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Mona lisa smile the joconde, emotions.

Art mons vauxhall, beauty fashion.

Albert Sands Southworth

King William's Temple at Kew Gardens (detail from stereoview)

On board "Lady Canning", floating church, Calcutta, India, c. 1875. Elizabeth Ann Rust and baby William.

Palm House Pond and Museum No1 at Kew Gardens (detail from stereoview)

Fowey, Cornwall - estuary with ships of all sizes, late 1800s?

Vintage Railway Album: 6 (detail) - Harrow and Wealdstone station

Identified! Bampton, Oxfordshire

Anchor Hotel and Ship & Plough Hotel, Kingsbridge, Devon c. 1890

The Smithy, Manafon, Wales. Montgomeryshire by-election, 1894

Lewis Tomalin (founder of Jaeger) and family at 20 Cambalt Road, Putney, c. 1895

Robert William Melbourne, Burton, September 1896

Mason Croft, Stratford-upon-Avon

Vintage Railway Album: 5 (detail) - Harrow & Wealdstone station

The Keep, Kenilworth Castle, early 1900s

Vintage Railway Album: 7 - Prince Leopold at Harrow & Wealdstone station

Vintage Railway Album: 6 - LNWR Humphrey Davy at Harrow & Wealdstone station

Vintage Railway Album: 4 (detail) - Harrow & Wealdstone station

A trip to the moon (Le voyage dans la Lune), Georges Méliès [1902]

The Stapleton Family, at the Rodney, Easter Monday 1907

The Spider and the Butterfly (Le papillon fantastique), Georges Méliès (1909)

R Holland Butchers, Wallsend, Newcastle Upon On Tyne, c. 1910

Early Colour image of thatched house now identified as Corhampton, Hampshire. Paget Colour process

Hospital ward, Sainte Adresse, Le Havre, November 1914

Postcard: Le Havre - Le Cap de la Heve pris de la nouvelle Jetee

Postcard of L'eglise St Ouen, Rouen, France

Identified! WW1 hospital at Parc Wern (now Parc Beck), Swansea

Monument du Dr Duchesne, Boulogne-Sur-Mer

Postcard: Rouen - La Grosse Horloge. December 1914

Postcard of Sainte Adresse, Le Havre, sent November 1914

Postcard of Le Havre "Vue generale vers le Port" sent November 1914

Postcard: Sainte Adresse, Le Havre, France, December 1914

Postcard: Dunkerque - Station de la Defense Mobile

Postcard: Malo-les-Bains - La Place Turenne, sent May 1915

Postcard: Dunkerque - Le Beffroi, sent April 1915

Postcard: Malo-les-Bains [Dunkirk] - Rue des Ecoles, sent March 1915

Postcard: Bergues - La Caserne, la Porte de Bierne vue des Ramparts, sent Feb 1915

Postcard: Calais - Bassin Ouest et Vue Generale du Quartier Maritime, sent March 1915

Early Paget Process colour image - identified as Corhampton, Hampshire, c. 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Marche aux Bestiaux, sent Feb 1915

Postcard: Bergues - La Colme en Ville, sent January 1915

Postcard: Dunkerque - La Rue de l'Eglise, sent March 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Tour de St Winoc, sent Feb 1915

Postcard: Le Havre. L'Hotel de Ville et le Boulevard de Strasbourg, sent 3 May 1915

Postcard: St Omer - Le Canal pres de la Caserne de Cavalerie, sent August 1915

Postcard: Malo-les Bains - Place Turenne, sent March 1915

Postcard: Paris - Abside Notre-Dame sent 1 May 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Porte de Bierne, sent Jan 1915

Postcard: St Omer - La Place Victor-Hugo, sent June 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Porte de Cassel, sent Jan 1915

Postcard: Malo-les-Bains - Avenue Kleber, sent 30 April 1915

Postcard: Dunkerque - Une division de la 2me flotille des Torpilleurs de la Manche dans le bassin du Commerce.

Postcard: St Omer - Quai du Haut Pont, sent July 1915

Postcard: Boulogne-sur-Mer - Porte des Dunes, sent June 1915

Postcard: Dunkerque - Dunkerque - L'Entree du Port, sent April 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Eglise St Martin, sent March 1915

Postcard: Bergues - Le Pont Saint-Jean (Maison de 1597), sent Feb 1915

Postcard "Captured German Guns in London" by Judges, sent Christmas 1918

Pavilion, Kew Gardens, 1920s?

Queen Elizabeth class battleship in Valetta Harbour, Malta, 1920s/30s

Preston Guild parade, 1922 #5

Preston Guild parade, 1922 #1

Preston Guild parade and Harris Museum, 1922 - image #3

Preston Guild parade, 6 Sept 1922 #4

Preston Guild parade, 1922 #2

Citroen half-track vehicle, 1924 (animated 3D) - Military manoeuvres at Fontainebleau #6

Transatlantic ship "France" at Le Havre, Sept 1926 #1 (crop)

Transatlantic ship "France" at Le Havre, Sept 1926 #2 (crop)

Crystal Palace, early 1930s

Zero for Conduct [1933] - Old cinema [FR, ENG subs, public domain]

Storm in A Teacup - [1937] - Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison

Hamburg Pleasure Boat, dated 21 August 1938

Three RAF Westland Lysanders over Suez canal

Senior RAF and army officers and King George VI - debrief from a bombing raid with the crew of a Wellington

Joan Avoids a Cold - vintage documentary

Health: Your Posture - classic documentary public domain

Public Domain - 1953 Commercial - DeSoto

Building skyscraper halo, architecture buildings.

Pig drawing public domain.

Jan brueghel painting abundance and the four elements.

Rome tourism europe, travel vacation.

George cruikshank william shakespeare globe theater.

Josef gabriel frey painting gouache.

Antonio pereda oil on canvas the dream of the knight.

The garden of earthly delights garden eden.

Asiatic wildcat felis ornata asian steppe wildcat.

Cc0 image public domain.

The storm shakespeare unknown artist.

Edwin landseer william shakespeare dream scene of a summer night.

Felis chaus affinis himalayan jungle cat cat sitting.

Mona lisa the joconde leonardo de vinci, emotions.

Leonardo da vinci vitruvian man uomo vitruviano.

Early colour image of thatched cottages, now identified as Corhampton, Hampshire. Paget Colour process (full image)

Birmingham Council House, early 1900s

Identified! The Swan Inn, Rose Island, River Thames, Oxfordshire

Postcard: Dunkerque - Le Bassin du Commerce et le Quai des Hollandais

Postcard: Dunkerque - Vue generale de la Ville et des Bassins

Postcard: Paris (VIIIeme) - Le Pont Alexandre III vers les Invalides

Squadron Leader E A McNab and his men, No 1 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force and Hawker Hurricane