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[Harry Houdini, King of Cards]

Six Noh Performances in Genre Settings

A Collection of Etchings and Engravings in Imitation of Drawings from Various Old Masters, Being Facsimiles of Their Respective Performances, Chiefly by Arthur Pond, & Charles Knapton, London 1734 &c,

Mr. Garrick in Hamlet / B. Wilson pinxt ; J. McArdell fecit.

Objects Representing the Ceremony of Exorcising Demons, One of the New Year Performances

Mrs. Merry as Alzira / De Wilde pinxt. ; Leney sculp.

Picture Book with Synopses of Plays (Ehon banzuke) for Performances at the Nakamura Theater in 1794

The curious and uncommon performances of a monkey: as they will be introduced every evening at Sadlers Wells by Signor Spinacuta

Is this a rattle which I see before me / Cruikshank.

Order of performances for the first celebration of the Washington benevolent society of Massachusetts. April 30, 1812 .... Odes, composed for the first celebration of the Washington Benevolent Society of Massachusetts. [Boston 1812].

Order of performances at the third publick celebration of the Washington benevolent society of Massachusetts. April 30, 1814.

Mr. Kean in Richard the Third Act IV Scene 4 / / painted by J.J. Halls ; engraved by C. Turner.

The theatrical atlas / G. Cruikshank fect.

Order of performances at the sixty-seventh anniversary of American independence, by the City of Boston at Faneuil Hall 1843. John H. Eastburn, City Printer.

Mr. F.S. Chanfrau "as Mose" in the new piece called "A glance at New York" / J.L.M. del. ; lith. of J. Baillie.

Lola has come! Enthusiastic reception of Lola by American audience

Mr. Edwin Forrest as Richard III. A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. Act 5, Sc. 2

[James H. Hackett, full-length portrait, standing, facing slightly left; as Falstaff in King Henry IV]



[Frank S. Chanfrau, actor, full-length portrait in costume, facing front]

[Frank S. Chanfrau, actor, full-length portrait in costume, facing front]

Governor Cummings. Reply to his letter in the "Press of November 8 - Review of his "Performances" first as the Negroes' Moses, and next as the Copperheads Aaron He wants to save his bread and butter.

The devil's auction / J. Gurney & Son.


Charlotte Wolter

[Jean-Baptiste Faure, French opera singer, head-and-shoulders portrait, in costume as Hamlet, facing left] / Ch. Reutlinger, Phot.

[Edwin Booth as Iago, full-length portrait, standing, facing left]

[Maud Granger, actress, in costume as Rosalind, full-length portrait, facing front] / Murray, New York & Boston.

[Maud Granger and John Lawrence Toole, actors, in costume for play As You Like It, three-quarter length portrait]


[Portrait of Edwin Booth as Hamlet]

Henry Irving and Ellen Terry as Benedick and Beatrice in "Much ado about nothing"

Rice's Extravaganza Combination

Robson & Crane as the knaves of Shakespeare

Robson & Crane in Shakespeare's "Comedy of errors"

Jennie Yeamans as "Mitt"

F.C. Bangs as "Daniel Druce"

Ella Zuila, the Australian funambuliste

Gotthold Octoroon Combination

Miss Jane Coombs, "School for scandal"

Frank I. Frayne as Si Slocum

Robt. McWade as Rip Van Winkle

[Pauline Cushman in military-style costume]

Mme. Nevada / H. Kirkpatrick etchd.

Richard Mansfield as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Galatea. Lilian Olcott

Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels

Jennie Yeamans "Our Jennie"

Jennie Yeamans "Our Jennie"

Jennie Yeamans "Our Jennie"

Robert B. Mantell. Monbars

Robert B. Mantell as Monbars

Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels

Alvin Joslin in a new play One of the old stock

Through London with Dickens

Thatcher, Primrose & West's Minstrels

Robert Downing as Marc Antony. Julius Caesar, act III, scene II / gravure, Gebbie & Husson Co. Ltd.

[Richard Mansfield, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front and holding book, as King Richard III]

Theodore Thomas and his orchestra at Steinway Hall, N.Y. / Bolles, fecit., Bklyn.

John Church Company

The marvellous Bard, phenomenal trick swinging wire artist

[Lillie Langtry as Cleopatra, full-length portrait, lying on sofa and looking in mirror]

The original and only, Ray Burton the greatest & most novel mid-air juggler & balancer & the only swinging wire rifle shot in the world : three great acts in one.

Frank W. Sanger's Company supporting John F. Sheridan in Mrs. Bridget O'Brien Esq.

Marie Tempest in the "Fencing master" / Sarony, 37 Union Sqr., N.Y.

Hadji Abeet. (Greek brigand.) / Franklin Co. Eng., Chi.

Sam'l of Posen the commercial drummer.

The souvenir strip of Edison Kinetoscope Eugene [i.e. Eugen] Sandow, the modern Hercules / / taken and copyrighted by W.K.L. Dickson.


Kellar and his perplexing cabinet mysteries



Ada Gray in the new East Lynne

[Joseph Jefferson, full-length portrait, seated on table, facing right, looking at a woman]

[William Davidge as Sir Anthony Absolute in The Rivals, full-length portrait, standing, facing left, holding hat and walking stick]

Edwin Rostell as Richelieu, Elsé Tourny as Julie

Kellar's startling wonder

Kellar's startling wonder



Hennessy Leroyles big dramatic production, Linked by law


Edwin Rostell as Richelieu

Kellar and his perplexing cabinet mysteries

[The Houdinis perform Metamorphosis]

Emily Bancker in the screaming comedy, Our flat

[The Houdinis perform Metamorphosis]

Merry Katie Emmett in Chat, an American boy

Frederick Warde's superb production of Runnymede by Wm. Greer Harrison.

[Oscar Girard, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing right, in costume, playing harp]

Charles Hopper in Chimmie Fadden by the author of the book, Edward W. Townsend.

Down in Dixie written by Scott Marble.

Disciples of Sappho

Charles Hopper in Chimmie Fadden by the author of the book, Edward W. Townsend.

[Emma Eames, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing front with right hand on spinning wheel]

El Capitan picture / Falk, N.Y.

John W. Isham's celebrities

Mathews & Bulger in the polite comic play, At gay Coney Island by Levin C. Tees.