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Pax with the Virgin and Child and Young St. John





Figure of an animal


Male Figure with Raised Arms

Aquamanile in the Form of a Knight on Horseback

Medal: Bust of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta

The Triumph of Titus

Head of Buddha


Madonna and Child

Medal: Bust of Gianbattista Orsini

The Genius of Music

Saint John the Evangelist

Portrait medal of Giovanni Giovano Pontano

Saint Peter

The Presentation in the Temple

Aquamanile in the Form of a Griffin


Medal: Niccolo Piccinino

Medal: Leonello d'Este

Medal: Gianfrancesco I Gonzaga

Portrait medal of Vittorino Rambaldoni da Feltre (obverse); A Pelican (reverse)

Portrait medal of Cecilia Gonzaga (obverse); Innocence and a Unicorn in a Moonlit Landscape (reverse)

Alfonso V, King of Naples

Medal: Don Iñigo d’Avalos

Portrait medal of Don Inigo d'Avalos (obverse); Sphere Representing Earth, Sea, and Sky (reverse)

Medal: Don Inigo d'Avalos

Medal: Benedetto de Pasti

Medal: Isotta Degli Atti

Medal: Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta

Antonio Salvalaio

Medal: Sixtus IV

Medal: Presciano de Ferrara

Medal: Charles VIII

Hercules and Antaeus

Sacrifice of Abraham


The Last Supper


Meleager Hunting the Boar


Philip Melanchthon

Boy with a barrel

Pair of candlesticks

Front panel of a writing box (decorated with centaurs and nymphs)

St. Jerome in the Wilderness

Medusa mask

Medal: Tiberio Deciano

Oil lamp in the form of a bearded acrobat


Story from Ovid's Metamorphoses

Battle Scene

The Lamentation

Neptune and Caenis

Candelabra supported by three female demi-figures


Bowl decorated with frieze of grotesques

Risen Christ

Allegory of the Triumph of Poverty

Portrait medal of Giovanni Alvise Toscani



Saint Jerome Praying


Hercules and Antaeus

Side panel of a writing box (decorated with Medusa mask)

Cupid holding a candle socket

Mary Magdalene

Boy with a barrel

Boy with a barrel

Old Beggar Woman

Venus Marina

Medal: Bust of Bernardo Nasi

Portrait medal of an Unknown Lady (obverse); A Kneeling Man with a Basket of Fruit, Cupid, and the Caduceus of Mercury (reverse)

Portrait medal of Isotta degli Atti (obverse); An Elephant (reverse)

Nude Boy on Horseback


The Flight into Egypt

Candelabra supported by three female demi-figures

The Adoration of the Shepherds

Perseus with the head of Medusa, and Phineus

Battle Scene

Sacrifice to Priapus

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Mars and Victory

Louise of Savoy, Countess of Angoulême (1476–ca. 1531)

Portrait medal of Battista Vigo da Rapallo or Baptista Romanus (obverse); a Hand Holding a Branch and a Surgical Instrument

Simone Michieli, Canon of Verona (1498–1535)


Medal: Bernardo de Rossi

Allegory of Triumph and Sacrifice

Satyress and her Infant

Francis I, King of France (1494–1547)

Satyress and her Infant

Seated Satyr with a Shell