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View along Adelaide Street with the buildings decorated for the Royal Visit, 1954

Kimball & Gorton Philadelphia R.R. Car Manufactory, 21st & Hamilton Streets Philadelphia / F. Moras fe.

[Street cars on St. Charles St.]

Eyre Square, Galway

W.E. Gladstone at the Edinburgh Exhibition

Double horse car used in Baltimore in 1885

Steam tram in Stockholm in 1888

[Chicago, Ill., State St. south from Lake St.]

[Patrick Street (i.e., St. Patrick Street), Cork. County Cork, Ireland]

Women and children on Strandvägen in Stockholm around 1890. Horse drawn tram in the background

[Groudle Glen Hotel and tram station, Isle of Man]

In the Streets of St. Louis, Mo.

Street car, Washington, D.C.

[Detroit, Mich., Woodward Ave. looking south]

In the streets of St. Louis, Mo.

Broadway from Union Square to Madison Square, New York

Our first electric, Sept. 17th 1892, Holbrook, Mass.

Herald Square, N.Y. / J.S. Johnston, view & marine photo, N.Y.

[Labor Day parade, Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y.]

Street car

Horse Trams at corner of Bachelor's Walk and O'Connell Bridge

[Trolley cars near Boston Commons, Boston, Massachusetts]

Street scene and trolley car, Syria

[School children of the 6th Division on a Columbia Railway Company trolley car no. 20]

Tram in Sheffield in 1899

From the business section, Brownsville, Pa.

Post office and public library, Bellows Falls, Vt.

Monorail car City Island R.R.

May Day celebrations in Helsinki

[Colorado Street at Fair Oaks Avenue, probably Pasadena, California]

[State Street north from Palmer House, Chicago, Ill.]

F Street about 1900 looking west

Horse drawn tram in Stockholm around 1900

Main entrance, Saratoga race track, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Market St. [Street], Louisville, Ky.

First trolley car in Hamburg, N. Y.

[Union League Club building, Cleveland, Ohio]

Wrecked car, 5th Ave. & Smithfield, Pittsburgh

Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich.

Streetcar and buildings in Ybor City, Florida

Main Street, New Westminster, B.C.

Deseronto Archive Photos

[Bleecker Street, Utica, N.Y.]

N.Y. st. car

[Woodward Avenue north from Opera House corner, Detroit, Mich.]

Street car - the Hague, Holland

[Kingston, Jamaica, and vicinity: street scene; trolleys]

[Looking north on Gay Street from near Clinch Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn.]

Windsor Hotel and Royal Street, Mobile, Ala.

[Virginia Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey]

Gasoline motor car running from San Diego, La Hoya [sic], Calif.

Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y.

[Detroit, Mich., Gratiot Avenue from Woodward]

[Main Street. Poughkeepsie, New York]

[Pennsylvania Railroad ferries, Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Chambers st. car

[London tram cars]

[Pennsylvania Railroad ferries, Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Street in Dresden, Germany 1901

Steam tram with passengers in Stockholm 1901

O. Street, Lincoln, Neb.

Herald Square, New York

Square in Copenhagen, Denmark

[Louisiana - New Orleans - crowded street scene looking down Canal St.]

Prince Henry and party, on rear platform of the Prince's car "Columbia"--en route to South and West

Tram in Copenhagen in 1902

Broadway & Union Square, New York /

No. 32 Fourth Street north from Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri

[Broadway and Times Building (One Times Square), New York City]

Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

Gezicht op de Dam met electrische tram

Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y.

[New York City. View along waterfront on West Street; many freight wagons; street car]

State Street, Rochester, N.Y.

Car making ascent up Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Franklin Street, Tampa, Fla.

Broad Street, Richmond, Va.

Main Street, Springfield, Mass.

The story of the trolley car. July Century

Superior Street, Cleveland, O[hio]

Main Street, Richmond, Va.

Pennsylvania Ave, ca. 1905

Second Avenue, looking east, Birmingham, Ala.

Central Railway Station (Old) [including Exhibition Building], before August 1906

Washington Ave. [Avenue], Newport News, Va.

Maryland. Williamsport. Streetcar passing Potomac House

Second Avenue, Seattle's principal thoroughfare

[The Huguenot and Rockrimmon, first electric cars through Brimfield to Worcester, July 1, 1907]

Looking along F Street [past] the Patent Building steps, Washington, D.C.

[4 street railroad cars at intersection, Coffeyville(?), Kansas]

Customs house, Juarez, Mexico

Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill.

Looking up Woodward Ave. from the Campus [Martius], Detroit, Mich.

Fourth St. [Street], west from Main [Street], Cincinnati, Ohio

Merrimack Street looking west, Lowell, Mass.

Tram at Danviksgatan in Stockholm 1908

Auto stage, St. Helena to Lake Co. Points. 1st trip 5-19-08. Electric cars from San Francisco 7 times daily

Interurban car on Onondago Street, Ames, Iowa

Hotel Hilton, East Grand Ave., Beloit, Wisconsin--Car no. 405 of the Beloit Traction Co. in center; portion of car no. 407 at extreme right

Courtland St. [i.e. Cortlandt Street], N.Y.