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Snake Ring

Snake bracelet

Snake bracelet

Snake ring

Marble pillar with snake and wreath

Snake bracelet

Bottle with Snake

Marble strigilated vase with snake handles

Copper Lime Spoon in Snake Form

Silver bracelet in the form of a snake

Balance Weight with Two Emperors Hunting a Snake

Stirrup Spout Bottle with Bird and Snake

Ritual Ewer with Manasa, the Snake Goddess

Manasa, the Snake Goddess

Bracelet with Three-Headed Snake

Kamatha Performing the Five Fire Penances (top) and Parsvanatha Rescuing the Snake Dharana (bottom): Folio from a Kalpasutra Manuscript

Copper Lime Spoon in Snake Form

Seps (fabulous snake)

Iaculus (fabulous snake)

Boas (fabulous snake)

Sirene (fabulous snake; also: Syrene)

Dipsa (fabulous snake)

[Blacksmith shoeing a horse while a man with large sword slays a snake in the background]

The snake and the crab [cont.]; The shepherd and the wolf.

The sow and the dog; The snake and the crab.

The rook and the dog [cont.]; The crow and the snake.

The crow and the snake [cont.]; The jackdaw and the pigeons.

[Plantain shown with snake and scorpion to indicate plant is antidote for their bites and stings; and surrounding text]

Snake and bird from BL Arundel 66, f. 45

Ship and snake from BL Arundel 66, f. 45

Horse and Rider Startled by a Snake

Plaque: Snake

Philoctetes Being Bitten by the Snake

A young man sitting at right resting his head in his hand, a snake with a womans head before him, a young woman holding a pan pipes standing in the centre and a young man leaving at left

Prudence personified by a woman standing in a niche, holding a shawl in her right hand, a snake coiled around her, left from 'The Virtues'

Plate 14: Ceres in a niche, facing right, standing over a two-headed snake and holding a half-moon sickle in her right hand and a torch in her left hand, from a series of mythological gods and goddesses

Grotesque with an Architectural Structure with a Young Boy on a Bed, Holding a Snake.

Anthropomorphic (portrait of Christ) and zoomorphic (bird, snake) initials.

Anthropomorphic (angel) and zoomorphic (snake) initial

[Offerings to the sacred creatures (snake, bull, frog, lion, ram, falcon, sphinx, etc.).]

Horizontal Panel Design with a Male Figure, a Putto and a Snake Interspersed between Acanthus Rinceaux

Horizontal Panel Design with a Man, a Snake and a Female Fantastical Creatures Interspersed between Acanthus Rinceaux

Giovanni Alto (Johann Alten, Ioannes Altus) standing on the Quirinal Hill in Rome, with his right arm outstretched in a pointing position and a snake coiled around his foot and sword

Snake Heads

Pheasant and Snake

A cartouche with an eagle and a snake, a skull and crossbones at top, wings to either side, from 'Eight Emblems for the Funeral of Francesco de Medici' (Huit emblèmes pour les funérailles du prince François de Médicis)

Three figures and a snake coiled around a staff, surrounded by a landscape, the central figure rests his left hand on a shield and leans toward a bearded figure holding a book, from the series 'The Capricci'

Netsuke of Snake

"The Old Snake Tells the Tale of Biting the Ascetic's Son by Mistake", Folio from a Kalila wa Dimna

[Caffena vera Floridanorum, coffee plant with green snake]

Three magicians burning a snake, from the Scherzi

Six people watching a snake, from the Scherzi

Six people watching a snake, from the Scherzi

North prospect of the English & Dutch Forts at Akkra; [Beasts and insects on the coast of Guinea]; lizard; scorpion of natural size; snake; quoggelo; guano; scorpion of natural bigness; worms of different kinds.

Procession to the Temple of the Great Snake on crowning the King.

Girl fleeing from a snake (one of a pair)

Of the Husbandman and the Snake; Of the Wolves and the Sheep

Sanicula officinarum = Diapensia = Sanicle. [Snake root]

Iris, versicolor corollis imberbibus germinibus, Subtrigonis = Iride variegato = L'Iris, ou Flambe. [Blue Flag. Poison Flag. Flag Lily. Liver Lily. Snake Lily. Dragon Flower. Dagger Flower. Water Flag]

Snake charmers, 3 men and 1 woman

Snake charmers, 3 men and 1 woman

Snake charmers, 3 men and 1 woman

The American Rattle Snake

The American Rattle Snake

Sauvage du NO. de la Louisiane

Krishna Subduing Kaliya, the Snake Demon: Folio from a Bhagavata Purana Series

Rat Snake (Hebi); Lizard or Skink (Tokage), from the Picture Book of Crawling Creatures (Ehon mushi erami)

Netsuke of Snake

Netsuke of Boy with a Snake

Netsuke of Snake Catcher

Zoologie. Reptiles. (Supplement). L'Aspic.

Striped Rattle-Snake.

Zoologie. Reptiles. 1.1'. Couleuvre aux raies parallèles; 2.2'. Couleuvre à bouquets; 3.3'. Couleuvre à capuchon; 4.4'. Couleuvre oreillard.

Spectacle Snake.

Zoologie. Reptiles. (Supplement). Couleuvres.

Zoologie. Reptiles. 1. Éryx de la Thébaïde; 2. Éryx du Delta; 3. Vipère céraste.

Zoologie. Reptiles. 1. Vipère des pyramides; 2. Vipère hajé, adulte; 3. Vipère hajé, jeune; 4.5. Parties de la Vipère hajé; 6. Couleuvre maillée.

snake from "[The History of New South Wales, including Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Pamaratta [sic], Sydney, and all its dependancies ... with the customs and manners of the natives, and an account of the English colony, from its foundation to the present time ... Enriched with ... coloured prints.]"

Two circular images, trees with a snake climbing one tree and a bird perched on another ; a human figure with two animal-like figures.

Noctua, Corvus, Crater, Sextans Uraniæ, Hydra, Felis, Lupus, Centaurus, Antlia Pneumatica, Argo Navis, and Pyxis Nautica / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

1-3. Bengal Snake, Coluber Bengalensis; 4-7. Lozenge Snake, Coluber rectangulus.

Lined Tailed Tree Snake, Ahætula caudolineata.

1. Side Streaked Tree Snake, Dendrophis lateralis; 2. Reddish Dip[s]as, Dipsus [Dipsas] rubescens.

1. Spotted Bellied Snake, Coluber ventromaculatis; 2. Bell's Tree Snake, Ahætula Bellii.

1. Penang Hypserina, Hypserina Hardwickii; 2. Hardwicke's Short Sea Snake, Lapemis Hardwickii.

A narrow escape from a snake

Snake game rules

American Anhinga Snake Bird. 1. Male. 2. Female.

Chuck-wills Widow. (Harlequin Snake).

Wilson's Flycatching-Warbler, 1. Male, 2. Female. (Snake's Head. Chelone Glabra.)

25. The Milk Snake (Coleber eximius). 26. The Pilot Black-snake (Coluber alleghaniensis).

29. The Ring Snake (Coluber punctatus). 30. The Small Brown Snake (Tropidonotus dekayi). 31. The Water Snake (Tropidonotus sipedon).

22. The Grass Snake (Coluber vernalis). 23. The Yellow-bellied Snake (Tropidonotus leberis). 24. The Ribbon Snake (Leptophis saurita).

20. The Black Snake (Coluber constrictor). 21 The Chain Snake (Coluber getulus).

27. The Striped Snake, variety, (Tropidonotus tænia). 28. The Hog-nosed Snake (Heterodon platyrhinos).

[Fantasy transformation of a bird into a flowerpot, into a woman, into a snake]

Southern landscape with a man and a snake

Looking up Snake River from Juniper Bluff.

White's Cove and Snake Hill, Lake Sarasota.

Looking up Snake River from Juniper Bluff.