Grotesque Figures in the Flemish Style

Grotesques Designs with Various Inscriptions (recto); Candelabra Grotesque and Two Putti Holding Flowers (verso)

Candelabra Grotesque with a Cat

Various Grotesque Figure Studies and a Strapwork Cartouche (recto); Grotesque with Two Figures and Mask; and A Kneeling Cleric (verso)

Fragment of a Grotesque Decoration with a Term and Putto

Female Allegorical Figure of Benignitas (Goodness), with Attributes of Abundance Standing in a Niche (recto); Architectural Sketches (verso)

Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar

Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist and a Donor

A Small Piece of Turf

Seated Nude Male Figure (recto); Ornamental Designs of Foliage, a Grotesque Head, and a Leg (verso)

Satyrs and Nymphs

Pygmalion and Galatea

Drawing for a Frieze with Rinceau and Grotteschi

Three Studies for Spandrel Figures

Standing Soldier with a Spear

Putti Supporting Coat of Arms above Archway

Acanthus Scroll

Design for a Snuff-Box

Three Ornamental Vessel Designs

A Death Scene

Architectural detail with Female Figures

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Standing on Clouds

Design for a Console supported by Putto (recto); Architectural Arcade (verso)

Male Saint Standing on a Pedestal with Arms Extended (recto); Standing or Kneeling Male Saint (verso)

Frieze with Consoles, Putti, and Garlands (Recto); Fragment of Architectural design (Verso)

Acanthus Scroll

Overall Pattern of Acanthus Scrolls with a Putto

The Infant Saint John the Baptist with the Infant Christ in the Wilderness (recto); Fragment of Architectural Design with Engaged Corinthian Columns (verso)

Project for an Altar

Agony in the Garden

Sheet of Studies with Angels and Religious Figures (recto); Draft of a Letter (verso)

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

Fragment of Frame Design (Recto); Sketch of a Man's Head in Profile (Verso)

Overall Pattern with Acanthus Scrolls and a Chubby Putto

Border Design with Saints

Angel Leading Saint Peter out of Prison (?)

Architectural Design with a Decorated Frieze Containing a History Scene and Landscape

Death of Absalom

Kneeling Figure of a Nun

Figures of Two Music-Making Angels

Overall Pattern of Acanthus Scrolls

Standing Figure Holding Cross

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Standing on Clouds

Studies for Figures of Five Angels

Kneeling Saint and Lost Souls before the Madonna and Child, with Four Alternate Border Designs

Standing Figure of Mercury

Decapitation of a Female Martyr (Saint Catherine of Alexandria?)

Grotesque Ornament Drawing

Herms Supporting and Overdoor with Portrait Oval

Charles II of Spain on Horseback

Two Dogs

Design for a Ceiling with an Oval Trompe L'Oeil Painting

Saint Sebastian (?) Tied to a Tree

Design for a Table with Ornate Legs

Christ Brought Before Pontius Pilate

Sheet of Jewelry or Decorative Designs

Acanthus Scroll

Design for a Facade with Statues in Niches and Armorial Trophies

Virgin of the Immaculate Conception Standing on Clouds

The Conversion of Saint Paul

Fragment of Nativity Scene with Music-Making Angels on Clouds Above

Design for a Bracket or Console with Two Figures caught in Strapwork

Design for a Chapel or Niche (Recto); Design for Decoration with Putto Head and Rinceau (Verso)

Roman Capriccio with Terrace

Design for a Tomb or Wall Monument

Acanthus Scroll with Rosette

Design for a Frame with Two Compartments and a Crowned Lion

Partial Design for a Ceiling with Oculus

Death of a Male Saint (Joseph?) with Four Secondary Figures

Standing Figure of a Man (Fisherman?)