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[Embossed leather binding on 12th century manuscript]

[Gutenberg Bible opened to the beginning of the Gospel of Luke]

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

[Blacksmith shoeing a horse while a man with large sword slays a snake in the background]

[A farmer plowing a field]

[Portable siege ladder]

[World map by Ptolemy]

[Woodcuts used to illus. Fables from incunabula...1966: the fox and the crane, ca. 1479 - item 57]

[Life stages from infancy to old age with various accoutrements]

[Farmers harvesting crops]

"View of Venice"

[Knights, some on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat]

Recueil des histoires de Troyes.[Lyons, Michel Topié and Jacques Heremberck, 10 Oct. 1490]

Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae ad usum Romanum. Hours [from old catalog] [Paris, Denis Mellier? ca. 1490] [80] leaves. cuts: illus., borders. 27 cm. (4to)

[Cultivation and care of grapevines]

Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. [from old catalog]Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae ad usum Romanum.Hours [from old catalog]Paris, Philippe Pigouchet, 19 Apr. 1494.

De insulis nuper in mari Indico repertis

[2 botanical illus. and page of text]

[Title page with illustration showing the tree of knowledge]

[Architectural elements, floor plan, and elevation from handbook on classical architecture]

[Bird's-eye view of a large scale water supply system showing tunnels and covered aqueducts]

A pariquadrata superficie humai corporis perdistincta eo naturali centro umbilici circulum excipere - et in eo quadratum minorem inscribere, fig. a

[Milan Cathedral, plan, elevation, and architectural elements from handbook on classical architecture]

[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

[Interior of a metallurgist's workshop with furnace and implements of his trade; on the hood over the furnace is a portrait of an unidentified man]

[Telescoping siege machine]

[Air mattress made from animal skins]

[Underwater breathing apparatus]

[Saint Benedict presenting his monastic regulations to r. padre frate Rogiero di Barletta, who is kneeling before him]

Haec est forma vivaque torqueti mago suis, et numeris, ...

[Architectural plan and elevation of a bridge showing piers, arches, and columns]

[A folding, pocket-sized sundial]

Expositio thoracomachi

[South Pole. 1555; page of text illus. with map showing "The Pole Antartike" and "The Crosse" (stars)]

[Plate from De re metallica showing three methods of ventilating mines]

[Illustration of activities of Lapps and Finns: Men and women hunting with bows and arrows on snowshoes; "women hunt...as nimbly...or more than men"]

Graveur sur bois au XVIe siècle / d'aprés Jost Amman.

Aurifaber - der goltschmit

[Ornate title page illustration for I qvattro libri dell'architettvra by Andrea Palladio]

[Floor plan and elevation of a classical style house]

[Title page to The arte of warre by Niccolò Machiavelli]

[Interior view of large, spacious kitchen with cooks preparing a meal]

Philip II letter, 1578 Dec. 2.

[A man operating a lathe with fixed cutting tool driven by the action of weights; here the machine is cutting screw threads in wood]

[Folding bridge - two views, top extended across moat, bottom folded prior to release; used by infantry during assault on fortress]

S. Augustini : pars est terra Florida, sub latitudine 30 grad, ora vero maritima humilior est, lancinata et insulosa.

[Obelisk, wrapped in a protective casing, on its side on rollers, moving along scaffolding from the Circus Nero to its new location at the Piazza of Saint Peter in Rome]

[Scaffolding used for support when lowering obelisk at the Circus Nero prior to its relocation to the Piazza of Saint Peter in Rome]

[Map of the coast of Virginia in 1585] / autore Ioanne With ; sculptore Theodore de Brÿ qui et excud.

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

[Obelisk at the Circus Nero prior to its relocation to the Piazza of Saint Peter in Rome]

[The Englishmen's arrival in Virginia]

[How the Natives collect gold in the streams]

Galli locum condendae arci aptum deligunt

[Title page to A geometrical practical treatize named pantometria, divided into three bookes, longimetra, planimetra, and stereometria ...]

Johannes Staden goes to war with the Indians

Jeppipo Wasu, the king of the tribe and many of his kin become very ill

Johannes Staden arrives at unknown island and finds Portugese already there. Supraway, 18 miles from S. Vincentii Insula

Johannes Lerii's account of women washing the dead body to prepare it for frying

Johannes Staden is being exhibited as a prisoner by the Indian women

[Illustrations of Johannes Staden's description of the Tuppin Inwa Indians: European prisoners being fried and eaten by the Tuppin Inwa]

[Gerhard Mercator, half-length portrait, facing left, holding compass and globe, at age 62]

[Star-shaped fortess surrounded by water-filled moat]

Spanish soldier standing beside huge seated Patagonian Indian holding bow and arrow

[A method of hunting deer in the Northeast]

[Title page with allegorical illustration at top]

[Map of Virginia] / discovered and discribed [sic] by Captain John Smith 1606 [?] William Hole.

[Title page illustration for La pyrotechnie showing columns, arches, a huge fire emanating from a cauldron, cannons and cannon barrels of various sizes, as well as flaming cannon balls]

Wij Christina medh Gudz...

The Capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Commonwealth. By the Court, in the years 1641. 1642 ... Printed first in New-England, and reprinted in London for Ben Allen in Popes-head Allen. 1643.

[Hero's miraculous altar]

Wij Christina medh Gudz ...

[Page of text with illustration of a "thermoscope" or thermometer without scale]

To all persons whom these may concern in the several townes, and plantations of the United Colonies in New-England. It is hereby declared, that his highness the Lord Protectour of the Common wealth of England &c. hath commissioned and impowered

[Men operating water pumps during building fire]

[Microscope and other scientific apparatus]

[Microscopic view of an ant]

[Examples of Florentine thermometers and a hygrometer]

Boston in New England. August 9th 1667. The Governour, deputy-governour and sundry of the magistrates. Being assembled, do judge meet to comment to their beloved brethren and neighbours the inhabitants of this colony this following proposed ...

Whereas the lawes published by the Honourable General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76 Sect. 3 Do require all townes from time to time to dispose of single persons and inmates within their towns to service, or otherwise. [Massachusetts, 1668] [Positive Ph

[Box with rotating rods and a matrix for doing mathematical calculations]

[Man pointing to glass globe during experiment demonstrating the force of air pressure on a vacuum]

Boston. March 22. 1672/3 The Deputy Covernour and magistrates adjacent being assembled in Council, to consider of the late awful hand of God, consuming our Castle by fire the one and twentieth of this instant, thereby taking away that part of ou

At a General Court held at Boston in New England the second day of October 1678. [A proclamaton for a day of fasting and prayer November 21, 1678] [Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green 1678].

At the second sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England. Whereas it hath pleased his most excellent Majesty our gracious king, by his letter bearing date the twenty seventh of April 1678 ... that the oath of allegiance as it is

The London Gazette: Published by authority. From Thursday February 5th to Monday February 9th 1684 … Printed by Thomas Newcomb in the Savoy 1684. And Reprinted at Boston in New-England by Samuel Green, 1685.

The General Courts answer to Joseph Dudley esqr. &c. This was pas'd by the whole court. Nemine non confentiente. Gentlemen:- [Refusing their assent to his Commission for governing the Colony and other places therein mentioned]. [Boston: Printed

Two addresses from the Governour, council and convention of the Massachusets Colony assembled at Boston in New-England. Presented to his majesty, at Hampton-Court, August 7, 1689. By Sir Henry Ashurst Baronet.

From a gentleman of Boston to a friend in the countrey. [Signed] N. N. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green 1689].

A relation of Captain Bull, concerning the Mohawks at Fort-Albany, May 1689. [Boston: Printed by Samuel Green, 1689].

To the king and queens most excellent majesties. The humble address of the president and council for the safety of the people, and conservation of the peace. [Regarding restoration of charter and English liberties] Boston in New-England, May 20,

His majesty's most gracious letter to his government of the Massathusets Colony in New-England ... Printed at Boston in New-England, by Richard Pierce for Benjamin Harris Anno Domini M DC LXXX IX.

To his highness William Henrick, Prince of Orange, the most humble petition of George Lord Chancellor Jefferies. Most humbly sheweth; that your petitioner who was once Lord Chancellor of England is now become the lowest of your suppliants, and f

Anno Regni regis & reginae Gulielmi& Mariae secundo. By the Governour, & council [An order for enlisting men in the expedition against Canada] Boston March 24 1689. [Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green 1690].

At a General Court for their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting at Boston, upon adjournment, December 22th, 1691 [A proclamation relating to various matters] [Cambridge Printed by Bartholomew Green 1691].

Nova et exacta delineatio Americae partis avstralis. qve est : Brasilia, Caribana, Gviana regnũm noũũm, Castilia del Oro, Nicaragva, insũlae Antillas et Perv. Et sub Tropico Capricorni, Chile, Rio della Plata, Patagonṽ, & Fretṽ Magellanicv̄.

By His Excellency Benjamin Fletcher, Captain General and Governor in Chief of their Majesties Province of New-York, Province of Pennsylvania, County of New-Castle, and the Territories and tracts of land depending theron in America, and vice-admi

[Frontispiece and title page for Mechanick exercises by Joseph Moxon, showing framing for a wooden building]

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. By the honorable, the Lieutenant council & assembly: convened at Boston, upon Wednesday the 27th of May 1696, in the eighth year of His Majesties reign. for better encouragement to prosecute the French and Indi