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Quatrain on yellow roses

An angel offers St. Cecilia and St. Valerian of Rome crowns of roses and lilies

Honor Making a Chaplet of Roses

St. Lidwyna holding roses and a cross

Red and white roses from BL Arundel 66, f. 1v

Red roses from BL Arundel 66, f. 187

Dish with Cypress Tree, Saz Leaves, and Roses

Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses

Blue-colored flacon de poche decorated with fleur de lys, hearts and roses

White Roses and Fish in Stream

Roses [Material cartográfico] : ville forte d'Espagne du Païs de Lampourdan dans la Province de Catalogne... prise pour le Roy par le Mareschal Duc de Noailles l'an 1693

Cranes, Peach Tree, and Chinese Roses

Roses and Wisteria

Vignette with Coin on a Cloud with Roses to the left and Doves Below and to the Right, Tome I, Page 148, from Description des Principales Pierres gravées du Cabinet de S.A.S. Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans Premier Prince du sang. A Paris chez M. l'abbé de la Chau au Palais-Royal M. l'abbé Le Blond au collége Mazarin Et chez Pissot, libraire, quai des Augustins

Roses and Plum Blossoms

Picking of the Red and White Roses (Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth, Part 1, Act 2, Scene 4)

Let thy Path be on Roses, ...' ( Cecilia Berckemeyer from Hamburg, Liverpool, the 12, August. 1796)

Roses and Bamboo with Nightingale

Design for a ceiling painted with clouds, trellises, and roses

Design for a ceiling painted with putti in clouds with roses

Two Roses and Two Small Flowers

Flowers: Roses and Lilacs

Flowers: Roses

Partial design for a ceiling to be painted with a trompe l'oeil iron railing and roses

A Circular ceiling design with clouds and roses

Fig. 1. Rosa canina = Rosier des chiens. fig. 2. Rosa sepium = Rosier des haies. [Dog rose - Wild rose]

Rosa centifolia = rose à cent feuilles. [Pale rose, Hundred-leaved or Cabbage rose]

Rosa semperflorens = Rosier toujours fleuri. [Ever-blowing rose, china rose, Bengal rose]

Rosa semper florens = Rosier de tous les mois. [Ever-blowing Rose,China Rose, Bengal Rose]

Rosa multiflora = rosier multiflore. [Rambler Rose, Multiflowered Rose]

Azalea rosea = Azalée à fleurs roses. [Rhododendron 'Vervaeneana Rosea']

Four Scenes from "Cries of London" Series: Here's your Potatoes...; Buy my Moss Roses...; Light your Honor; Pray Remember the Blind

Fig. 1. Rosa rubrifolia = Rosier à feuilles rougeàtres. Fig. 2. Rosa Kamtchatica = Rosier du Kamtchatka. [Redleaf rose; Red-leafed rose - Japanese rose]

Fig. 1. Rosa alba = Rosier blanc. Fig. Rosa Pimpinellifolia = rosier à feuilles de Pimprenelle. [Alba Semi-Plena; White Rose of York - Scotch Rose, Burnet rose]

Fig. 1. Rosa semper virens = Rosier toujours vert. Fig. 2. Rosa bracteata = rosier à bractées. [Ever-green rose - Macartney rose]

Fig. 1 Rosa villosa = Rosier velu. fig. 2. Rosa centifolia Pomponia = Rosier à cent fuilles, Pompon. [The Apple rose - Pompon rose]

Fig. 1. Rosa Eglanteria = Rosier Eglantier. Fig. 2. Rosa Berberifolia. [Eglantine, Sweetbrier Rose - Rose single]

Yamabuki ōgiya uchi takigawa

Comfort of a Bed of Roses

Plan du siége du Roses [Material cartográfico]


Two Roses

Buy My Moss Roses, or Dainty Sweetbriar

Rosa centifolia bullata = rosier a feuilles de laitue / P.J. Redouté, pinx.

Rose blossoms on stem with leaves

Rose on a stem with leaves and unopened blossoms

Plan du siége de Roses

Design for the painted decoration of a ceiling with a trompe l'oeil canopy and roses

Flower arrangement with red rose or peony, a white blossom with red and yellow center, and blue bell-shaped blossoms, with foliage

Flower arrangement with white rose, fuchsia, and petunia

Poissons.: 1. Sillago ponctué. (Nouvelle-Hollande.); 2. Sillago de bass. (Nouvelle-Hollande.); 3. Ambasse de Dussumier. (Célèbes.); 4. Apogon orbiculaire. (Amboine.); 5. Apogon à nagcoires roses. (Amboine.).

Wallpaper design featuring bouquets of roses, strapwork, and rinceaux

Design for wallpaper featuring strapwork, rinceaux, and cartouches filled with bouquets of roses

Partial design for ceiling decoration with clouds and roses

Titmouse and Camellias (right), Sparrow and Wild Roses (center), and Black-naped Oriole and Cherry Blossoms (left)

Roses and Sparrow


I'm Weeping O'er My Roses

The Bower of roses

[Design drawing for stained glass window with Noli Me Tangere, John 20:16; large-scale red roses on verso]

At the Field of Roses, Bethlehem, N.H.

At the Field of Roses, Bethlehem, N.H.

Banksia rose.

Rose bush arbor, Washington.

Banksia rose.

Rose bush arbor, Washington.

Mouillage de Roses : [corte nautique]

[La Comtesse décolletée; Roses mousseuses]

Roses, and rosebuds

Still Life with Roses and Fruit

List of special collections, for 1864, of fruit and ornamental trees, roses, shrubs, vines, evergreens, pot and bedding plants, seeds, &c. [Boston, 1864].

Rose Patch and Summerhouse.

[Grande rose Pallandre.]

[Assiette] (rose) (modèle de coloris).

Rose Patch and Summerhouse.

Couvercle de la soupière ovale.

[Assiette] (rose).

Delehanty & Hengler's New and original song and dance. Love among the roses. Sambo's invitation / J.E. Banu...(?)


Little girls reward. The first roses. K... 71

Little girls reward. The first roses. K... 71

map from "The Last Battle of the Roses. A paper on the battle of Bosworth Field ... To which is added Saville's chronicle & Drayton's description of the battle, with map and other illustrations"

Road to ruin

Easter morning, no. 5 after Mrs. O.E. Whitney


Prang's floral mottoes, no. 20. Be pure in heart after Mrs. O.E. Whitney

Anchor and flowers, no. 1 after Mrs. O.E. Whitney

The rose of beauty

Valley of Roses.

Valley of Roses.

Pride of the banquet

Cross of roses


Prang's floral mottoes, no. 45. "He giveth his beloved sleep"

[Dottie and Lottie]. You'll never guess how I got the roses -- it was like this, Lottie ...

Dottie and Lottie. Why Dottie! where did you get the lovely roses? ...

Women and children in their porch and a man standing out.

Women and children in their porch and a man standing out.

'Ain Hanîyeh, in the Valley of Roses, commonly called Philip's Fountain, and regarded as a sacred place by the Latins

Fanny Davenport