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Nova et accuratissima urbis St. Petersburg à Russorum Imperatore Petro Alexiewiz ao. 1703 ad ostium Nevæ Fl. conditæ et regionis circumjacentis delineatio /

The Russian discoveries from the map published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg.

Tableau des opérations de la Grande Armée depuis l'ouverture de la campagne jusqu'au 21 aout 1812 : Eastern Europe

Vue intérieure d'une partie du Moscou, prise des Hauteurs à droite de la Yaousa / Cadolle delt. ; lithoge. par Deroy.

Vue de la place des boutiques / Cadolle delt. ; lithe. par Deroy.

Feodor Nikititsch Romanow s. Philaret Mosquens et omn. Russiar, Patriarcha, Michaelis, Russ. zar parens

Front cover

Siberian village


Vue de l'intérieur de la salle du Théâtre-Cirque de St. Pétersbourg

The Admiralty / Aubry.

Karta I︠A︡kutskoĭ oblasti chasti Olekminskago okruga i Irkutskoĭ gubernīĭ Kirenskogo [sic] chastʹ okruga s pokazanīem zolotosoderzhashchikh prīĭskov razrabatyvaemyi︠a︡ : gg. chastno promyshlinikami [sic].

Cathedrale of Saint Isaac at St. Petersbourg

The great 10,000 mile wall China

The execution of Emilian Pougatchiff in Moscow Jany. 10th 1775, a pretender to the throne in the reign of Catherine the 2nd

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Tatarinovskaia kamenno-ugol'naia kop'. Chimkendskago uiezda. Zemlianyia raboty proizvodimyia tuzemtsami na kopi

[Gustavus Vasa Fox, Ass't Sec. of Navy, half-length portrait, facing front, Capt. Murray, U.S. Navy, half-length portrait, facing right, and Comr. Beaumont, U.S. Navy, half-length portrait, facing slightly right]

Karta i︠u︡zhno-ussurīĭskago krai︠a︡.

[Head-and-shoulders portrait of a man, dressed in convict clothing, facing slightly right]

Steamer of Ob River system, Tiumen

The hoaxer hoaxed / J.A. Wales.

"Peace" assured / J. Keppler.

An uneven game / Zimmerman.

Peace, but not business / Gillam.

How the "Herald" does it / Zimmermantschikoff - Imperial nihilist St. P'sburgh.

Tough on Turkey / Gillam.

Mendiant Russe

St. Petersburg Peterhof

Moscou. Clocher d'Ivan Veliky au Kremlin

Sacred Gate of the Redeemer

Chart showing the locality where seals were taken adjacent to the Commander Islands in 1892 by eight Canadian sealing vessels.

Chained!! / Keppler.

Misery loves company / Dalrymple.

"See, the conquering hero comes!" / Keppler.

Grocery, I.I. Lapin, Moskow, Russia

The market place, Viborg, Finland

He did it all / F. Opper.

[Peasants sitting on cart]

Not quite ready / Keppler.

The floating bridge over the Oka, and "the fair" of Nijni-Novgorod, Russia

The Russian-French alliance / Keppler.

Plan goroda Tomska s prilegai︠u︡shcheĭ k nemu zheli︠e︡znodorozhnoĭ vi︠e︡tvʹi︠u︡.

Tverskaya Zastava (Arch of Triumph), Moscow, Russia

The jilted fiancée / Keppler.

An interruption / Dalrymple.

The Great Sunday Market of Moscow, Russia

Ready for business / J.S. Pughe.

A division of labor / Keppler.

Futility / Keppler.

Muscovite caution / Keppler.

Reckless defiance / J.S. Pughe.

Mosque [sic] of St. Vladimir, St. Petersburg

[Soldier saluting on iceberg, Enisei River, Siberia]

Not dead yet / Keppler.

Nicholas I monument & Isaac cathedral, St. Petersburg

Second-hand shops, St. Petersburg

Salon of American Embassy, St. Petersburg

Horse drawn sledge, in Russia

The Nevski Prospect, the main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg, Russia

Monument of Alexander II in the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

As the tariff-war must end / Keppler.

Ceremony of blessing the apple, procession from the Cathedral of the Assumption, Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

The Bolschaya Morskaya and War Office Arch, St. Petersburg, Russia

China safe - for the present / J.S. Pughe.

"Sour grapes!" / J.S. Pughe.

The Splendid Altar, Temple of Our Saviour, Moscow, Russia

Illynka Street and Church of Nichol the Crossed, Moscow, Russia

Moscow, the ancient capital of Russia, from the Temple of Our Savior

The principal street in the fair, Nijni-Novgorod, Russia

Home of a wealthy merchant, a fine specimen of Russian architecture, Moscow, Russia

Street fakir and some of his customers, St. Petersburg, Russia

Traders wares in the Tartar market, St. Petersburg, Russia

First come, first served Kep

Exposed to the world's contempt / Keppler.

At present he works Bulgaria / Kep.

A Russian home on Sparrow Hills, a Sunday pleasure resort of Moscow, Russia

Too late / Keppler.

The Japanese boudoir, Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

The alllies / Kep.

Bubbles / Kep.

Church of Our Saviour, unexcelled in splendor, Moscow Russia

The ex-scarecrow of Europe / J.S. Pughe.

Running amuck / Keppler.

The struggle of the Slav / J.S. Pughe.

Nearing the end / Keppler.

Ėtrusskīi︠a︡ vazy v Ėrmitazhi︠e︡ v SPeterburgi︠e︡

Vid po dolini︠e︡ Uch-Dere, 25 v. ot Sochi


Holiday crowd in Moscow celebrating the Declaration of Liberty by the Czar

Kishineff must be paid for - with interest / Keppler.

Juustila. At the lake

The Russian deluge / Hassman̄.

The Russian crown / Hassman̄.

Poster showing scientific illustrations of butterfly specimens, taken in the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg

Sirenʹ v Gatchinskom parki︠e︡

Sirenʹ v Gatchinskom parki︠e︡

Derevni︠a︡ Turovo. Luzhskago ui︠e︡zda. SPeterburgskoĭ gub

Zakat zimoi︠u︡ s gory Papula

Learning to walk / J.S. Pughe.

Pliuvium no. 9 (front page)