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Artist's Sketch


Panel with Sketches of a Man, a Lion and an Arabesque

Standing Youth Leaning on a Long Staff (recto); Seated Man (verso)

Compositional Sketches for the Virgin Adoring the Christ Child, with and without the Infant St. John the Baptist; Diagram of a Perspectival Projection (recto); Slight Doodles (verso)

Sphaera Mundi

Sketches of Figures of the Virgin Kneeling, Saint Peter Standing, Seated Allegorical Figures of Faith and Charity, and Child Standing on a Corbel (?) (recto); Sketches of Figures of Saint Sebastian Standing and the Virgin and Child with Angels (verso)

Figure in Roman Dress (Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus) and Study of Two Helmets (recto); Sketches and Latin Inscription (verso)

Saint John the Baptist Appearing Before Herod


Architectural Sketches and a Figure (recto); Figure and Anatomical Sketches (verso)

Studies of the Leg of a Man and a Horse's Head (recto); sketches of the back of a man's left shoulder and a chained (?) figure.

Assumption of the Virgin (Recto); Figure Sketches (Verso)

Study for the Figure of Christ in a Deposition

Recto: Virgin and Child, and Saint John the Baptist; Verso: summary sketches, possibly the Virgin and Child

Ornamental sketches with a Griffin and Architectural Elements

Study sheets with sketches of interiors, animals, sculpture, figures, notes

Market Scene

Angel (Recto); Fragmentary Sketches of Same Subject (Verso)

Study sheets with sketches of interiors, animals, sculpture, figures, notes

The Archangel Gabriel Kneeling to the Right; Small Study of Head at Lower Left.

Interior with a Man Writing on a Long Table

Design for a Rattle and Whistle (recto); Crude Sketches of an Equine Animal and a Figure in Exotic Costume (verso)

Sketches for Grotesque Wall Decorations.

Head of a Bearded Man in Profile to Left, possibly the Portrait of the Poet Giorgio Anselmi (ca. 1459-1528), with Faint Sketch of a Skull-like Head

The Virgin Walking to the Right Carrying the Christ Child

Figure Studies: Three Sketches of Cain Killing Abel, with an Altar of Sacrifice at Center, Two Standing Women, a Hand, and a Seated Child with a Squirrel

A River God (recto); Sketches for the Vestibule of the Laurenziana, Florence (verso)

Standing Virgin with Child, Two Heads at Upper Right (recto); Sketch of Steps (verso)

The Adoration of the Shepherds; verso: Sketches

Saint Peter and Saint John Healing a Cripple at the Gate of the Temple

Sketches for the Design of a Casket (recto); Battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths(?) (verso)

Female Allegorical Figure of Benignitas (Goodness), with Attributes of Abundance Standing in a Niche (recto); Architectural Sketches (verso)

A Standing Soldier

Study of a Figure in a Niche (Saint Ambrose; recto); Architectural Studies: Four Alternative Designs for Fictive Niches and an Unrelated Design with Garlands (verso), ca. 1560-67

Sketches for Compositions and Groups of Figures (recto and verso)

The Massacre of the Innocents

Album of Architectural Sketches and Drawings

Boy Holding a Sword, Standing near a Table in an Interior; verso: Various Sketches of Figures and Ornamental Forms

Design for the Title Page of "Acta Germanica"

Venus Discovering the Death of Adonis

Jacob Gives Joseph a Coat of Many Colors

Bishop Saint

Sheet of Sketches: Sculpture for a Banquet Honoring Queen Christian of Sweden.

The Annunciation

Design for a monument; verso: Architectural sketches

Two Sleeping Figures

Saint in Ecstasy; Study of Saint's Head (recto); Sketches of Putti (verso)

A Man Leading a Blind Friar (recto); Incidental Sketches (not by the artist; verso).

The Expulsion from the Garden

The Rape of Helena; verso: Study of a Kneeling Nude Male Figure

The Ascension of Saint Benedict; verso: Ornamental sketches

The Maryrdom of Saint Lawrence

Studies for Grotesque Decorations (Recto); Small Sketches and Writing (Verso)

Design for a sepulchral monument with a seated prophet or philosopher; verso: Sketches

Design for the Decoration of a Cornice with Putti holding a Garland (recto); Red Chalk Sketches (verso)

Frame Design with Antique Design, and other sketches

Male Figure Seen from Behind

Saint Cecilia, Saint Mary Magdalen, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and Saint Agnes, Angels with Palm Branches and Crowns Above (recto); Sketches of Three Standing Figures and Arithmetic Calculations (verso)

Ornamental Design with a Sphinx Bearing a Vessel on Her Head.

Peasants Drinking verso: sketches of peasants

A Loaded Wagon and Several Human Figures.

A Peasant on Horseback seen in Profile Facing Right; Two Studies of the Same Man's Head.

Allegorical Figures on Mount Parnassus: Study for the etching Triumph of Painting

Studieblad met acht maskers

Sketches of Kyōsai

Album of Fifty-four Sketches

Studieblad met negentien hoofden

Four sketches of birds and one design for a grotesque mask, mounted together

Album of Sketches by Katsushika Hokusai and His Disciples

Two Sketches: One of a Turtle, the Other of Two Unidentified Objects

Album of Sketches by Katsushika Hokusai and His Disciples

Two Women Admiring the Sights from a Vantage Point Overlooking the Zenpukuji Temple

Sketches by Sensai Eitaku

Neptune and Amphitrite

Study Head of a Young Woman

Head of a Man Wearing a Helmet, Looking to Upper Left (recto); Two Sketches, Arms and Hands (verso)

Group of Standing and Seated Female Figures (recto); Costumed Female Figure (verso)

Cavalry Engagement (recto); Concert of Angels (verso)

The Triumph of Henry IV

Seated Woman and Other Sketches

Sketches for a Wall Tomb with Skeletons

Design for a Chandelier with Sixteen Candles

The Coronation of the Virgin

Plate 3: two infants standing in the water at center with their legs as scrollwork, below three small sketches of heads, from 'Friezes, foliage, and grotesques' (Frises, feuillages et grotesques)

Allegorical Figure of Purity with a Unicorn and Two Putti (recto); Study of the Same Figures (verso)

The Continence of Scipio

A Glory of Angels

The Almighty with Angels

Six vases, and two sketches of vases on the extremities, Plate 5 from: 'Collection of Various Vases' (Raccolta di Vasi Diversi)

Schets van een schipbreuk

Study of a red catchfly (Lychnis hirsuta)

Eros and Anteros with Psyche Looking at Them

Woman Reclining

Allegory of Painting with Putti

Album of Sketches

A Waterfall in a Forest at Langhennersdorf

Sketch for the Judgment of Solomon (?); verso: Dancing Mythological Figures

View Within the Colosseum, Rome

The Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint John in a classical landscape; verso: The Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint John