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Calendar 2016 2016 calendar, business finance.

"Bahram Gur in the Red Palace on Tuesday", Folio 220 from a Khamsa (Quintet) of Nizami

From the London Gazette published by authority. From Tuesday November 23. To Saturday November 27, 1714. By the King, a proclamation. Declaring His Majesty’s pleasure for continuing the officers in His Majesty’s plantations, till His Majesty’s p

By the Honourable His Majesty’s council, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Tuesday the sixteenth day of said August … Given at Boston the twenty-sixth day of July, 1757

Tuesday, the 24th of May, 14. Geo. 111. 1774. This House being deeply impressed with apprehension of the great dangers to be derived to British America, from the hostile invasion of the City of Boston, in our sister colony of Massachusetts Bay,

The following are the names of the persons proposed to be elected as a Committee on Tuesday next, agreeable to the recommendation of the Congress. New York, Nov. 17, 1774 [Sixty names] New York: Printed by John Holt, 1774].

Committee Chamber, July 13, 1774. The public are hereby requested to attend at the Coffee-House, on Tuesday next at XII o 'Clock to Signify their sense of the resolves entered into by the Committee of Correspondence, in New-York, and of the dele

At a meeting of the delegates in every town and district in the County of Suffolk, on Tuesday the sixth of September, at the House of Mr. Richard Woodward of Dedham, and by adjournment at the house of Mr. Daniel Vose, of Milton, on Friday the ni

A circumstantial account of an attack that happened on the 19th of April 1775, on his Majesty’s troops. By a number of the people of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. On Tuesday the 18th of April, about half past 10 at night, Lieutenant Colonel

In Council. Watertown, August 23, 1775. Resolved, that the assessors of each town and district, in this colony, for the present year, be required, so far as in their power to exhibit to this court, on the second Tuesday of its next sitting the s

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April, 1776 [John Jay and twenty others] [New York, 1776.].

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New-York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April 1776. [Col. M'Dougall and twenty others] To the inhabitants

Worcester County convention. In convention. Tuesday April 9, 1782. At a meeting of thirty-four members from twenty-six towns in the County of Worcester, on Tuesday the 9th of April inst A. D. 1782 ... Printed at Worcester, 1782.

Varnum, James Mitchell. Tuesday

Varnum, James Mitchell. Tuesday

Virginia. In the House of Delegates. Tuesday, December the 13th, 1796. Ordered, that the public printer be directed to strike off two thousand copies of the following resolution, to be distributed among the several counties of this commonwealth

To the curious! Tuesday and Thursday evenings, will be exhibited, at a commodious room, in Mr. Dearborn's new building, at the South entrance of the narrow lane, leading from the theatre, to Milk-Street by Mr. Maginnis ... a grand medley of ente

Valuable lots of ground for sale, contiguous to the town of Alexandria. On Tuesday the fifteenth day of June next, will be offered for sale at public auction, on the premises, forty half-acre lots of ground, lying between the George-Town road an

United Whig Club, New-York, Tuesday, March 28, 1809. Whereas sundry persons have endeavoured to impress on the minds of our Fellow Republican citizens, to the prejudice of this association, that we are disaffected to the present administration o

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

To the Honourable superior court to be holden at Hartford, within and for the county of Hartford, on the second Tuesday of February, A. D. 1813; sitting as a court of chancery. This petition of Joseph Kelsey, of Hartford, in said county, humbly

Executors sale. To be sold (by order of the executors, the personal property of the late Mrs. Lydia Sparhawk) on Tuesday, the 18th day of January, 1820, at 10 o'clock, at No. 47 Middle-Street by Frank Stratton, auctioneer. [Boston] 1819.

Order of the ceremony to be observed at the dedication of Union Hall Lodge-Room at the corner of Oliver and Henry Streets, on Tuesday evening the 29th April, Al L. 5823 ... New York, April 26, 5823.

Federal republican meeting. On Tuesday evening last, a very full meeting of the Federal electors of the City of Boston, constituted by a large deputation from each ward, was holden for the purpose of taking such measures as should be deemed expe

To the freemen of the Town of Warwick. The election of representatives in the General Assembly, in the last Tuesday of August will soon arrive ... John R. Waterman. Warwick August 19. 1826.

At a numerous meeting of the citizens of the village of Utica, held at the court room, on Tuesday the 5th day of August, 1828 ... for the purpose of expressing their sentiments upon the measures now in progress for enforcing the observance of th

Extra. Charlottesville, Thursday, April 9, 1829. Albermarle County Court. On Tuesday, 7th inst. Messrs. C. Brigham and S. K. Head were brought before the Court to answer to the charge of E. Watts, who is a book-binder by trade and instituted thi

Grand lodge of the District of Columbia. At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, held at the Central Masonic Hall, in the City of Washington, on Tuesday, the 3d day of November, A. L. 5829, A. D. 1829 the foll

Hero of the Thames. The citizens of the District of Columbia, friendly to the elevation of Col. R. M. Johnson to the second office in the gift of a free people, are respectfully requested to attend at the City Hall, on Tuesday evening next, at e

The Hunterdon County temperance society held its second annual meeting, in the Court House at Flemington, on Tuesday the 14th day of May A. D. 1833. [Proceedings of meeting] [n. p. 1833?].

Map of property situated in the 12th ward of the city of New York belonging to the estate of John Taylor : to be sold at auction by Jas. Bleecker & Sons at the Merchts. Exchange at 12 o'clock on Tuesday the 1st April 1834.

Intelligencer- Extra. Harrisburg, Pa. Tuesday Evening, Dec. 26, 1838. To the people of Pennsylvania. It is our painful duty to inform the people of Pennsylvania that the Senate this afternoon passed a resolution by a vote of seventeen to sixteen

Harvard University. Valedictory exercises of the senior class of 1838, Tuesday July 17, 1838.

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Next Tuesday, 24th July, grand day and evening fete, will be given in honor of the foreign ambassadors ...

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

Notice at the next regular meeting of the Upper Alton lyceum, to be held on Tuesday Evening, Feb. 11, at the Seminary Hall, the following questions, by order of the Society, will come up for debate: - "Has Congress power to abolish slavery in th

Tippecanoe club. The committee appointed at the public meeting held at the Perseverance engine house, on Tuesday evening last, will be prepared to report a constitution and by-laws for a Tippecanoe club on Friday evening, September 11th ... the

... A regular meeting of the above society, will be held at the Old Court Room, on Tuesday evening next, October 12th, 1841, at 7 o'clock .... J. W. Calvin, Rec. Sec. Oct. 9, 1841.

Notice. the introductory lecture, before the Alton institute, has been postponed, on account of the inclemency of the weather, until Tuesday evening next ... J. W. Lincoln, Rec. Sec. Alton, Friday, Jan. 29, 1841.

Funeral honors to the late President. Final and corrected arrangements for the procession on Tuesday, April 20th ... [Philadelphia, 1841].

Rittenhouse academy. Order of exercises for exhibition. Tuesday, August 2d, 1842.

The eleventh Massachusetts anti-slavery fair. This annual effort for the sustentation of the anti-slavery cause will be made in Amory Hall, Boston, Commencing on Tuesday, Dec. 24, 1844.

Brown's paintings, at the Odd-fellows' hall, on Monday night, Tuesday, and Tuesday night only, Sept. 27 and 28, 1847 ... [Washington, D. C. 1847].

Public sale of household & kitchen furniture. There will be exposed to public sale on Tuesday the 24th day of August next, at the late residence of Rev. Dr. Breckindidge, in the borough of Canonsburg, a large and splendid assortment of household

W. K. Payne to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 27, 1849 (Appointment)

Fitz Henry Warren to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 15, 1849 (Postmaster Appointment)

John W. Norton to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 01, 1849 (Appointment)

Sale of 30 valuable building lots on & near the 5th Avenue in the 18th ward, by Anty. J. Bleecker, on Tuesday 8th May 1849 at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange : [New York City].

William K. Lindsay to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 15, 1849 (Appointment)

C. H. Knapp and A. L. Knapp to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, June 05, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office)

James L. Edwards to Maria Davis, Tuesday, March 20, 1849 (Bounty Land Claim)

Robert Moseley to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, April 17, 1849 (Appointment)

David King to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, April 10, 1849 (Land Bounty)

James Harkness to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, April 17, 1849 (Requests Reports)

Fitz Henry Warren to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 20, 1849 (Postmaster Appointment)

Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 01, 1849 (Recommendations; copy in John G. Nicolay's hand)

Abraham Lincoln to Duff Green, Tuesday, June 05, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office; endorsed by Green)

Anson G. Henry to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, June 12, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office)

Ethelbert P. Oliphant to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 08, 1849 (Appointment)

William Chumasero to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 29, 1849 (Law business)

Nathaniel Pope to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 20, 1849 (Appointment)

Benjamin F. James to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, June 12, 1849 (Abraham Lincoln in Land Office)

William Chumasero to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 22, 1849 (Law business)

The great conflagration in Philadelphia on Tuesday July 9th 1850

Lyceum lecture. The introductory lecture before the West Medford Library and Lyceum association will be given on Tuesday evening next, January 20th to commence at 7 o'clock, in the second story of the new school house by Rev. Charles Brooks, of

Henderson & Nashville Railroad Co., Tuesday, July 12, 1853 (Recommendation for William Bewley)

Pres't Madison's Library at auction. at Orange Court House, Virginia on Tuesday the 27th day of June, prox., being the day after the County Court of Orange in that month, I shall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder that part of the lib

Elihu B. Washburne to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, December 26, 1854 (Senate)

Who shall be mayor? This is a question that must be answered by the voter of the City of Philadelphia on Tuesday next, and as there are presented but two candidates, the choice must necessarily be of Richard Vaux or Robert T. Conrad ... Philadel

Charles Hoyt to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, December 26, 1854 (Senate)

$50 reward! Ran away from the subscriber, on Tuesday morning last May 15th, a negro calls himself John Butler .... Richard K. Lee. May 17, 1856.

Transfer steamer "Maryland" on the beach at Vineyard Haven. Driven ashore by the storm on Tuesday, April 4th.

Ward No. 6. Notification. The inhabitants of Ward No. 6, in the City of Boston, qualified as the law directs, are hereby notified to assemble at their ward room, West Centre street, on Tuesday the second day of November next, at 9 o'clock A. M .

William H. Seward to John Bell, Tuesday, August 24, 1858 (Introduction)

John Burtt to Simon Scott, Tuesday, August 03, 1858 (Recommendation)

William H. Hanna to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, July 13, 1858 (Senate)

Transfer steamer "Maryland" on the beach at Vineyard Haven. Driven ashore by the storm on Tuesday, April 4th.

Abraham Lincoln to Norman B. Judd, Tuesday, November 16, 1858 (Reply to Judd's letter of November 15)

Jesse K. Dubois and Ozias M. Hatch to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, September 07, 1858 (Senate)

Steamboat line. Stage notice. fare reduced! Cohasset, Scituate & the Glades on and after Tuesday, June 28th ... Cohasset, June 28, 1850. Propeller Job Press, 142 Washington St., Boston.

John A. Kasson to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, September 13, 1859 (Invitation (Iowa))

John Orf to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, August 09, 1859 (Printed circular letter)

William M. Evarts to Richard Lloyd, Tuesday, September 20, 1859 (Legal matters)

Hamburg Park. Tuesday, July 26th, 1859, at 4 o'clock Trial of speed Mile heats, best three in five, to saddle ... Also exciting match time ... E. Eastman. Philadelphia U. S. Steam-Power Job printing office, Ledger Buildings [1859].

James Speed to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 15, 1859

New York Supreme Court, Tuesday, June 14, 1859 (Fragment; legal matters)

Abraham Lincoln to W. Geilhousen, Tuesday, September 06, 1859 (Check)

Abraham Lincoln to Joseph Perkins, Tuesday, February 08, 1859 (Check)

S. Littler to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, January 11, 1859 (Bill)

Abraham Lincoln to Kingsley North & Co., Tuesday, February 22, 1859 (Check)

David Lockwood to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, July 24, 1860 (Wants to be Indian agent in Nebraska Territory)

G. B. Wood to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, July 03, 1860 (Support from Louisiana)

Unknown. “O.P.Q.” to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, December 11, 1860 (Recommends John McLean for place of confidence)

Cleveland National Democrat?, Tuesday, December 11, 1860 (Clipping of forged letter from Lincoln to Thomas Ewing)

Dexter A. Hawkins to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 06, 1860 (Telegram offering congratulations)

Simon Cameron to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, December 25, 1860 (Forwards letters)

P. F. Milligan, Tuesday, December 18, 1860 (Printed Circular)

Samuel J. Kirkwood to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 13, 1860 (Congratulations)

Samuel A. Purviance to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, October 09, 1860 (Telegram reporting election returns in Pennsylvania)

G. C. Neumeister to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 27, 1860 (Wants to name newborn daughter after Mrs. Lincoln)