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Artist's Sketch

Sketch of an "Inviting Rain" Mandala

Section of the Dream Diary (Yume no ki) with a Sketch of Mountains

III Kings, historiated initial: Abishag and David, marginal sketch

III Kings, historiated initial: Abishag and David, marginal sketch

Pen sketch from BL Harley 2481, f. 274v

Studies after Antique Frieze Figures, Including Putti with Garlands, with a Chimera and Dolphins (recto); Sketch of a Head (verso)

Standing Figure of Saint Stephen and the Head of Another Figure Within the Framing Outlines of a Rectangle, Crude Sketch of the Head of Another Figure, Undecipherable Sketch of a Polygonal or Circular Object with Small Projections

Sketch for a Ceiling

The Servants of Absalom killing Amnon (2 Samuel 13, 28-29); verso: Sketch of a seated woman

Sketch for Ceiling Decoration

Sketch for Wall Monument

Sketch for Wall Monument

Head of a Woman and Sketch of a Figure (?)

Ornamental Design with Amphore and Antique Style Armor (recto); Sketch with Two Figures (verso)

Court Yards (Sketch for Stage Scene ?)

The Sense of Hearing; verso: light sketch of a woman's head and an arm

Sketch for Ceiling Panel

Sketch for Ceiling Decoration

The Death of Saint Hilary; verso: Sketch of an Arm

A costume and a sketch of a man in profile

Head of a Bearded Man in Profile to Left, possibly the Portrait of the Poet Giorgio Anselmi (ca. 1459-1528), with Faint Sketch of a Skull-like Head

A Kneeling Man in Fifteenth-Century Costume (recto); a small, fragmentary sketch of a recumbant boy, probably by a later hand (verso)

Two Seated Figures in a Landscape with Mountains and a Town (recto); Sketch of a Landscape with Mountains and Buildings (verso)

Studies for the Libyan Sibyl (recto); Studies for the Libyan Sibyl and a small Sketch for a Seated Figure (verso)

Young Man Standing in Profile Facing Left (recto); Sketch of Two Capitals (verso)

Woodland Scene with Light Sketch of a Madonna and Child

Group of Six Reclining Nude Women (Nymphs Bathing) (recto); Sketch of a Leg (verso)

Standing Virgin with Child, Two Heads at Upper Right (recto); Sketch of Steps (verso)

View of Rome from the Janiculum in the South-West; verso: Sketch of buildings and plants

Sketch for Wall Decoration

Sketch for a wall panel in the Sala Paolina at Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome

Samuel Annointing David; verso: sketch of two figures

Sketch for a Frieze

Fragment of Frame Design (Recto); Sketch of a Man's Head in Profile (Verso)

Sketch for a Wall Decoration

Sketch for a Portrait

Design for a sepulchral monument with an allegory of Time; verso: Architectural sketch and fragment of a letter

An Audience (recto); Sketch of a nude woman (verso)

Design for A Female Term Carrying a Vase (recto); Sketch of Draped Male (verso)

Design for a sepulchral monument with Mary Magdalen and Saint Jerome; verso: Sketch (counterproof) and writing exercises

Sketch for Adoration of the Kings

A View of Brussels from the South, with the Halle Gate at Center; verso: Landscape Sketch

Saint Benedict Receiving a Warrior (recto); Sketch of Crowded Narrative Scene (verso)

Framed Sketch for a Man, a Dog and a Tree

Sketch for the Portrait of Tachihara Suiken

Study for a Prometheus Bound (recto); slight sketch of head and shoulders of man in lead pencil (verso)

Landscape with Sheep and Two Figures (recto); Faint Sketch of a Figure with a Hat (verso)

[Courtly outdoor scene, with fountain and men on horses (recto) ; faint red chalk sketch (verso)]

Christ Disputing with the Doctors; a sketch

Christ Disputing with the Doctors; a sketch

Sketch for a Painting of Scholars at the Game of Go

Sketch for a Painting of Mi Fu Inscribing a Poem on a Rock

[First sketch for the chapel of Bonaventura at Potenza (Italy), in (church) San Francesco]

Sketch for Title Page of the Neujahrsblatt vom Musiksaal, Zurich

Perspective Sketch for a Palace Interior.

Sketch of Man in Turban

Sketch of Balcony and Pier (?) With Standing Female and a Reclining Satyr

A Forest Edge with Peasants and a Village in the Background; verso: Landscape Sketch

Study of a Woman in Bust-Length Three-Quarter View (recto); Summary Sketch of the Same (verso).

Sketch of Two Male Figures in Classical Costume

Sketch for the Judgment of Solomon (?); verso: Dancing Mythological Figures

A Sketch (Portrait of George Stubbs)

Architectural Drawing (recto); Sketch of a Figure (verso)

Sketch of a Horse

Four Designs for Emblems (recto); Sketch of Three Putti (verso)

Partial View of the Colosseum; verso: Sketch of the Temple of Minerva Medicea

Sketch of Fountain

Marcolfa Discovers BertoldinoTrying to Hatch Eggs (recto); Sketch of Bertoldino (verso)

The Family of Darius before Alexander (recto); Sketch of a Horse-Drawn Cart, and Studies of Male Heads and an Infant (verso)

Two Angels Flying; verso: God the Father Seated in the Clouds and a Sketch of a Figure Flying

Saint Januarius Saving Naples from an Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Verso: Small sketch of similar scene.

Design for the Corner of a Decoration (recto); Sketch of Monumental Building with Four Temple-Front Entrances (verso)

The ichnography of Charles-town. At high water. A sketch of the harbour.

Design for an Overdoor Decoration with Variant (recto); Sketch of a Marbled Wall (verso)

Classical Landscape with Temples (recto); Indecipherable sketch, possibly of a seated figure (verso)

Sketch Book Containing 182 drawings on 91 leaves. One of a series used by the artist on his Italian trip, 1750–52; Sketches made in Milan, Turin, Florence, and Rome.

Diana (leaf in Italian Sketch Book, 1750–52)

Design for a Vase (recto); Sketch of Small Vase (verso)

Captain Snow's sketch.

Landscape with cattle and figures; sketch for the Rustic Courtship

A sketch of the field of battle with the disposition of the troops in the beginning of the engagement of the 9th of July on the Monongahela 7 miles from Fort Du Quesne.

Copy of a sketch of the Monongahela, with the field of battle,

Sketch of Triumphal Arch (recto); Alternate Study for Triumphal Arch (verso)

Sketch of St. Jo[hn's] Harbour, and part of the river.

A sketch of St. John's Harbour and part of the river;

A Sketch of the harbour of St. Iago de Cuba.

Sketch for the statue ordered to be erected to the memory of the late Wm. Beckford Esqr. by the Court of Common Council

A Woman at her Toilet with a Maid, a Boy, a Dog and a Young Soldier; verso: A Sketch for a Similar Composition

A plan of part of the rivers Tombecbe, Alabama, Tensa, Perdido, & Scambia in the province of West Florida; with a sketch of the boundary between the nation of upper Creek Indians and that part of the province which is contigious thereto, as settled at the congresses at Pensacola in the years 1765 & 1771.

Sketch of a Female Nude Resembling the Medici Venus (Smaller Italian Sketchbook, leaf 20 recto)

Sketch of a Female Nude Resembling the Medici Venus (Smaller Italian Sketchbook, leaf 19 recto)

[Bunker Hill--rough sketch.

Sketch of the action between the British forces and American provincials, on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th June 1775.

A sketch of the action between the British forces and the American provincials, on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th of June 1775.

Sketch of the ground about Charles Town.

Sketch of a Classical Pedestal

Sketch of Two Friezes, Palazzo Mattei

Sketch of the engagement at Trenton, given on the 26th of December 1776 betwixt the American troops under command of General Washington, and three Hessian regiments under command of Colonell Rall, in which the latter a part surrendert themselves prisoner of war.

Sketch of the country illustrating the late engagement in Long Island.