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The Rape of the Lock

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Louis Michel Lepelletier de St. Fargeau

Portrait of F. Thomas

Vignette for the first chant of Roland Furieux

Portrait of Franklin, after Vanloo

Portrait of Fénelon

Portrait of Franklin, after Vanloo

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Anne de Chaumont-Guitry, Comtesse d'Amblimont

Anne de Chaumont-Guitry, Comtesse d'Amblimont

Major Money Adrift in the North Sea

Mare and Foal

Military Festival at Boulogne with Napoleon Distributing Stars of the Legion of Honor

Visite Chez la Nourrice (Visit to the Wetnurse) (from Journal l'Artiste)

Grands Sauteurs!, from La Caricature

The Curious Performance

Oriental Head

Sans profession, from the series Bohèmes, Masques et Visages

Les Musards de la Rue du Coq (Dawdlers of the Rue du Coq)

Portrait of the Empress Eugenie, after Winterhalter

Portrait of a Young Man in Profile

Thomas Williams, the Town Crier of New Bedford with Wife and Daughter

Gothic Church Hidden by a Tree

Stella in Prison

Landscape after Claude


Musée pour rire no 3, dernier numéro du journal des modes

Christ in Gethsemene

Une maison de la rue de la Victoire

Melancholy, young man with folded hands sitting on window sill

Imperial Jump-rope (Le Sauteur impérial, grand faiseur de tour)

Zéphir, caricature of the male ballerina Auguste Vestris

Das Schloss Prediama in Crein XII Stund: von Triest


Four Rows of Musicians and Dancers

Staircase of the Grand Tower, Harcourt Castle

Children Holding a Candle in a Church


Portait of Villeau

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

An old woman spinning, spindle in her right hand, distaff in her left

Entry, or Lord Fat Cheeks (Entrée, ou Milord-Gorju)

Portrait of Mademoiselle Ledieu

Print Dealer

Chantier de Bois a Bruler

Specimens of Furniture in the Elizabethan & Louis Quatorze Styles. Adapted for Modern Imitation

El vito (The Andalusian dance)

Trade card for Ladislas Lukassy Kunstfeuerwerker

Chat échaudé craint l'eau froide

Modern Furniture. Original and Select

Plans Raisonnés de Toutes les Espèces de Jardins

François Delpech's Print Shop

Two Women Outdoors, No. 720, from La Elegancia (Barcelona)

Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Biot

Camels in a Landscape

Lithograph from Baron Taylor's Voyages Pittoresques

Portrait of a Young Man

Portrait of Mme. Dugazon

Augustin-Eugène Scribe with Characters

Number 473 from La Elegancia Barcelona

Exit, or Lord the Gob (Sortie, ou Milord-la Gob)

Napoleon and Josephine Visiting the Studio of David, January 4, 1808

The Cabinet Maker's Sketch Book of Plain and Useful Designs

Monsters, Monkeys, and Men

Polemical Duel between Lady Quotidienne and Sir Journal de Paris

Repas de Corps. Epoque Mémorable de 1821

The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactuers, &c., 2nd series, volume 12

A Literary Fellow Meditating

A Literary Fellow Meditating

Portrait of Le Baron de Humboldt

Entrance to the Adelphi Wharf

The Grand Opera

Well, Hello (Eh bonjour– donc–.)

The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactuers, &c., 2nd series, volume 11

Italian Theater

Watering Trough, Title Page of "Studies of Horses" (Etudes de Chevaux)

The Flemish Farrier

Two Horses Exercised by a Jockey

A System of Anatomical Plates of the Human Body, vol. 2

The Marmot

Gateway to the Abbey of St Martin of Auchi in Aumale (France)

The Comb Punch

The Crayfish at Longchamps

Hired Hands

Horses Driven to a Fair

Portrait of Joseph-Louise Gay Lussac

The Card Players

Watch Your Rear ! ! ! !

The Beggar

Portrait of the Rabe Children: Hermann, age 14 and Edmond, age 7; verso: proof before corrections of small faults in the images

Black Horse Tethered in a Stable

The Smokers

Archway of The Colosseum, First Level

The Thoughtful Captain

The Dog Shearer

S.A.R. Mgr le Duc de Bordeaux...S.A.R. Mademoiselle...(Portr. du Comte de Chambord et la duchesse de Parme, enfants)

The Board of Censors Moves Out

Our Lady of Vladimir Church in St. Petersburg

A Plan of a Triumphal Memorial....at Holyhead in honour of the visit of His Majesty George IV to the Principality of Wales on the 7th of August, 1821 by Thomas Harrison Esq. Architect