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Ierusalem, cum suburbiis, prout tempore Christi floruit, accurate notatis omnibus insignibus et praecipuè iis locis... /

Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

[Masonic chart]

Dude sweet music, superb costumes.

[Holstengate, Lubeck, Germany]

[Da Mulla Palace, Venice, Italy]

Britons! Your country needs you / Printed by Saunders & Cullingham, 2 & 3 Burgon Street, Carter Lane, London, E.C.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Queen Hope on throne at coronation

[King Palden Thondup Namgyal accepting scarves, including one scarf from Alice Kandell, at his coronation, Gangtok, Sikkim]

Coronation 1965, Queen accepts traditional white scarf

Photographs of President Richard Nixon Greeting the Apollo 11 Astronauts on the USS Hornet

Princess Hope & Queen Hope in the palace, Sikkim

[Palden Thondup Namgyal, King of Sikkim, and Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, in brocaded dress, walking to the Tsuklakhang Main Temple (Palace Temple) during the King's birthday celebration, Gangtok, Sikkim]

[Hope Cooke, Queen of Sikkim, seated, three-quarter length portrait, facing left]

Pops Route 66 Restaurant and gift shop, Arcadia, Oklahoma

Visit of First Lady Michelle Obama to HUD headquarters

Washington, D. C. , May 29, 2009 -- President Obama at FEMA headquarters at a meeting of the Homeland Security Council, with him at the head of the table is the President of the Council, John O. Brennen. June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season and Mr. Obama was briefed by Federal Agencies and Departments that respond to Hurricanes. FEMA/Bill Koplitz

Office of the Administrator - Agency Headquarters Renaming Ceremony - ceremony to mark the renaming of the Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters in honor of President Bill Clinton [412-APD-1126-2013-07-17_WmJClintonRename_094.jpg]

[Central Dome, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Pavilion Perusson, exhibit of bricks, enamels, terre-cotta and ceramics, for M. Perusson and Desfontaines, architect T. Ferret, located near the base of Eiffel Tower, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Pavilion Perusson, exhibit of bricks, enamels, terre-cotta and ceramics, for M. Perusson and Desfontaines, architect T. Ferret, located near the base of Eiffel Tower, Paris Exposition, 1889]

Glass perfume bottle with opaque white trail

Glass jug

Marble torso of a boy

Lid with Seated Male Figure

Dish with Drunken Herakles Embracing Two Women

Glass portrait head

Glass perfume bottle

Glass perfume bottle

Glass stirring rod

Glass perfume bottle

Bone pin

Glass perfume bottle

Marble torso of Eros

Terracotta amphora (storage jar)

Glass perfume bottle

Glass mosaic bottle

Glass perfume bottle

Glass rod

Glass perfume bottle

Terracotta bowl

Bottle, Prisoner

Glass lentoid amphoriskos

Mosaic glass inlay fragment

Glass dish

Model of a Rectangular Brazier


Glass perfume bottle

Fragment of an Ivory Comb

Glass inkwell

Glass jug

Glass perfume bottle

Wall painting fragment

Marble calyx-krater with reliefs of maidens and dancing maenads

Marble statue of a woman

Glass miniature perfume bottle

Stucco mural relief fragment

Glass mosaic handle fragment

Bronze right foot and lower leg from a colossal statue

Bronze shovel with a handle terminating in a ram's head

Glass gold-band mosaic lid fragment

Temple with Figure

Marble head of a woman

Amulet of fist with thumb thrust between first two fingers

Glass spoon

Glass cameo fragment

Marble statue of a togatus (man wearing a toga)

Roundel with griffin heads

Lime Container (Poporo)

Glass bottle shaped like a bird

Glass jug

Marble statuette of a seated philosopher

Bronze hand of a boxer

Marble pilaster with acanthus scrolls

Amethyst ring stone with a bust of Dionysos

Plaque with a Winged Horse

Marble statue of a youth

Glass perfume bottle

Glass perfume bottle

Glass perfume bottle

Wrestler's Weight with Hercules and the Nemean Lion; Wrestling Scene (reverse)

Terracotta bowl

Obsidian revetment slab fragment

Marble statue of the Diadoumenos (youth tying a fillet around his head)

Glass perfume bottle

Glass perfume bottle

Figure-Celt Pendant

Glass perfume bottle

Glass dish

Glass perfume bottle

Marble statue of a wounded Amazon

Terracotta jug fragment

Terracotta head of a panther

Glass fragments of bowl decorated with mosaic fish

Terracotta jug

Glass grape flask

Glass jug