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Free Copy of Giotto's Navicella (recto); Copy of Adam in Masaccio's Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and other Figure Studies (verso)

Three Virtues (Temperance, Hope, and Fortitude or Justice) and Studies of a Seated Man

Studies of Putti

Studies of Saint John the Baptist

Sheet of Studies of Sculptural Elements and Architectural Ornaments

Studies after Antique Frieze Figures, Including Putti with Garlands, with a Chimera and Dolphins (recto); Sketch of a Head (verso)

Studies of ten (?) heads and two ears (recto); Studies of three figures and a head (verso)

Studies of Figures

Studies of a Dog

Figure studies (after Raphael's Disputa)

Two Studies for a Grotesque Head

A Sheet of Studies of Flowers: A Rose, a Heartsease, a Sweet Pea, a Garden Pea, and a Lax-flowered Orchid

Six Studies of a King for an Adoration

Studies of the Leg of a Man and a Horse's Head (recto); sketches of the back of a man's left shoulder and a chained (?) figure.

Figure Studies and an Entablature

Project for a Façade Decoration (recto); Architectural Studies (verso)

Four Studies of Horses

Studies for a Crucifixion

Two Studies for the Madonna and Child (recto); Flagellation (verso)

Nude Figure Studies (Recto); Sheet of Figure Studies (Verso)

Winged Hippocamp supporting a Vase (recto); Figure Studies and Architectural Design (verso)

Studies for a Nude Woman Seen from the Front (recto); Four Standing Male Nudes, Venus, and Cupid (verso)

Four Studies of Consoles and a Mask

Standing Nude Female and Putto with Studies of a Hand and an Arm (recto); Satyrs destroying a Female Herm (verso)

Two Studies of a female Figure or Statue

Landscape with Buildings (recto); Studies for a Flagellation (verso)

Studies for Consoles

Sheet of Figure Studies, Probably after the Antique (recto); Ornamental Designs (verso)

Nine Studies of the Moses in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (recto); Nine Studies for the Eve in Santa Maria della Steccata, Parma (verso)

Two Studies of a Standing Youth in Quattrocento Clothing (recto); a cardinal's hat on a fragmentary coat of arms with a griffin (the arms of the city of Perugia) (verso)

Studies of a Seated Youth in Armor

Studies of a Head and a Hand

Figure Studies: Three Sketches of Cain Killing Abel, with an Altar of Sacrifice at Center, Two Standing Women, a Hand, and a Seated Child with a Squirrel

Studies for the Libyan Sibyl (recto); Studies for the Libyan Sibyl and a small Sketch for a Seated Figure (verso)

Studies of the Christ Child

Studies of Hands

Sheet of Figure Studies and Ornamental Motifs (recto and verso).

Seated Goddess Diana (recto); Studies of a Nude Male Torso Seen from the Rear, and a leg (verso)

Six Studies of Animal Heads and of a Cartouche

Studies for a Circular Composition of Diana and Her Nymphs Bathing (recto); Studies for the Same Composition (verso)

Studies of a Gentian, Moth, Birds, Cats, Interlacing Motif, and Greek Frets (recto); Ornamental Studies with Figures (verso)

Studies for the Standing Figure of a Bearded Man

Studies for an Altarpiece with the Virgin Enthroned, Attended by Four Saints (recto); Various Figure Studies, Some Possibly for a Deposition of Christ (verso)

Four different Figure Studies (recto); Grotesque Designs (verso)

Studies for Grotesque Figures in the Flemish Style

Candelabra Grotesque and Various Figure Studies (recto); Two Griffins and Female Heads (verso)

Studies for Grotesque Masks and Birds (recto); Candelabra Grotesques with Ewers and Vases (verso)

Three Bands Friezes with Grotesques and Several Figure Studies (recto); Term with a Marine Creature (Zephyr) (verso)

Various Grotesque Figure Studies and a Strapwork Cartouche (recto); Grotesque with Two Figures and Mask; and A Kneeling Cleric (verso)

Standing Nude Man (recto); Three Studies of Soldiers (verso)

Design for an Elaborate Fountain Surmounted by a Statue of St. Christopher; verso: Studies of Architectural Details

Studies of Two Helmets and of Two Soldiers Wearing Helmets

Studies for a Scourging Soldier and the Head of Christ

Studies for The Allegories of Love

Studies of the Dead Christ supported by an Angel, with subsidiary studies for the same composition

Studies of the Head of an Infant (after a three-dimensional model)

Two Studies of a Man

Studies for a Figure of Saint Francis Kneeling in a Three-Quarter View and for His Hands (recto); Studies for a Figure of Saint Francis Kneeling in Profile (verso)

Studies of a Man's Head and of His Hands

The Head and Shoulders of a Woman in Profile; Separate Studies of Her Head and Ear (recto); Fragment of Drapery Study, Profile of Architectural Molding (verso).

Studies for a Decorative Object (Banner or Pendentive?) Representing Allegorical Figures, One of Which Appears to Be Fortitude

Studies of Animal Heads and Figures

Man of Sorrows, after Guido Reni (recto); Studies of arm and hands (verso)

Studies for Five Figures of Angels Standing, and Seated on Clouds

Three Studies for Spandrel Figures

Studies of a Nude Male Figure

Studies for an Adoration of the Shepherds

Sheet of Studies with Angels and Religious Figures (recto); Draft of a Letter (verso)

Man of Sorrows and Two Studies of Heads

Studies of a Monk in Ecstasy

Young Man with His Head Lowered, Wearing a Turban, Facing Left, from Studies of Small Heads in Oriental Headdress

Studies of Heads and Hands

Man Wearing a Small Turban Ornamented with Plumes and Ribbon, Facing Right, from Studies of Small Heads in Oriental Headdress

Studies for Figures of Five Angels

Studies of Boats

Studies of Armor

Studies of a Blue Beetle and Insects

Barn Interior with Peasants and Cows Verso: Six Studies of Peasants

Design for a Ceiling (recto). Studies of an Arcade (verso)

Studies of Figures on Clouds

Figure Studies

Studies of Children

Studies of Cattle

Young Woman on a Cloud with Three Figures (recto); Studies of an Old Man and a Hand (verso)

Studies of Four Heads

Studies of Hounds

Figure Studies

Sheet with Figure Studies (double sided)

Studies for Decorative Arts Objects

Studies: Figure Holding a Candlestand, Woman with Left Arm Extended, Head Looking Down towards the Right, Kneeling Woman

Studies for Grotesque Decorations (Recto); Small Sketches and Writing (Verso)

Sheet of Studies

Figures in a Landscape with Classical Ruins (recto); Six Figure Studies (verso)

Three Studies of Seated Nude Male with Raised Arm, Seen from Below.

The Flagellation of Christ (recto); Madonna and Child and Unrelated Figure Studies (verso)

Studies of a Man

Studies of a Seated Nude Male Figure

Two studies of a saddled horse and of a horse with a boy astride; verso: Study of a bean plant

Figure Studies: Standing and Kneeling Clerics and Religious, Adam and Eve, and a Reclining Skeleton

Studies for a Seated Figure of a Man with a Shovel