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King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

[News photographers photographing Paulina Longworth, daughter of Nick and Alice Longworth, being held by woman on sidewalk, Washington, D.C.]

View of Quant where we broke the Hindenburg Line

Prisoners coming in and troops moving up

French armoured cars and British transport going forward in France

Machine gun nest

Showing the railway lines near the station

Y.M.C.A. tent on the ground

After duty, anti-aircraft gunners indulge in the old-time winter sport

View of Tilloy which we have captured

Wounded Tommy showing his helmet with a piece blown out

View of Thilloy

Raiding party getting clear of a sap and racing towards the Boche trenches

Tank in action

Bridging a mine crater on a road

Boche machine gun crew captured with their gun

Where the flour is made into dough

Funeral of British Red Cross Nurse who was killed during the German Air Raid on Red Cross Hospital

German 5.9 gun and limber near Bullecourt

Working party returning from their night's work

Aerial photograph, Lombartzyde, Belgium, 1917

Blown up bridge at Nesle which town the British captured

View of the main street in Puisieux

Paddy, a gassed case

Men of an English county regiment crossing a temporarily constructed bridge

R.H.A. going through the river at a gallop

Scene on the ground

Captured Boche gun on the roadside

Balmorals composing songs

Returning from leave and nearing the old spot again

Raiding party returning after the raid, showing barrage behind them

Big gun raising the dust as it is fired

Salvage of the battlefield near Bapaume

Taking no risks with enemy duds

Where the yeast is stored

Cavalry crossing a temporary bridge

Presentation of the Military Medal by General Plumer to nurses for their courageous conduct when their hospital was bombed by German airmen

Summer has been changed to winter by the British guns

Crowd round the gangway as Gen. Pershing lands in France

Spanish Officers in one of the many villages wrecked by the Germans

Portuguese entering a gas trench

King of Belgium's chaffeur in trouble

British tanks going forward to check the German advance

Highlanders having a rest on their way from the trenches

Balmorals entertainment troupe of a Scottish division

Mr Younger(?), the Principal, Barcley/Bardy(?) and Douglas

Padre having a few cheery words with a wounded man whilst he is bought in on a light railway

Outpost trench built around a cottage

Locomotive abandoned in front of Thiepval

Main road from Vendelles to Vermand

Machine gun post in a barn

Laying down a line on the ground just captured from the Germans

Twelve horse teams are used in taking ammunition over the heavy ground

Looking down the Rue Sadi-Carnet at Bethune

Rifle inspection after being relieved from the front line

View of the village of Courcelles

H.M. on Wytschaete Ridge

Tommies arriving home at Mud Terrace

Tommy versus French school-children

Infantry waiting to attack during World War I

Advanced dressing station

Civilians in a newly captured village are delighted at the arrival of British troops

Lumber Jack bringing in a log

Tanks showing some of their antics during the King's visit to their Headquarters

Cathedral at Ypres as it appeared at the end of 1916

Coal dump in the snow

French soldier and his wife returned to one of the captured villges in search of cash they had buried before the invasion

British, French and American soldiers seated with W.A.A.C.s on the sands watching French kiddies building sand castles

Navvy battalion at work round the Virgin of Montauban

Earl Haig inspecting the guard of honour

Freedom of Cupar to F.M. Sir Douglas Haig

Inspecting a Battalion of King's Royal Rifles

German shell bursting close to our trenches

Convalescent British soldiers in France having a rest in a recreation room in a hut provided for them by the B.R.C.S.

Tired out Tommies sleeping in a ditch

Recovered from the ruins of the Chateau of Caulincourt

Drawing rations at the front

View of the Chateau at Gommecourt

Mr. Balfour, le Gal Douglas Haig, le Gal. Wilson

Men of the Dorsets cleaning their rifles in a ruined farm

Drinking the King's health back in their billets

Scene in one of the many mechanical transport workshops behind the line

View in Bethune showing the church tower

Big shells for one of our guns

Army Commander Sir H.S. Horne inspecting machine gun limbers

First decoration to be presented to a Portuguese soldier in France

Two of the best houses left in Gommecourt after our artillery had finished with it

Old Frenchwoman in Amiens evacuating her house leaving her pet canary to the tender mercies of a British Tommy

Wrecked houses

Cavalry on the move

French and British make a line to hold up the enemy

Canadians digging in and waiting for the next wave to pass them and go forward

Brief spell duing the bombardment for Zonnebeke

Water refilling point

Machine gun firing at a Boche plane

View in Bethune showing the clock tower in the background

Trench orderly room

Field kitchen on the roadside

Portuguese in the trenches

Drawing his breath