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Perspective study of an Arched Colonnade

[Four views of heads with proportions delineated in perspective grids, and surrounding text]

S. Giovanni Laterno, Oratorio della Santa Croce, section, perspective (recto) blank (verso)

Livre de Perspective de Jehan Cousin

Architectural Capriccio with an Arcade and Fountain in Point Perspective [Study for a Painting of John the Baptist before Herod]

Veüe et perspective de la Ville de Paris du côté de la porte de la Conference

A perspective view of the town and fortifications of Montreal in Canada

Veüe generale en Perspective du Château Bassecourt, Anticours, Jardins, &c. de Richelieu

Architectural Perspective Study Showing Two Column Bases (Recto); Architectural Perspective Study Showing Column Capital and a Measurement Key (Verso)

Draughtsman Making a Perspective Drawing of a Reclining Woman

Perspective view of the interior of a hall, with cross-vault decorated with grotesques, plate 18, from Scenographiae sive Perspectivae

View in Fisheye perspective of a Hall with Columns and Cross Rib Vaulting

Seated Bishop with Arms Extended and Three Attendant Figures (recto); Head of a Lion and Perspective Diagrams (verso)

Opera Mathematica ou Oeuvres Mathematiques Traictant de Geometrie, Perspective, Architecture, et Fortification

View and Perspective of the inside of the Palais d'Orleans, from 'Various views of remarkable places in Italy and France' (Diverses vues d'endroits remarquables d'Italie et de France)

Galileo and personifications of Astronomy, Perspective and Mathematics, frontispiece for 'Opere di Galileo Galilei'

A perspective view of Montreal in Canada.

La Perspective Pratique. Seconde Edition. Part I, II, and III

A perspective of Westminster-Abby from the high-altar to the west end, shewing the manner of His Majesties crowning.

Perspective Sketch for a Palace Interior.

Perspective Design for a Ceiling

Architectural Perspective of an Arched Vestibule

Design for the Facade of a Theater (Perspective)

Perspective of a Church's Interior

Canalization of the Mouth of the Sasso Vino into the Lake of Castel Gandolfo: Perspective and Plan

Perspective of a Rendering Round Temple in Ruins (probably Tempio della Speranza)

[Project for a circular arcade. Perspective rendering]

Perspective view of the cathedral, and city of Exeter, in the county of Devon.

Perspective View of the Entrance Front of the Kings House, Richmond, Surrey

Leaf from Aedes Walpolinae mounted with (a): Elevation of Back Facade of the Kings House, Richmond, Surrey and (b): Perspective View of the Entrance Front of the Kings House, Richmond, Surrey

West Front of Houghton Hall in Norfolk, Perspective

Elevation en perspective d'une colonne destinée pour la Sépultre d'une Reine

A perspective view of Quebec drawn on the spot / Hulett fecit.

A perspective view of the Royal Hospital now building for the reception of the sick and wounded seamen, at Gofport in Hants

A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent : with a perspective view of the State-House /

Recueil Des Plans, Élévations et Coupes Tant Géométrales qu'en Perspective Des Châteaux, Jardins, et Dépendances, Que Le Roy De Pologne Occupe en Lorraine...

Chairs in perspective

Satire on False Perspective

Satire on False Perspective: Frontispiece to "Kirby's Perspective"

Perspective view of the city of Bristol, in the counties of Somerset and Gloucester.

Perspective view of the City of Glasgow, in the county of Clydesdale.

Plan and perspective view of Pittsburgh.

Perspective view of Wentworth-House, in Yorkshire, the seat of the marquiss of Rockingham.

Perspective view of the castle and city of Edinburgh, with the towns of Leith, Burnt-Island, and Kinghorn.

Frontispiece to Joshua Kirby's "Perspective of Architecture" (1761)

Perspective view of New Aberdeen, in the County of Aberdeen, or Marr.

Perspective view of the City of Oxford.

Perspective view of the city, and cathedral of Worcester.

Vue perspective de l'interieur de la salle du spectacle de Veronne en Italie

Frontispiece to Kirby's 'Perspective of Architecture' [London: R. Francklin, 1761]

A perspective view of Westminster Abbey, from the high altar to the west end, shewing the manner of his Majesty's crowning.

Perspective view of the landing and marching the troops along the shore, towards the fort Cojimar [Havana, Cuba].

Perspective view of His Majesty's land forces going in flat boats to take possession of the north gate of the city and Punto Castle [Havana, Cuba].

Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Perspective Views of the Gardens and Buildings of Kew

Perspective view of entring the breach of the Moro Castle, by storm the 30th of July 1762, ... / Serres pinx ; Canot sculp.

A perspective view of Montreal in Canada

A perspective view of Pensacola

A perspective view of the town and fortifications of Montreal in Canada / D. Pomarede sculp.

A perspective view of Pensacola : 1. The fort ; 2. The church ; 3. The governors house ; 4. The commandants house ; 5. A well ; 6. A bungo.

Perspective view of Canal Street

A perspective view of Pensacola

A perspective view of the salt works in Salisbury, New England

Perspective view of the country between Wilmington and the Delaware taken from the hill s.w. of the academy

An east perspective view of the city of Philadelphia, in the province of Pensylvania, in North America; taken from the Jersey shore

Perspective view of the same candelabrum, from 'Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi, tripodi, lucerne, ed ornamenti antichi, vol. II' (Vases, candelabra, grave stones, sarcophagi, tripods, lamps, and ornaments)

Plan et perspective de l'ancien temple de Garbe Dendour, dans la Nubie.

La perspective du Mokkias, par dehors, à la pointe de l'Isle de Rodda.

Vue et perspective sur l'Isle Ell Heiff anciennement Phile.

Perspective du Vieux Caire.

Perspective du Bourg Deir Etiin, à une demi-lieuë au de là du Vieux Caire.

Plan et perspective de l'ancien temple du Serpent Knuphis sur l'Isle Elephantine. (a. Espeçe d'un piedestal couvert d'inscriptions Greques, b. Souterrain).

Perspective Picture (Uki-e): Theater District at Dawn on Opening Day of the Kabuki Season

(a.) Vue et Perspective de Nezlet Abonour.

Plan et perspective du temple antique à Amada, dans la Nubie, fort remarquable par les peintures de la Trinité et des saints, qu'on y voit exprimées.

Dédiée a Monsieur Coustard de Massi, Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de St. Louis, Lieutenant de Nosseigneurs les Maréchaux de France. Vue perspective du nouveau batiment de l'hopital des enfants trouvés de cette ville avec la demonstration de l'aerostat élevé dans le jardin de cette maison le 14 juin 1784.

Perspective Design for a Stage Set of an Italian Cityscape

Perspective view of the country between Wilmington and the Delaware - taken from the hill S.W. of the academy

[One-point perspective sketches of structure, road, and trees, with shifting vanishing point]

[Perspective rule for drawing square structure illustrated with geometrical diagram; figure IV]

[Church interior with galleries and vaulted ceiling. Perspective sketch]

[Structure with pedimented wings. Perspective sketch]

A Perspective View of the City Hall in New York, Taken from Wall Street

To the right hon'ble Lord Bangor, this plate representing a complete perspective view of all the machinery of a bleach mill, upon the newest and most approved constructions, consisting of the wash mill, rubbing boards moved by a crank, and beetling engine for glazing the cloth, with a view of the boiling house; is most respectfully inscribed by ... Wm. Hincks / Wm. Hincks, delin. et sculp.

[United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. Perspective]

Design for a Vestibule for A. C. Grant, Priory Grove, Perspective

Design for a Church in the Decorated Style, Perspective

Perspective Drawing of an Interior

Design for a Centrally Planned Domed Building with Porticos, Perspective

A perspective view of the loss of the U.S. frigate Philadelphia in which is represented her relative position to the Tripolitan gunboats ...

[House ("Tudor Place") for Thomas and Martha Custis Peter, 1644 31st Street, N.W., Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Perspective sketch]

Environs d'Esné [Isnâ] (Latopolis). Vue perspective du temple au nord d'Esné.

Le Kaire [Cairo]. Vue perspective de la porte appelée Bab el-Foutouh.

Île de Philæ. Vue perspective du temple de l'ouest et de plusieurs autres édifices.

Denderah [Dandara] (Tentyris). Vue perspective de l'intérieur du portique du Grand Temple.

Denderah [Dandara] (Tentyris). Vue perspective de la façade du portique du Grand Temple.

Edfou [Idfû] (Apollinopolis Magna). Vue perspective du pylône et de la cour du Grand Temple.

Le Kaire [Cairo]. Vue perspective d'une partie de la ville des tombeaux.

Qâou el-Kebyreh [Qau el-Kebir] (Antaeopolis). Vue perspective du temple.

Le Kaire [Cairo]. Vue perspective extérieure de la Mosquée de Soultân Hasan.

Environs d'Esné [Isnâ] (Contralato [Contra-Latopolis]). Vue perspective d'un temple à Contralato.