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Song of the Stone Drums

Pyriform vase, possibly an imitation of Song Guan ware

Prose Poem on Fishing Attributed to Song Yu

Song of One Year

Two seated angels, arms around one another, the one on the left looking down at a song book, from The Angels' Concert

Two seated angels, facing left, reading from a song book, from The Angels' Concert

Two seated angels, facing left, reading from a song book, from The Angels' Concert

A Song of Unending Sorrow

J. Randolph, no date, A Scottish Highland Song

Krishna Revels with the Gopis: Page from a Dispersed Gita Govinda (Song of the Cowherds)

Landscapes after Song and Yuan masters

Landscapes in the Manner of Song and Yuan Masters

The Rev. Caleb Sherman, of Dover. (N. H.) A lecture and a song, to the Rev. Caleb Sherman, concerning the necessity of fleeing youthful lusts, by Jonathan Plummer, a lay bishop, travelling preacher, physician, poet and trader ... Printed for the

printing press from "A Paraphrase on the Song of the Three Children. In irregular stanzas. [By Mark Le Pla. Edited by Edmund Massey.]"

Song Xian he tu.

A New humorous song, on the Cherokee chiefs Inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain : To the tune of, Caesar and Pompey were both of the horned / / by H. Howard.

Wilkes, and Liberty--A New Song

A song. Composed by the British butchers, after the fight at Bunker-Hill on the 17th of June 1775. Boston Sold at the bile and Heart in Cornhill [1775].

American taxation, or The spirit of seventy-six exemplified in a song written in the golden days which tried men's souls. [Connecticut, 1779?].

Britania [sic] and her daughter - a song

A song composed for the fraternity of Steuben Lodge, No. 18, Newburg, by G-- H-- S---. January 18, 1791. Tune- "God save the King." [Goshen: Printed by David Mandeville, and David M. Westcott, 1791].

A new federal song. Tune.- "Hearts of Oak" [n. d.].

Parents Teaching Their Daughter a Song

Parson Messenger, at York. A new consolatory song and lecture to the Reverend Parson Messenger, of York in the District of Maine, concerning his dismission from the ministry, and the ample sufficiency of the grace of God. By Jonathan Plummer a l

American roast beef, a song, composed for the 4th March, 1801. [7 verses]. [Positive Photostat].

Anacreontick's in full song / Js. Gillray, invt. & fect.

The Last Song ("El aria final")

[Cuts] A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills, on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw, of Standish. Second e

A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw of Standish. 4th ed.

American taxation a song of seventy-nine. [Boston] Nathaniel Coverly, Printer, Milk-Street [181-?].

A new song on the death of Robert Howel Boston. Printed and sold by N. Coverly, Jun Milk-Street [1811?].

American taxation. This song was written when the "Trump of war" sounded through this happy land, and although peculiarly applicable to that time, cannot but be received with approbation at the present day. [36 stanzas printed in two columns] [1

[Cuts] A happy new-year to Commodore Rodgers, or, Huzza for the president and Congress. A song composed on the arrival of those frigates in Boston yesterday, (December 31, 1812,) with a good supply of the Ready Rhino [Boston] Printed by N. Cover

General Hull and the defence of Fort M'Henry. A new song, called the surrender of General Hull. The defence of Fort M'Henry, (Baltimore.) A new song [The Star Spangled Banner] [1813?].

[Cut of ship] The constitution & Guerriere. Tune. - Landlady of France. [Followed by A new song, written in Dartmoor prison. [1813].

The Star spangled banner a pariotic song

The poor armourer boy. A song ... Entered according to Act of Congress the 8th day of March 1815. By John R. Jewitt. of the State of Connecticut.

Liberty and peace. A song [Cuts] [Two columns of verse] [1815].

A lecture and a song, concerning the roberry at Newbury, to some men in jail at Salem ... Printed for the author, and sold by him. [1817].

Song, for the anniversary of American independence, 1819. Tune- "Ye mariners of England." Newburyport. E. W. Allen, Printer [1819].

The Baron bold. A new song [New York 1819].

Yes, I would the the war were over. Answer to "When this cruel war is over." Words and music by Alice Hawthorne ... Johnson, Song Publisher, Phila

Bid me good bye, or, the Soldier's farewell. By Alice Hawthorne. J. H. Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street, Phila

The Year's First Song of the Cuckoo at Tsukudajima

Our country's flag! A new national song

Baltimore Convention, Old Tippecanoe, a patriotic song

The National Whig Song, by William Hayden

The Log cabin song

Harrison song. Written by J. A. Andrew, Esq., and sung at the opening of the Whig Republican Association of Cambridge. [1841].

A hap-hazard song for the people. Being one of the series to appear to uncertain intervals. By Miss Terious Devil-up-ments! [1842?].

The Prize Song, "The Whig Chief"...dedicated...to Henry Clay, by the Boston Clay Club, No. 1

The New-England boy's song about Thanksgiving Day

"The Soldier's Tear- Old Song"

The New-England boy's song about Thanksgiving Day

Monterey, A National Song - Respectfully dedicated to Genl. Zachary Taylor

The Sons of Columbia. A national song. Written for the Fourth of July and set to music by Theodore Ascherfeld, Havre De Grace, Md. / Lith. by Otto Knirsch, Phila.

Campaign song.

The flag of our union, a national song

Katy Darling A favorite song / / J. H. Bufford's Lith., Boston.

The flag of our union, a national song

portrait from "The Escape, or, Loiterings amid the Scenes of Story and Song"

United States Military Academy: Song of the Graduates

Seventh annual celebration of the birthday of Henry Clay, April 12, 1852. The Natal day song. Written and sung by William G. Mickell, Esq. [s. l.]

Uncle Sam, an American song

Graduating song, class of 1855 / lith. of Sarony & Co., N.Y.

Dark pages of the nineteenth century. The convent cell.- Tune - Hazel Dell. The incidents of the song are explained in this narrative. [n. p. c. 1855].

Our land a national song

America. A national song

The Ship of State. A Republican song.

John M. Crosland to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, December 08, 1860 (Sends “Song of the Union”)

Song of the Union by a Pennsylvanian . . .

The Canadian boat song. H. De Marsan, ... 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Miller's song. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Gettysburg song.

[Civil War envelope showing a soldier waving goodbye to people on a porch with message "Soldier's farewell" and verses from a song]

Song to our flag - "Hail That Great and Glorious Banner," by A.W. Burns and George W. Hewitt

The Palmetto State song

The reveille. [by] Sep. Winner. A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, Philadelphia

[Civil War envelope showing soldier with woman in stars and stripes dress, with message "The girl I left behind me" and verse from song]

Song of the privateer. By Quien Sabe? Baltimore. Oct. 10, 1861.

In memory of Col. Ellsworth, fire Zouaves. Assassinated May 24th, 1861. Johnson, Song Publisher No. 7 N. 10th, Street, [Philadelphia.]

The Song [...]he war / Homer, del.

Comrades, join the reveille. Johnson, Song Publisher, 7 N. 10th St. Phila

[Civil War envelope showing Columbia holding American flag and cornucopia next to an eagle with a snake in its beak, and with a verse from a song]

The soldier's reveille. [by] Sep. Winner, No. 531 N. Eighth. St. Phila., Johnson, Song Publisher, [1861]

Bully for you. J. H. Johnson, Song publisher,&c., Phila

[Civil War envelope showing soldier with woman in stars and stripes dress, man and woman, and dog with message "The girl I left behind me" and verse from song]

Union soldier's song, composed by Lieutenant James D. Gay, of Philadelphia.

We are coming Father Abraham, 600, 000 more! Words by J. Cullen Bryant, music by D. A. Warden, J. H. Johnson, song Publisher, ... Phila

McClellan is our man - favorite song of the Army of the Potomac

Gen. Siegel's celebrated camp song. D. A. Warden, No. 1138 Lombard Street

The reveille. A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, 110 North 10th. street., ab. Arch. Philadelphia. [c. 1862]

We Sleep, But We Are Not Dead, a patriotic song, by James R. Randall

Southern battle song. Balt., Md., 1862

Ring merry bells! or The Union victory. A. W. Auner, Song Publisher, 110 St. ab. Arch, Philadelphia. [c. 1862]

The Rebel raid in Pennslyvania, or That's just so. Composed, published, and sung by James D. Gay, of Philadelphia, the celebrated Army Song Publisher. [c. 1863]

Ho! Rally ye braves! A patriotic song and chorus

Gallant Pennsylvania 69th, Irish Volunteers. Johnson, Song Publisher, &c., N. Tenth St., 3 doors above Market Pa

How are you, green backs? Johnson, Song Publisher, ... Phila. [c. 1863]

The Skaters Song