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Lassen volcano national park california usa.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

Steam boat river lake.

Coffee cup cup saucer, emotions.

Locomotive railway tourism, travel vacation.

Yellowstone national park wyoming usa.

Namafjall hverir iceland.

Duisburg heavy industry industry, industry craft.

Airplanes car speed, transportation traffic.

Geyser yellowstone national.

Environment sulfur work, industry craft.

Stromboli crater crater rim.

Steam source iceland.

Power plant ruskin fl florida, nature landscapes.

Power plant night illumnated, industry craft.

Ash ashes atmosphere, architecture buildings.

Steam roller old machine, transportation traffic.

Train locomotive former, transportation traffic.

Air pollution building energy, architecture buildings.

Chimney cheminée urban, science technology.

Mountain train steam, nature landscapes.

Fireplace chimney industry, industry craft.

Smoke chimney pollution, industry craft.

Pile carbon fuel.

Airplanes blue silver, transportation traffic.

Old faithful yellowstone geyser, places monuments.

Volcano eruption cloud, nature landscapes.

Geyser steam fog.

Iceland power plant geothermal energy.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

Thistle prickly purple, nature landscapes.

Iceland volcanoes geyser.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

New zealand geysers volcanism.

Iceland volcanoes geyser.

Street works output, transportation traffic.

Environment chimney exhaust, science technology.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

Iceland driving iceberg steam.

Beautiful landscape yellowstone park.

Pollution environment sulfur, industry craft.

Airplanes train tracks, transportation traffic.

Pile carbon fuel.

Power plant geothermal geothermal energy.

Iceland volcanoes geyser.

Tractor steam roller equipment, transportation traffic.

Iceland volcanoes geyser.

Engine steam fire, transportation traffic.

Iceland volcanoes geyser.

Steam old machine bournat.

Hot springs rotorua volcanic.

Rhone paddle steamer boat.

Locomotive shop railroad engines, architecture buildings.

Sulfur volcano steam.

Molten volcano lava.

Howitzer mortar grenade.

Sicily sulfur italy.

Vulcano italy sicily, nature landscapes.

Steamboat boat anchored.

Factory smokestack industrial, science technology.

Geothermal energy power plant.

Coffee cup cup saucer, food drink.

Train locomotive former, transportation traffic.

New zealand geysers volcanism.

Train strasburg railroad, transportation traffic.

Tea coffee smoke.

Train west steam engine, places monuments.

Volcano volcanism hot.

Yellowstone national park usa.

[Garden monument when heated by the sun brings water to a boil generating steam which causes sound to issue from pipes like an organ; shows statue, possibly of Hero of Alexandria]

[Hero's miraculous altar]

[Engraved frontispiece showing pressure cookers opposite the title page to a book suggesting the use of steam as a force to drive an engine]

[The miner's friend, a pump using steam to create a vacuum to draw water from flooded mines; known as "Mr. Savery's engine for raising water by the help of fire"]

[A steaming urn]

Plan of Mr. Fitch's steam boat

Plan of Mr. Fitch's steam boat Annual passage of the herrings.

Estimate for expense of a steam ferry boat for one year, signed by Robert Fulton

Chart of steam vessels built in City of New York by Robert Fulton, in Colden's Life of Robert Fulton, extra-illustrated by Thomas Addis Emmet, lastpage

Robert Fulton's "Clermont," first Vessel Ever Propelled by Steam, 1807

Travelers! tourists!! railroad men !!! Dinsmore's new and complete American railroad and steam navigation guide and route book ... Price 25 cents .... Dinsmore & Co., Publishers. No. 8 Spruce Street, New-York. For sale everywhere.

Peter Coffee, Pilot of the First Steam Fulton Ferry Boat

[Steam engine, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. Plan - flue, fly wheel, cistern, etc.]

[Early steam locomotive with toothed "propelling wheel" which gripped a ribbed rail while other wheels rode on a smooth rail, and two coal cars]

To the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in General assembly met: the petition of the subscribers, Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, respectfully sheweth [Regarding as Steam Frigate for the d

Launch of the steam frigate Fulton the First, at New York, 29th. Octr. 1814.

Patent puffs to raise the wind or Dandy steam packets on contrary Jacks! Dedicated to the Society of Arts!

Steam engine - Mr. Watt's double steam engine from his specification of 1782

Map of the roads, canals and steam boat routes of the United States : with the distances from place to place carefully noticed ...

[Rear and side view of George Stephenson's steam locomotive and railroad cars of the Stockton and Darlington Railway]

Steam boats.

Patent steam carriage, by Mr. Goldsworthy Gurney, of Argyle Street, London, 1826

Locomotion: Walking by Steam, Riding by Steam, Flying by Steam

Patent steam carriage, by Mr. Burstall, Edinburgh, 1827

Patent steam coach, by Messrs. Burstall and Hill, of London and Edinburgh, 1824

Patent steam coach, by the late Mr. David Gordon

Plate 5th. Mansion house (Bunker's), Broadway, New York ; Steam boat wharf, Battery Place, New York.

Plate 12th. Brooklyn Ferry, Fulton St. New York ; Steam boat wharf, Whitehall Street, New York.

Mitchell's travellers guide through the United States : a map of the roads, distances, steam boat & canal routes &c.

[Amphibious steam powered carriage and paddle boat designed by Oliver Evans]