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Junction of Canal & Walker Sts. Near Centre St.

The Betrayal of Christ

The Crown of the Virgin

The Virgin and Child with St. Ann

Christ at Emmaus

Der Franziskaner Pelbartus im Garten

The Visitation

St. Philip of Florence, with Twelve Scenes from his Life

Melpomene (Melpomene XVII). Second Series D17

Euterpe (Evterpe XVIII). Second Series D18

Samuel Profeta

The Prophet Ezekiel

The Nativity

The Triumph of Caesar: Soldiers Carrying Trophies

Vulcan, Venus and Cupid (fragment)

Dante and Virgil, With the Vision of Beatrice

The Presentation of the Virgin

[Title Page:] Der Ritter vom Turn

The Virgin with the Dragonfly

Five Lansquenets and an Oriental on Horseback

The Holy Family with Three Hares

Knight and Lansquenet

The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand

Oriental Family

The Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand

The Prodigal Son Amid the Swine

The Cook and His Wife

Three Peasants in Conversation

Lady on Horseback and Lansquenet

The Crucifixion

The Temptation of the Idler

Hercules at the Crossroads

St. Sebastian at the Column

Sacrifice to Priapus

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

Ornament Panel, Upright, with a Bird-Cage

Judith with the head of Holofernes



The parable of the father and his two sons in the vineyard


Adoration of the Magi

The magician Virgil hanging in the basket

Clothing the naked

The Triumph of Chastity on Love

Visus / Sight


The Incredulity of Thomas

Luxuria, or Shamelessness



The Adoration of the Magi


The Risen Christ Between Saint Andrew and Saint Longinus

The Temptation of Christ

Satyr Family

Artemisia committing suicide

The Virgin and Child with Saint John and Three Angels

The Triumph of Time on Fame

Cephalus and Procris

Christ Healing the Leper


Apollo and Midas (copy?)

Christ casting out the evil spirit

Thetis and Chiron


Rhetorica [Rhetoric]

Cloelia and the Etruscan king Porsenna




The death of the rich man

Christ healing the blind man

Invidia [Envy]

Grammatica [Grammar]


The Triumph of Eternity on Death


Upright ornamental fillet with satyr couple flanking a vase


Judgement of Solomon

Arithmetica [Arithmetic]

Geometria [Geometry]

Lot and his daughters

Christ instructing the disciples on the precepts

Amymone carried away by a seagod

The Three Prisoners

The parable of the sower

Birth of Christ, Adoration of the Shepherds

The rich man in hell and Lazarus in heaven

Coat of Arms with Lion and Rooster

The Adoration of the Magi

Christ washing the disciples' feet

Christ and the children

The Angel announcing the resurrection to the three Maries

Joseph being sunk into the well

Hercules and Antaeus

Pigritia [Sloth]

Solomon adoring the idol