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Veduta del Palazzo della Sanità, e dell'Interno del Molo piccolo in Napoli

[Christ crowned with thorns] / MS.

[The Angel of the Annunciation] / MS.

[Christ praying on the Mount of Olives] / M.S.

[Life of the Virgin. Angel appearing to Joachim] / AD.

[Christ on the cross] / DH.

[Roman soldiers bearing the trophies in triumph]

The Prodigal Son

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

The marriage of St. Catherine

The Tiburtine sibyl and the Emperor Augustus

St. Philip

St. Philip (or Andrew?)

Circe drinking

Two nude men: one standing, one reclining / Micarino, fec.




Raphael and his beloved

The flight into Egypt / PHL.

[A philosopher]

[The Triumph of Time]

The Martyrdom of St. Erasmus

An apostle (Paul?)



Nemesis (the great fortune)

[St. Eustace] / AD [monogram].

The Virgin and Child on a grassy bench

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

Flight into Egypt AD monogram

St. Christopher

[The visitation]

The Betrayal of Christ

[St. George on horseback] / AD [monogram].

[Susanna and the elders]

[Resurrection] / AD [monogram].

Adoration of the Magi AD monogram

The mass of Saint Gregory AD monogram

Ecce Homo

[The knight, Death, and the Devil] / AD [monogram].

The bagpiper

[St. Jerome in his study] / AD [monogram].

[Dancing peasant couple] / AD [monogram].

The death of Ananias / Raphael Urbinas, perugo da carpo.

Venus and cupids / perugo da carpo.

St. Peter preaching the gospel

[The desperate man]

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

[St. Christopher with infant Christ]

The resurrection

Sudarium held by one angel AD monogram

The Virgin in an oval


The virgin, child and St. John


Death and the Devil surprise two women DH monogram

The sacrifice of Abraham

[Madonna with the pear]

The sacrifice

Saint Christopher facing left AD monogram

[St. Christopher, facing right] / AD [monogram].

[Portrait of Lucas van Leyden] / L [monogram].

The blindness of Tebit


St. John


The philosopher

[Self-portrait, aged 28]

The philosopher Diogenes and the allegory of astronomy

[Man seated, seen from behind]

Diana hunting the stag

[Seven horses in a wood] / Baldung, 1534.

[Jan van Leyden]

Christ healing the paralytic man

[The story of the first men]

The adoration of the Magi / F.[...].



Ensign, drummer and piper


[The Virgin holding the child seated on a cloud]

[Landscape with church] / HSL.


Pope Gregory XIII

[The Marriage at Cana]

Stockholm omkring 1580. Kopparstick av Fr. Hogenberg efter teckning av H. Scholeus.

[Wendelinus Dietterlin ...]

Virgin and child with angel

[Allegorical representation of Time rewarding Industry and punishing Indolence] / M. de vos, inventor ; R. Sadler [sic] scalps. et excud.

Dog A. Caraza

Mutius Scaevola

The entombment

Virtue / Iacobus Ligozzus Verones inuenit ac pinxit, Andreas Andreanas

The Virgin, Child, and saints / Iacopo Ligozia Veronese pittore del Sereniss [...]; Andrea Andriano Mant. intagliatore 1585.

The entombment / Raff. da Reggio invent. Andrea Andreano Mant. intagliator.

Eve after the Fall / Mecarino inventore, Anda. intagliat[o]re Mant[ua]no.

Maria Regina Scotiae--Mortis at Horrendam Faciem [...] / PM.

Titiani Vercellii pictoris celeberrimi ac famosissimi vera effigies

[A standard bearer holding the banner of his regiment] / H. Goltzius fc.