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Carefully trained women inspectors check and inspect cargo transport innerwings before they are assembled on the fuselage, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif.

C. & N.W. R.R., Mrs. Dorothy Lucke, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse, Clinton, Iowa

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

Gus Worke, a farmer who came from Germany 40 years ago, Southington, Conn.

Santa Fe R.R. locomotive shops, Topeka, Kansas

C & NW RR; locomotives in the roundhouse at Proviso yard, Chicago, Ill.

Marine Sgt. at New Orleans, La.

Truck trailers line up at a freight house to load and unload goods from the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, Chicago, Ill.

School children, half of Polish and half of Italian descent, at a festival in May 1942, Southington, Conn.

Unidentified woman in Sarasota reading about winter storms up North

Young women with members of the Three-Quarter Century Softball Club in St. Petersburg, Florida

Lois Duncan Steinmetz (left) and Polly Gaines in a motorboat: Sarasota, Florida

Neon sign at the Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Smokestacks and bridge of a steamboat docked at Jackson Square on the Mississippi River, New Orleans, Louisiana

View of transparency in front of headquarters of Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments . . .

Cat and Sweetpeas

Temple of Amour


Mrs. Selma Schubart

Olga Victorovna Dmitrieff

[Man in Red Sweater]

Frank Eugene

[Two Men Playing Chess]

Stieglitz and Emmy

Emmy and Kitty - Tutzing, Bavaria

Constantin Mitrofanovitch Flórinsky, Officer of His Majesty Tzar Nicholas II (Jaeger Regiment)


Eight young women in Kimonos, four in wooden boat on water, four on bank beside boat, two of them holding open parasols.

Close-up of ornamental building embellished with gold.

Women working on hillside; rice fields and village below.

Two (priests?) outside shrine.

Papering Eggs for Next Year

Japanese cherry trees in blossom on grassy bank beside waterways; people strolling under trees; docks and boats with people.

Two boats on river, a passenger boat being poled and a fishing boat filled with lidded open work baskets.

People on street in traditional dress outside building decorated with large banners, lanterns and signs.

Iris garden beside water; wooden bridge to small roofed island; two women in Kimonos on bridge and one standing among flowers.

Large stone Buddha.

Taking Silk From Cocoons

Three women with fans, musical instrument and a table set with food.

Man carving ivory statue of mother and child.

Women planting rice.

Map of Imperial Government Railways

Long red wooden covered bridge with ornamental roof; woods on either side of bridge, woods and mountain behind; water and landscaped point of land with flowers in foreground.

Two young women in Kimonos, one standing, one seated on wooden bench outside open greenhouses filled with blooming flowers.

Interior shot of two geishas asleep in bedding on floor mats; musical instrument, fan and implements for tea ceremony nearby.

Group of deer feeding on lawn in wooded garden; stone monuments and summer house in mid-ground.

Men making clay moulds for giant masks.

Woman separating rice from chaff with steel comb.

Potter at work on lion figure.

Man in local attire with loaded packhorses.

Temple and houses on hill over valley filled with trees.

Two boats with cloth canopies being rowed along river; wooded mountain on one side; rushing water in foreground.

River with manmade embankment and road on one side; line of buildings along embankment; forest on other side of river, town and mountains in background.

River in mountains; raised bank with houses on one side; Japanese children on side of river.

Series of red wooden gateways; stone animals on pedestals between first and second gateway.

Sorting Silk

Weaving (silk) on hand loom.

Crowd-filled street lined with banners and lanterns.

Potter making vase on wheel.

Blacksmith at work.

Machine-weaving in factory.

Man painting parasols; painted lanterns in background.

Group of buildings set among trees; ornamental stone wall in front.

Examining Silk-thread

Unidentified building with some yellow roofs with pond and trees (including flowering plum trees)

Houses in the woods, river in foreground.

Buildings built up on stone walled riverbank with trees in background.

Gathering Mulberry Leaves

Tea implements in centre of richly furnished room.

Two women winnowing rice and man pounding rice flour.

Snow-covered mountain (Mt. Fuji?) wreathed with clouds; low ground leading down to water in foreground.

Village on a bay; fields and hillside in foreground.

Family in traditional attire having portrait taken in garden against fence.

Harbour of city; jetty with steamboats in foreground; other boats and buildings in background.

Gathering Cocoons

Mother and children outside rural hut with waterwheel.

Two people in costume posing in front of painted backdrop - one in grass coat and hat, carrying farm implement over shoulder and holding vegetables; the other, a woman in a blue dress with a red (over mantel), legs bare to the knees, wearing a white kerch

Reeling Silk in Small Skeins

Making wooden barrels.

Hatching of Silk-Worm Eggs

Rice being poured into a wooden mechanical hopper.

Two women in traditional dress posing outside house in tiny ornamental garden.

Reeling Silk in Large Skeins

Large building (temple?) in wooded setting.

Woman in traditional dress holding open parasol and carrying baby on her back.

Man with rickshaw on tall tree lined dirt road.

Open air ceramic shop.

People wading in sea; fisher with hand net; boats in background.

Men carving wooden furniture of intricate design.

Man working over large wooden tub; rows of plants in pots all around; fish streamers flying overhead.

Sorting and Weighing Cocoons

Curved stone bridge in rural area.

Men preparing for sumo wrestling outdoors.

Group of women and one man watching young woman working on large embroidery.

Large Silk Factory

High stone embankments above river; line of trees on top of each embankments; tall building with temple roofs on one side; another building hidden behind trees on other side.

Lake side resort.

People in boats on waterways through rice fields; snow-covered mountain in background.

Road, sidewalk, pavement; stone walls and bridge, lamp standards; buildings and trees in background.